Will you be without me? Chapter 43


Calming him down…..

Abhi was at the peak of his anger due to some work stress and he felt like venting out his anger but he was just controlling it at his office. Pragya called him at that moment, “Boss! Are you free tonight?” Abhi “What are you thinking? You think I am always free and I come as and when you think! Just stop this Pumpy!” Pragya was taken aback hearing to his loud voice and said “Is anything wrong? Why are u speaking like this?” He did not want to answer her and he just ended the call.

Pragya, definitely he is upset about something and for that he is just venting out his anger on me! What’s his problem now? How to ask him? Hmm….Ok let me just go there itself to check that out…

Pragya went to his office and to his cabin. Abhi was shocked to see her and said “Why are u here now?” Pragya “No…Just like that…Was passing by your place and thought of meeting u!” Abhi “Ok sit down! Let me ask the peon to bring some drink for u…” Pragya “Ok sure!” Abhi remained silent and felt kind of bad for talking harshly to Pragya. Pragya was keep on looking at Abhi and could feel that he was feeling bad for his mistake. Abhi “Shall we go out for a while?” Pragya “Why not? But are u free?” Abhi “Yes! I am free! Let’s go!”

Both left in the car and Abhi was keep on silent and Pragya felt the need to break his silence now. Pragya “Boss! You are angry about something right?” Abhi “ Yes…but how do you know that?” Pragya “I felt that from the way u spoke to me just now!” Abhi “I am so sorry Pumpy! I shouldn’t been rude just now! It should have hurt u na…” Pragya “No Abhi! I mean it happens and sometimes our anger makes us blind in how we behave or react! It’s not your fault! But let me tell u something please don’t prolong that anger….Let it go…I know it’s difficult but think like this…If u let go of the anger, then your mind will be more relaxed…and then u can also think of something else…I know certain people will make u angry in life but u shouldn’t give an advantage to them of making u feel angry forever….Anger not only affects you but it also affects the people you are with too!” Abhi “What are u saying is right! But I can’t stand certain people’s act and it makes me so furious! It is totally irresponsible of them to do like this!” Pragya “I don’t know what act of the people that made u angry…But what I can say is not every one is responsible Boss! Sometimes you need to create situations to make others responsible! Situations that will explain the need to be responsible will help them! ” Abhi “Hmm…Yes maybe I should do like that….I never think in the way u think Pumpy! Thank u for showing me the way to solve my problem!” Pragya “So Boss! Now u have the thank you disease ah?” Abhi “Ya it’s a universal disease Pumpy! Very difficult to avoid it!”
Pragya, I managed to calm him down now but will my plan make him angry or will it be a surprise for him?? Only when it happens then, I will know that and I am just hoping that it won’t make things worse for us……

I know it’s short but can’t help it…my mind can only think to this extent….My last episode will be the execution of mission rockstar which will happen soon…..Until then hope u all can enjoy these Abhigya moments and sometimes their self analyzing mode….. My Last episode for this ff is on Friday. I purposely made this to be on Friday with the thoughts that most of you all will be free in Fridays after work or school/college….I don’t know whether u all notice but my previous ffs also I had ended in weekends with the same thought in my mind…. Once again Thank u all for the support so far!

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  1. Superb akka loved it love u loads???

    1. Maya

      Love u too for ur lovely comments sissy!?????

  2. nice……………

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      Thank u nannu!?

  3. Eagerly waiting 4 ur last ff…maya i am waiting..:-P:-P:-P

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      Thank u so much for u wait Rajesh!??

  4. It was awesome really I loved it waiting for next episode

    1. Maya

      Thank u Monesha for finding it awesome and also for ur wait!?

  5. Riyashri

    AAA …..Amazing As Always…………………………………..I am learning a lot from your writings….and will be learning too……Your Thoughts are seriously toooooooo Incredible……..U thoughts give me many lessons for my life…………….Thanq for such a wondderful writing and for presenting it in an amazing manner !!!Love u Sweetie ……
    This writing of yours is sooooo Special to me !!!! A big hugeeeeee from your Cutie …..Take Care !!!

    1. Maya

      A big hug!!! From ur sweetie too!??? I am really touched that u are learning something from my writings….I always want it to be with some meaning and thats what I had tried from the beginning of this ff

  6. Superb episode yaar really sema…

    1. Maya

      Semaiyana comments ku romba nandri Durga!?

  7. Awesome episode suga…loved it…

    1. Maya

      Glad that u loved it Abhigya!?

  8. Awesome episode!!!! So you are gonna end ? Loved it

    1. Maya

      I have told that previously Prathi! I am also sad about the ending ?? but what to do? Nothing is permanent in life…everything has it ends….Glad that u loved today’s epi!?

  9. You always great suga….

    1. Maya

      Haha not great dr…its just simple thoughts…?

  10. Reshma Pradeep

    Wowwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE……….. Loved it Dude………..

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it awesome and wow! I also love ur comment dude!?

  11. This one! ?????? specially the way pragya made abhi understood about the anger! I loved it so much! All the words were exactly true! Anger not only affects you but it also affects the people who r with you! And this one epi is brilliantly brilliant! AA, BB, CC DD, EE, FF, GG, HH, II, JJ, KK, LL, MM, NN,OO ,PP ,QQ ,RR, SS, TT, UU, VV,WW ,XX, YY, ZZ! i loved this one truly! And yeah i m nalli lol ??? so can read your last epi at any day but yeah majority is authority! So i m really feeling bad as this is one of my favourite ff! Nevertheless you will be always my favourite! ??

    1. Maya

      Aww so sweet of u! And u know what whenever u say the short forms now i rmbr of kindergarten days lol…AA BB…haha don know y ???? and ya me too feeling bad…but cant do anything much abt that as I don want to make this ff lose its interest…

      1. Lol ?? it will help you to always remem alphabet ??? lame joke i know ???

        Yeah i understand ???

  12. Trisha

    Great epi Maya! ???

    1. Maya

      Thank u Trisha??

  13. Maahi

    Nd….v nvr think in the way as u think IB nd fr today u hv a gvn a precious msg toooo yaa anger vil nt nly affects us it affects our loved ones toooo soooo dizzz is just amazing man!! prags is soooo cooooooooool nd yaar kkk vil b waiting fr friday fr Mission ROCKSTAR keep rocking dr lv uuu thnx a lotttt again fr dizz precious magic (FF) haha universal disease dude!!!

    1. Maya

      Hehe a lot of u also think this way its just that I am expressing that on behalf of u all…and magic again ah? ??? its just a normal ff…with simple feelings and thoughts

  14. Superb episode as usual… Will miss this ff…

    1. Maya

      I will also miss this ff badly….Thank u Nirmal for considering it a superb episode!

  15. SURBHI

    I don’t know what to say maya as I have already said that I can imagine a sweet calm girl in front of me after reading pumpy’s part and it makes me to realize that really I am looking out and reading out a story which is simple and sweet I must say and this sweetness I what I can’t resist it at last I have to say that u r a realistic writer yr I created every character like a real personality seriously this is for u today ????????????????????????????????????FANTASTIC

    1. Maya

      Realistic writer? Hmm May be its from ur influence Surbhi! ?? and ya it was so sweet of u to give me so many claps! ??

  16. Awesome epi da

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      So sweet of u da???

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