Will you be without me? Chapter 45 The Final Chapter


Mission rockstar accomplished…….

Pragya was little bit nervous but was keep on telling herself that all this is for him and he will surely like it. She was trying to be positive as much as she could. Pragya reached the venue of the musical event and Abhi was also there as he felt she was quite nervous about the event. But until now he was unable to figure out why she was like that for this event as this is not new to her.

Pragya went to the backstage as for Abhi; he was also with her by giving moral support. The event was going very smoothly. A lot of singers performing to various hindi songs. Abhi“Pumpy! You see all is going off smoothly! And can you just calm down! Why are u still having the worried face?”

Pragya said with a faint smile “Ok! I will not be worried…”
Just then, one of the staff of Pragya rushed to her. The staff “Mam! We got a huge problem now!” Pragya “What is the problem?” The staff “The singer….I mean your friend….is unable….” Pragya “Unable to what? Just say it out!” The staff “Unable to come…He just texted us saying he won’t make it to the event and we tried to call him but his phone is switched off!” Pragya “What? How can he do that? It’s a very big opportunity for him! And he just said he won’t make it!” Abhi “Relax Pragya! Wait when his performance is?” Pragya “After two more performances, it is meant to be his performance already and what do I do now? If he is not here…then the entire schedule will be affected!” Abhi “Calm down Pragya! We can think of something!” Pragya “No Boss! Time is running out! Wait! Boss will u….. help me?” Abhi “Yes of course I will! And that’s what I am here for!”

Pragya “Can you.. don’t mistake me….but…perform instead of him?” Abhi “What? Are u crazy Pumpy! I don’t even know what he is performing for and I never even practice for it! And this is live performance! How can I? You know right I don’t have interest in all this already! We shall think of something else!” Pragya “No! There is no time to think of something else! Do you want your Pumpy to be pumped by the organizers? No right? Please help me Boss! I have no choice!” Abhi “This is totally ridiculous!” He left from there and Pragya was lost on how to convince him now…..

It was time for his performance and the stage was dark and spotlights were on….There was a voice saying….I am sorry if this performance is not up to the mark but I am doing this for my love….

Pragya heard it and knew it was him! Yes finally he is there! And Pragya now you have to do your part!

Abhi performing to soch na sake

tainu itna main pyaar karaan
ik pal vich sau baar karaan
tu jaave je mainu chhad ke
maut da intezaar karaan

I love you so much,
love you a hundred times in a moment,
if you leave me and go,
I’ll wait for death.

ke tere liye duniya chhod di hai
tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
main tujhko kitna chaahata hoon
ye tu kabhi soch na sake

I’ve left the world for you,
my breath stops at you only.
How much I love you,
you can’t even think..

kuchh bhi nahi hai ye jahaan
tu hai to hai is mein zindagi
ab mujhko jaana hai kahaan
ke tu hi safar hai aakhiri

this world is nothing,
if you are there, there is life in it.
now where else do I have to go?
You are my last journey..

Pragya enters the stage and sings the upcoming lines and Abhi is surprised that she is here to perform with him but controlling his surprise, he continues to perform with her……

ke tere bina jeena mumkin nahin
na dena kabhi mujhko tu faasley
main tujhko kitna chaahati hoon
ye tu kabhi soch na sake

it’s not possible to live without you,
don’t ever keep me distant from you.
how much I love you,
you can’t even think..

tere liye duniya chhod di hai
tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
ye tu kabhi soch na sake

I’ve left the world for you,
my breath stops at you only.
How much I love you,
you can’t even think..

Pragya: aankhon ki hain ye khwahishein ke
chehre se tere naa haTein
neendon mein meri bas tere
khwaabon ne leen hain karwatein

this is the wish of my eyes,
that they don’t stop looking at you..
in my sleep, there are twists and turns
of your dreams only..

ke teri ore mujhko le ke chalein
ye duniya bhar ke sab raaste
main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
ye tu kabhi soch na sake

all the paths of the world
take me towards you only.
how much I love you,
you can’t even think..

tere liye duniya chhod di hai
tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
ye tu kabhi soch na sake

I’ve left the world for you,
my breath stops at you only.
How much I love you,
you can’t even think..

Everyone over there cheered once the performance was over and Pragya hugged him. Abhi “Pumpy later u can hug me too! Now we should move from here to give way for the next performance!”

Pragya realized what he said and felt very shy. Both of them left the stage after thanking the audience. Abhi “Pumpy u go first and get changed! I will be back in a moment!” Pragya “Why? Are you angry with me? I want to ask u something!” Abhi “You go first and wait for me in the green room!” Pragya “Ok but come faster! I will be waiting for you!” Abhi “Ok I will be back!” Pragya went towards the green room and was keep on looking back to see him. Pragya, now I don’t know what is he thinking about me! Is he angry or what and where did he went? Now I have no mood to get changed too! I feel my head is going to burst thinking all about this!”

