Will you be without me? Chapter 44

Dreams with nervousness and surprises to each other….

I am dreaming that he will appreciate my surprise for him but why my dream is filled with nervousness too?

But whatever it is, I really wish to be always with him. Always in his presence, where i can be myself. Always in his protection, where I will feel safe and secured. Always hearing to his words, where it gives me a kind of comfort that no body has given me so far….

Abhi, don’t know why I keep on feel Pumpy is up to something…but I also feel at the same time that I am thinking too much! Why is that so?

Pragya, Boss what i have planned is just to help u and not hurt u!

Abhi, Even if she is planning something, I am very sure that it will be only for me but hope she don’t take too much of stress while doing all that! That’s what I wish for…

Pragya, My only dream now is to make u perform again with my love. When it happens then u will eventually understand that what u are worth of!

Abhi, whatever it is I think I have to give her a surprise soon! May be after the event that she is working for? Yes! That would be great idea to make her feel better!

So now Abhi is also having a surprise for Pragya! What will happen next? Wait until tomorrow and u all will know that!

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  1. Now abhi is also having a surprise for pragya! Eagerly waiting to know what’s that…nd today’s episode is superb….

    1. Maya

      U will know that tmrw for sure! Until then keep waiting!

  2. Riyashri

    Waiting for tomorrow !!! Whatelse can i do ????
    I am so helpless……God please pack Maya Di and send it to me in the next generation !!!
    Love u di !! Waiting for the surprise !!!

    1. Maya

      Keep waiting! Haha pack me ah? Omg I think its difficult lol

  3. superbb yarrrr………………………………but it’s too short

    1. Maya

      Tmrw’s one will be long and its final one too! Glad that i find it superb nannu!

      1. Maya

        Glad that u*

  4. please upload long

    1. Maya

      Tmrw’s one will be long Mukund Raj!

  5. Nice episode yaar

    1. Maya

      Thank u Durga!

  6. No no no, it’s not fair! Again? What is this Suga! You have made me confused! Again i m speechless! This is so confusing like wht to say wht to not! ?
    This Is so best! Surprises to eachother!?????????

    Again i m confused if i should use my short forms for this or not! This is so much confusing but still I need to go with that, i know they aren’t enough for this splendid epi! But….. This epi was AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF,GG ,HH, II, JJ, KK, LL, MM, NN, OO, PP, QQ, RR, SS, TT, UU VV, WW, XX, YY, ZZ !

    ? this epi! Can’t decide if you have got uniqueness or uniqueness has got you!

    1. Maya

      Ur last sentence is so unique….I can’t decide about what u have said but still its always a pleasure to see your lovely comments!

  7. It was awesome waiting for next episode

    1. Maya

      Keep waiting it will be out by today?

  8. Maahi

    IB ………… AWWWWWW my sweetheart also planning a surprise haa nd yaa I agree with somu tht I am also confused tht whether uniqueness got uu r uu got it but whomevr got the other but v r njoying the pleasure of it nd in ur magic presence I always b more than myself lv uuuu fr it each nd evry line is amazing to the core dr I am desperate fr tmrw keep rocking dr lv uuu

    1. Maya

      Love u for ur desperation of my ff??

  9. Trisha

    Superrrbbbb job Maya… Eagerly awaiting your next epi???

    1. Maya

      Keep waiting Trisha! U will know what will happen today!?

  10. ok.suga. let me say this areh bachhe ki jaan legi kya in akki style same to same yr and then FANTASTIC

    1. Maya

      Akki style now! Yippe Hurray! He is my fav actor too!?? As usual glad that u find it fantastic???

  11. They both are gonna surprise each other wow Maya ? I am person who expresses a lot so don’t feel if I don’t give a long comment ☺ Awaiting tomorrow’s epi

    1. Maya

      It’s ok dr, I can understand and its not at all problem!?? Keep waiting and u will know that today!??

  12. Reshma Pradeep


  13. Awesome akka??? iam waiting?

    1. Maya

      Keep waiting! ????

  14. Awesome as usual eagerly waiting for the next episode

    1. Maya

      Keep waiting too!???

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