Will you be without me? Chapter 42

Something fishy…..

Pragya to make her mission special also wanted Abhi’s help too. So she seeked the help of Dadi for that.

Dadi went to Abhi’s room, ” Abhi! Today make yourself free in the evening! Pragya wants you to accompany her to shopping” Abhi ” Oh really? But why she never tell me about it?” Dadi ” May be she have forgotten to inform u! U know right she is busy nowadays with her work! But she told me yesterday about this!”

Abhi found this fishy….She always inform me everything but why she inform this to Dadi first? Strange….Is she planning something or may be she is too tired that she forgot to inform me? I am not sure about that but i will go with her later and check that out!

Abhi picked up Pragya from her work place and saw her a bit worried. Abhi ” Why do u look worried?” Pragya ” Nothing….just tiredness…” Abhi ” No u are hiding something from me!” Pragya ” Haan! But I tell u once we reach the shopping mall”

They reached the shopping mall. Abhi ” At least tell me now what is worrying u!” Pragya ” I am worried about the event. U know we are here for the shopping to purchase the outfit for one of the singer!” Abhi ” What outfit for the singers? Are you the costume designer or PA for the singer? Why do u have to this?” Pragya ” No its only for him that i need to purchase outfit!” Abhi ” But why?” Pragya ” He is my friend! And he is performing for the first time in such a event! And he is not sure of what to wear and he asked me to choose for him…” Abhi ” Oh I see! Who’s that friend and how come I never know him!” Pragya in her mind, You are that friend and how can I tell about you to you again? Pragya ” You will know him if u come to event! He is such a nice person!” Abhi ” Ok for this u are worried ah? I am here right? I will help u choose a outfit for him!”

Pragya was feeling very happy hearing that and said ” Thank u for always helping in my problems!” Abhi ” You are considering even small issues to be problems! You come with me and I want to tell u a story. We shall go to the restaurant there and have some drink. Over there I will tell u a story!” Pragya ” Story?” Abhi ” Don’t worry it’s a very short one!” Pragya ” Okok! I am eager to hear your story!”

Both went to the restaurant. And Abhi started to narrate the story….Many years ago, a couple went to their honey moon and over there a woodepecker bird was keep on disturbing them by boring (making) holes in their cabin’s roof. Some of the other couples who stayed in that region were keep on complaining about the woodpecker’s disturbance but the couple that I am refering to found a oppurtunity in that problem. U know what Pumpy? Pragya ” Hmm… I dont know! What opportunity? ” Abhi continued saying that….they found the bird to be interesting and created the cartoon character called Woody woodpecker! Pragya ” Really? That’s a very different idea that they thought of Boss!” Abhi ” Yes different idea right? So u have to think different too and also always find some opportunity to do something different from the problem u face! Don’t keep on worry for the problem that u are facing! It will give u nothing but just worries!” Pragya ” Yes Boss! Point noted! Will definitely try to find a opportunity from the problems that I face!” Abhi smiled and said ” That’s like my Pumpy!”

Abhi ” Ok now we shall go and purchase the outfit for your friend!” Pragya nodded her head and followed him. Pragya, He always knows how to make me feel better and I should not disappoint him at any point of time…..

Pragya ” Look we shall go to that shop!” Abhi ” Ok!” Both were busy choosing for the outfit and Abhi chose the outfit and said ” Hey this one looks nice but it looks like for my size!” Pragya ” Hmm we shall just get this! It looks very apt for him! And he is around your size too!” Abhi ” Really? Ok then we pick up this and together with 2 more pieces! Just in case if he never likes this one!”

Pragya in her mind, You will be apt in whatever u wear as it’s all your choices!

Abhi ” What are u thinking about?” Pragya came back to her sense and said ” Nothing! The colour choices are ok right? I mean is it nice?” Abhi ” Should be fine Pumpy! It’s a musical event so have to wear this kind of colours and from what u have mentioned about his performance…I think all these colour choices will look good!”

Pragya smiled at him and said ” Thank u again!” Abhi ” How many times would u say Thank u? I think u have the thank u disease!” Pragya laughed at his response and after their purchases both left to their respective places.

Abhi, I still feel a bit fishy but may be I am thinking too much…..What else is Pragya going to do to achieve her mission rockstar? For that u all have to wait for the upcoming updates!

Riya your cute story of Mr.E was awesome but u never name a title for it! After a lot of thoughts, I came up with a title….It is Mr. E ‘s exit and excitement! Or u can say 3Es! How was it? anyways it was a serious note that I had given for my OS ytd….but u all never take it seriously…..I wrote it that in a sleepy mode…Hehe I think I am more addicted to OS compared to my ffs….Should stop this addiction….but how? Let me think about that too….. And Maahi! Your OS is so awesome! I have already told it there. I was mesmerized by your writing MM! Keep rocking!

