Will you be without me? Chapter 41


Teasing each other…..

Pragya was busy in her work to make his dream come true. Abhi called Pragya ” Pumpy! I have already spoken to the best vendors, interior designers in town and they have agreed to take in charge of the arrangements for the venue!” Pragya ” Oh my god! Boss why do u have to do all this? I mean this is a lot na!” Abhi ” What u mean by a lot? Its just a matter of some calls and money settlements…Its so easy!” Pragya ” But still…I have disturbed u right?” Abhi ” You will never disturb me Pumpy! And I have forgotten to tell you something! Today u have to come to my home and Dadi want to tell u something!” Pragya ” For what? Anything serious?” Abhi ” I am not sure! She just said ask Pragya to come and she want to tell you something!”

Pragya felt a bit worried and she went to his house to meet Dadi. Dadi ” Pragya! Come here and sit beside me!” Pragya sat down beside Dadi. Dadi ” You seem to be very tired and wait let me get u a drink!” Pragya ” No Dadi! I just had coffee and its ok! He said that u have to tell me something….” Dadi ” Yes! How long are u two going to be like this? I mean you two should get married soon and I have decided to have the engagement this week itself!” Pragya ” No! Dadi pls don’t make it to this week! I have planned something for him! And I don’t want it to get affected!” Dadi ” What plan?” Pragya revealed her plan to Dadi and she was really touched and said ” Abhi is very lucky to get u as his better half! U are always thinking about him!” Pragya ” No Dadi! Both of us are always thinking about each other!” Dadi smiled widely for that and just then Abhi entered the house, ” So Dadi! Have u spoken to her? And what’s the matter about?” Dadi ” Nothing! Just felt like talking to Pragya!” Abhi ” For this u have to bother her and make her come here! U could have just called her and talked to her right?” Dadi ” Oh so much of care for ur Pumpy na? Okok I won’t bother her next time!” Pragya ” Boss! Why are u talking like this to Dadi! It’s always a pleasure talking to her! Then how can it be she bothering me?” Abhi ” So u two are one team now? Ok fine I shall just go and get freshen up! Kudos to this ladies’ team!”

He went up the stairs to room and stared at Pragya before walking swiftly to his room. Both Pragya and Dadi laughed at that and Pragya ” Dadi for this he got irritated! And now I am a bit worried for my plan! What if it irritates him even more?” Dadi ” Trust me Pragya! He gets irritated only for a while and the next moment he will be back to normal. For what you have planned its all with love that u are going to do! So i don’t think he will get irritated but he will be more shocked and surprised!” Pragya said ” I hope so Dadi!”

Just then she received a text message from Abhi. Pragya saw that and was smiling away. Dadi ” Abhi right? Is he calling to his room?” Pragya ” No…but…Yes Dadi” Dadi” No need to be scared to tell this Pragya! He is always like this and go to his room before he gets mad on u!”

Pragya went up to his room. And saw him sitting down on the couch. Pragya ” U didn’t get freshen up?” Abhi ” Why u talk like that just now?” Pragya ” What did I talk?” Abhi ” I talked to Dadi in support of u! But u were talking like as if u are joking me!” Pragya ” Arrey! My Boss is upset for this ah? U know something? I am going to be the bahu of this house na so I have to talk in support of Dadi too!” Abhi ” Oh so for that u were tease my concern for u?” Pragya ” I never teased u! But now I feel like doing that!”

Abhi ” So how will u tease me?” Pragya ” Of course by teasing ur expressions!” Abhi ” But my way of tease is very different!” He stood up from the couch and walked closely to Pragya….Pragya felt a little nervous as he was also looking very mischievously….Pragya ” I have to go now!” Abhi held her hand and said ” Wait what’s the hurry? Let me tease u first!” Just then Dadi called her and he had left his grip on her hearing Dadi’s voice! Abhi ” So now u escaped but not every time!” She quickly ran from there with happiness and shyness.

Abhi, This Dadi is always like that! Always disturbing me at wrong times! Next time I should lock my room so that I can’t hear her voice! I should also make my soundproof so that I don’t hear any voice from outside my room!

Pragya had still some plans to her mission rockstar and how is she going to execute that will be revealed in the upcoming updates!

By this week I will be ending this ff. Thank u once again for all the support so far.

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  1. It’s really awesome…

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it awesome Abhigya!

  2. This was so awesome! So Pumpy is still too nervous for the mission and still she needs to complete tht! But that’s do perfect! The way they were teasing eachother and abhi’s plan for making his room soundproof ??? but like maahi i wanna do something Dhinka chika dhinka chika dhinka chika dhink chika re e ay ??? Okay i m so much happy because finally because i got all short forms! And yeah in Xcellently Xcellent regect Mister E, Shun would herself deal with mister E if he comes back ???? so here we go! AA, BB, CC, DD ,EE, FF, GG, HH, II ,JJ, KK, LL, MM, NN, OO, PP, QQ, RR, SS, TT, UU, VV ,WW, XX, YY, ZZ! ? MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! but my standard one is and will be BRILLIANTLY BRILLIANT because you are a way to brilliant! ?

    1. Maya

      Congrats for ur accomplishment of mission! Glad that i was also able to contribute little to the mission! Hehe ya still too nervous lol???