Abhi entered the green room where Pragya was….Abhi “You didn’t change?”
Pragya “No mood! First tell me something….Are u angry with me?” Abhi “How can I be angry with my love? But all these is your plan right? A surprise for me?” Pragya “How do you know that?” Abhi ” For the past few days itself I was doubtful about your activities and today when I wear the outfit that we bought that day…Everything had fall in place…And when you came to perform with me…It was confirmed that all this was your plan!” Pragya “Sorry Boss! I just want u to perform again…I know this is not a rockstar performance but at least you are performing na…and the rockstar in you will be also revived…With that in my mind, I had planned all this!” Abhi “Look up Pumpy! You no need to be sorry for this! I understand that the love you have for me made u do all these…But I had something in my mind too” Pragya “What’s that?” Abhi “Close your eyes and I will ask u some questions and u have to answer them!” Pragya was confused on what he is up to but did as what he said. Abhi “Will you be always the support of my life?” Pragya “Yes I will be as my support is also from your life!” Abhi “Will you be the answers to my questions?” Pragya “Of course I will try but my questions are always answered by you too!” Abhi “Pumpy this is a very important question! Listen carefully! Will you be without me?” Pragya “Never will I be myself without you! So I must be with you Boss!” Abhi “Now you can open your eyes!” Pragya opened her eyes and was surprised to see him on his knees. It was just like the way that she had dreamt long time back… Abhi “Will you marry me?” Pragya “Yes I will!” Abhi made her wear the ring and hugged her tightly. He told Pragya “I know you must be with me but let me tell you something…. I am destined to be with you!” With that their journey of love, friendship and companionship continued forever……….

That’s how this story of will you be without me? Comes to an end. It’s just a simple story where two individuals who know each other have been the questions and answers to each other. They did not involve others to interfere in their problems. They always had the mindset to understand and help each other. This mindset is achieved through their unconditional love for each other. Unconditional love will always never have any conditions on how you behave or get along with your loved ones. So have unconditional love for your loved ones!


I am not sure whether u all even liked the ending but to me I felt this is the right time to end before u all lose interest in this ff. I don’t know how to express but as much as u all had enjoyed this ff, I had more emotional attachment towards this ff. Every episode is directly or indirectly expressing my thoughts, emotions and pain….So whenever u all appreciate with comments, it made me feel better in terms of my feelings or pain that I was having. Writing here is just my way to forget my worries and pain….While writing all this itself I am feeling a bit emotional….I have a special attachment to the title itself, when I first decided to write this I was thinking that this time the title should be something that express my feelings and after so much of thinking I came up with this title! First I thought of will I be without u? Will we be together? Will this happen? And then finally will you be without me? I was like literally cracking my head to confirm this one….This is just a small thing that I felt like sharing with u all…. And of course no matter how busy I am I really like the feeling of seeing your comments and replying to that, even if it’s just a one word….If I am not wrong I started this habit when I got to know that I can reply you all from my prev ff…Ya initially I didn’t know that I can reply u all so I will just reply to the comments in the upcoming update….and now I also have to be thankful to TU for the notification function as it really helps me to check out on comments! And lastly about what I always feel about the comments… it may be a bit cliché….but I shall still tell it…Maya always mesmerized by all your mesmerizing comments….and yes to whoever told me that its magical whenever i write something….for them I also came up with a line but it’s not in English…it’s in Tamil….Maya endraal mayangal alla…manathil ulla mayakangale maya….haha its sounds so lame right? I don’t feel like translating it too….

Once again thank you so much for each and every one for reading this ff and commenting as well as silently supporting me…. I think all this support made my crazy mind to think and write until so far…..Words are not enough to express my gratitude…With a lot of love and gratefulness I will always cherish the support that I have received so far. Thank u once again! Sorry if I had disappointed any of u all in terms of this ff….As usual I will always try harder and make u all enjoy through my writings….. Thank u also for bearing my doubts that irritate u all!
Special message to everyone here whom I consider as my friends: Stay calm, Stay in love as calmness and love will make u all blessed in all ways!
Extra info: I am the Maniac who wrote some funny one shots quite some time back. I was HH (happily happy) that nobody mentioned my name. Hehe…..

Sayonara actually no I am here only with the other ff….so meet u all there! May be u all have to wait for the arrival of the other ff as I am stuck with some assignments again….so sorry for that! But I will try to upload if i can…

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        Haha i thought u forgot the frnship rules na…no sorry n thank u among frnds! I know u were busy dr thats y u couldnt comment properly…its not at all an issue…and whatever u have described in different languages are all correct…ya its from google translator na..but telugu its chala manchi…only that one is a bit off ?? love u for such a lovely comment????????????????????? abt movie i think u better take Surbhi’s story first as there is more content and scenes in it!???? mine is more like a short film lol???? Surbhi’s story can have sequels too! Soya ‘s story will be a great movie too! So i am waiting for ur director venture! I am also a jabra fan of ur comment today??????????

      2. Sharaya

        Oh! Then today I learned how to say very good in different languages actually I tried to say excellent in other languages too but what to do my laziness won ??

  27. hey suga really super… I know i am too late but I told u na… I am little busy in work…. but it’s really very emotional yaar… i am really going to miss this ff… u know this ff gave me so much happiness reminds my memorable past and got such a worldz best friend like u…… really going to miss this ff suga….. bye

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