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  1. Awesome episode…eagerly waiting to know about pragya’s plan…

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it awesome Abhigya! Keep waiting for that! Very soon u will know abt her plan!??

  2. Gud 1….nice story….that woodpecker story….waiting 4 next ff…

    1. Maya

      Thanks for the compliment Rajesh!??

  3. Maya

    Just to inform u all…I wrote an OS called Wishes of love and if u all are free pls do read that! I don’t know y they never upload it under kkb ffs!! And the other ff I am writing pls wait for that as I am not getting any ideas for it right now! Hope u all understand my situation!

  4. Riyashri

    Thanqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq………….Mr.E ‘s Exit and Exitement……..That was an Amazing Title for A Crazy Stupid Short story……I seriously wonder how u get such ideas…….
    Astonishingly Astonishing !!!!
    Today’s update was Superb !! Abhi’s Woody Woodpeaker ‘s story….Your thoughts about making difficulties as challenges ….everything is just Perfect To the Core !!!!!
    Cuteness Overloaded !!!!
    Love u Sweetie………..U deserve the unconditional love by everyone especially from Your Cutie….

    1. Maya

      Haha AA ah? Okok It’s my pleasure that u are enjoying my writing!?? Aww unconditional love from cutie! I am blessed to get that!???

      1. Maya

        And btw dont call ur short story as stupid! Its a cute crazy story ???

  5. It was awesome I loved it

    1. Maya

      Happy that u loved it Monesha!?

  6. Riyashri

    I would wish to give more than that if possible to My MTMP ………I am the one who is soooo blessed to hav such a wonderful sister like u !!!

    1. Maya

      Aww so sweet of u again! Very touched dr??

  7. superbbbbb

    1. Maya

      Happy that find it superb nannu!?

  8. Akka its jst mind blowing loved it????

    1. Maya

      Happy for your mind blowing comment too Saranya!??

  9. That woody woodpecker story was awesome! ? yeah shun’s story was awesome and your Mr E’s exit and excitement ? amazing title haan! Maahi is a superb writer! And coming to you, i think this addiction of yours with OS! Ahm you do not need to stop that! Got it? Okay yeah! You are always coming up with randam ideas so you need to continue that! Again coming to this epi, it was AA,BB ,CC, DD, EE, FF, GG, HH, II, JJ, KK, LL, MM, NN, OO, PP, QQ, RR, SS, TT, UU, VV, WW, XX, YY, ZZ! This was unexpected as usual! And ????????? i loved it to core!

    1. Maya

      Haha Woody woodpecker is a real story! And I heard about it recently! So the credit goes to the real incident! Ya Maahi is a superb writer! Hehe I will have to stop that addiction ???? haha later it will become Only Suga (OS) ??? which i cant bear!

      1. Lol ???? Only Suga! Okay No problem! ? you shouldn’t stop that addiction as i have got addiction! And that’s your One Shots addiction! So i m seriously addicted to your one shots! Ans i think there’s nothing wrong if i get addicted to your OS! ??

      2. Maya

        Lol ???? I have got nothing to say again????

    2. Maahi

      thnqq uuu somu it means a lottttt nd yaar IB forgot to say thsnk you disease was soo hilarious frm which many of us r suffering haha crazy girl

  10. Awesome episode!! I have an idea to stop your addiction towards os and that is you should write more os!

    1. Maya

      Haha Pinky! Your idea is very risky! It will definitely make things worse for me!?? btw happy that u find it as a awesome epi!??

  11. So Maya I hope I guessed it right ?I meant Pragya’s plan. As awesome as always? U Rock

    1. Maya

      Glad Prathi that u find it awesome!??

  12. Maahi

    yaar IB woodpecker story was superb but dr today both of my sweetheart s r very smart to hide nt lyk uuuu lol but dr ur always different in thinking nd cmng to OS ADDICTION u knw wat ur addiction addicted us tooo if u stop thn many of us vil b admited in hospital soo thn u hv to pay the bills sooo u decide nw wat to do but dr I vil b waiting fr tht pain of love nd yaar I thought to gv u surprise but u gv me by reading it nd mentioning it frst nd yaaar it means a lottttt fr me thnqq uuu IB keep rocking yaar lv uuuuuu ND YA UR MY INSPIRATION ND I DONT WANT TO ARGUE ON IT BCOZ I Couldn’t CHANGE IT LV UUUU SWEEETUU

    1. Maya

      Haha ??? okok i will try to decrease my addiction but not stop it! In tat way may be its better!??? oh that ff hopefully ideas flash into my mind???

  13. Superb episode…

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it superb Nirmal!?

  14. Awesome episode yaar really tat story s really superb

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it awesome and superb Durga!?

  15. Awesome epi dr lovd it to the core n waitng 4ur nxt epi dr n sry 4 short com da sweetu

    1. Maya

      Ithukelam poi sorry ya? Thanga mudiyala da!!!! btw glad that u loved it da!

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