      1. Riyashri

        Becomoto is always The Best !!!!! Seriously as soon as I saw your reply I had a Billon Dollar Wide Smile in my face and till now Smiling ……….Thanq Stubbeen for such a Cute Reply………. I am not laughing Di……..I am really on cloud nine !!!Thankq ……….I would be cuteing…………..here after !!!

      2. Riyashri

        Sorry that should be the reply for Maahi Di’s comment ……

    2. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…………….”Mission Accomplished “?????????? U know what Mr.E was at peak of Anger !!!!! ???????????.Then I got an appointment from the secretary of EA (English alphabets) and met Mr.E…………told him the whole story of “Mission Short forms “……even told the reason for the Mission ………IMPORTANTLY about helping My CRazble and Appreciating My Sweetie ……..And after I told everything…..Mr.E He is Super Duper Happy ?????. He was very happy that becox of excluding him from the word Excellent …..We could successful find for Xx and even completed Our Mission !!!!????? At last I Thanked him and told him even if E is not the starting letter ….He is repeated 4 more times in the word Xcellently Xcellent !!!! ????….. This is what happened yesterday …… So I presented a short dream story of mine !!!
      Thanq for reading My Crazy……Stupid Story of how I found XX !!! Love u loads ……My dear sisters……????????

      1. Maahi

        yaar somu nd riyuuuuu a bigggggggg congrats fr ur MISSION SHORTFORM ACCOMPLISHMENT nd yaar the crazy girl who started dizzz hatssoff to her nd yaar somu lets dance together once again common 1 2 3… dinka chika dinka chika dinka chika hehehe but guys u r just amazing three of uuuuu r crazyyyyyyy lyk anything keep rocking drs lv u alllllll

      2. Maahi

        honey super cute story drrrrr wowwww u just made Mr.E finally agree to uuuuu my god such a cute thinking ur beyond CUTENESS lv uuuu keep rocking ha ha 4 more times sounds vrry nyc fr me nd u met PS OF EA girl ur soooooooo chweeeeeeet nd cuteeeeee keep cuteing!!!! haha dont laugh I knw its funny lv uuu

      3. Wow shun ??????????????? superbly you dealt with Mister E haan! Maahi yes we should dance together! Dhinka chika dhinka chika hehe ????? yeah so all of us contributed in this Mission Congrats! ?!!

  3. Wow it was super I loved it

    1. Maya

      Glad that u loved it Monesha!?

  4. Super cute episode yaar

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it cute Durga!

  5. Awesome epi.. Abhi na always like this

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it awesome Prathi!

  6. Maya

    Ok u all will not agree but there is some mistakes there in today’s epi again…??… ok just ignore this comment! I just felt like admiting my mistake by sharing!

  7. Hey suga awesome epic….

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it awesome lakshmi!

  8. Going gud….waiting to c next ff…

    1. Maya

      Thank u Rajesh!

  9. Superb akka no wrds loved it and love u???

    1. Maya

      Love u too for ur lovely comment!???

  10. wow thatz great epi di love it and u tooo di

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it great! Love u Sandy for loving the epi n me!

  11. ??????????I am commenting very late…………..I waited for your update till 5.30 and went to my training in depression !!!
    Today’s update was Superbly Superb !!! ??????Love u Sweetie ……???????
    I am soooo sorry !!!!! ???

    1. Maya

      No need to be sorry cutie! Take care rest well n hope u had a happy training! ?????? glad that u find it SS?? love u too sis??

      1. Riyashri

        And do read my first crazy story – Meeting with Mr.E !!

      2. Riyashri

        It’s int he same page posted as a reply of Somiya Di’s comment !!

  12. Awesome. Eagerly waiting for next epi.

    1. Maya

      Thanks for ur wait Bhoomi!??

  13. Maahi

    yaar IB teasing each other in dizzzz manner is soooooo cute nd I njoyed their teasing a lotttttttttttttttttt sooooo MISSION ROCK STAR is on its way nd pumpy nervous fr her boss ha ha I liked it a lot as USUAL u killed it man!! keep rocking dr

    1. Maya

      Hehe ya will surely will try to keep on rock MM!??

  14. Amazing amazing amazing… ?????????It was tooooo good ka… Really really loved it.. And finally congrats Chinese and riya for accomplishing ur mission haha?? and ka u r right let me be a non active member of this group.. So I am a ‘silent killer’ haha?? and riya no need of saying thanks.. As u r a friend of suga ka and Chinese.. So u r also my friend??? so no thanks or sorry between friends?? and I want to tell u onething I can’t able to comment on your ff regularly???.. As exams r nearing for me..But when I get time definitely I will comment ka..So from now this nivi is gonna be a ‘silent killer’???.. So enough of my bak baks.. If I continue then no one can save you from falling into coma???? so Once again the episode was superb superb superb.. Eagerly waiting for next part.. Bye bye.. Tc.. Stay blessed and love you??

    1. Maya

      How many times will u say this? Naan mothalai sonnen la take care and do well in ur studies! Whenever u get time u comment, wht really matters is u are reading it silently, that’s enough for me! Happy Studying! All the best for exams!???

  15. Trisha

    Superrrbbb epi Maya???

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      Glad that u find it superb Maya!???

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