Will you be without me? Chapter 40


Mission rockstar begins….

Pragya had finally decided in how to make him to get back into a rockstar. It’s a tough task for her but she was confident that she will be able to do it for her love.

Pragya met Abhi and talked to him. ” Boss! U know something? I am involved in the organization of a big event! And I have got so many things to do! I am so scared that what if i can’t finish all that on time!” Abhi ” Chill! Pumpy! You can do it! You are talking as if u are doing this for the first time!” Pragya ” I know! But….still….its very scary!” Abhi ” You know u can ask any help from me then why are u being so nervous?” Pragya ” Yes but….Can I complete this successfully?” Abhi ” Of course you can! Pass me the details of the event and let me see. And i will see in what way I can help u!” Pragya ” Ok but why do u have to do all this? I mean its not part of your work na” Abhi ” Arrey buddhu! I know its not part of my work but its part of my duty in love! To make u feel better in all ways!” Pragya ” So sweet of you Boss! I will pass you the details soon!” Abhi ” So u don’t mind me calling u Buddhu ah?” Pragya ” You can call me whatever way you want as you are my boss!” Abhi ” You have gone mad Pumpy!” Pragya ” Yes mad about u!”

Pragya was thinking that everything was going in the way she had planned. Pragya, with his help itself I will definitely can make him to be a rockstar! But what i need to make sure is that he should not be suspicious of my plans. Be careful Pragya! He is sometimes smart enough too!

Pragya passed the details to Abhi and made sure its believable to Abhi. As for Abhi, he was not at all suspicious and he was only concentrating on how to help Pragya in all ways.

Pragya, although i feel that i am hiding all the plans from him but this is only way to make sure that I can make his dreams come true. Hope everything goes well and then i will reveal everything to him.

Abhi, it seems to be quite a simple event but why this Pumpy is so excited and also very nervous about this! So strange! Whatever it is I just help her and hope it lessens her burden. This Pumpy nowadays is getting crazy for even small things…I have to control her craziness before its unstoppable!

How will Pragya make Abhi agree to perform as a rockstar? What is her plan for it? What will happen in her mission rockstar? To know all that u all have to wait for the next update.

I know its a very short update but the reason i have also mentioned here and hope u all can read and understand my situation.

Thank u everyone for the support so far and yes I realise some of u all are worried by the ending of this ff. But to share with u all something….In this ff, Abhigya are already united and what I am trying to express so far is their life being in love and the consequences that they face. So if i continue further, I myself will get bored and surely will write something pointless. That’s why I am ending this ff. To those who want me to write another ff…Yes I am writing another one called Is this called love? The first episode of it had came out yesterday. But let me request u all pls don’t ask me to give long updates for that. I always write what idea comes to my mind at the moment. So if my idea is big enough then the updates will be long if not it will be short. But when u all request me I cant deny and i end up cracking my head to think a lot. And to tell the truth,

I hate to think nowadays! This is a side effect of being a engineering student haha. And most importantly, my exams are also in august so giving long updates is quite tough. As i repeat to u all again i write ff usually in my travel and only in weekends i am kind of free. Hope u all understand! And why i am continuously writing here is the happiness i get from here. I am not sure whether how long this will continue but I just want this happiness that i get to be expressed in my ff and also make u all happy while reading it too. Of course happiness is not the only emotion in life and that’s why i try to include different emotions in different episodes…..I have replied to all ur comments in both ffs, thank u all for the support so far….truly touched by each and every comment and sometimes words are not enough to express my gratitude towards u all…. To silent readers thank u for the silent support so far….Everything that i experience here is something new to me and I loved it a lot! I love to do what I love….with that bye guys!

Oh I forgot something too! Happy Father’s day to all fathers out there! Fathers are always someone different where they show us the friendly world around us! That’s what I felt from my Daddy! Ya i call my Dad as Daddy from young! All Dads are special as they work hard for their children in so many ways to make their childrens’ wishes come true. But to me my only wish is to fulfill my Dad’s wish and make him happy forever. Not sure whether i can do that! But will try…I am always trying so many things and hoping to make them happen…

Ok today my bak bak is a lot…i.wont say sorry if not i know that MSSSP gang will storm here with a lot of comments in attacking me haha…so dont mind my baks baks…is this way better?
Extra info…M- maahi S- Somiya S- Saranya S- Riya ‘s real name start with S! P- Pavi so tat makes it MSSSP gang that i have seen here. Hehe…now its bye again!

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    1.Fantastic juhi wala style and wonderful too..?
    2.I won’t ask u to update longer episodes as it is good for maintaining eagerness ….?
    3.I am in full support of you that its really a head breaking thing to think about a longer story ???
    4.include me also in that gang as I can punish you for sorry and Thank u @ group of crazy people ??

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it wonderful and also in support of my short updates! Haha u are a non active member of that gang as u r busy now! So tat’s y i never included ur name in it!?

  2. Riyashri

    “This Pumpy is getting crazy even for small things..I hav to control before its unstoppable !!!” LINE OF THE DAY!!I think I told u the same thing and in that situation I was Pumpy and U was the Boss !!!
    THIS had made me even more ……………………………..CRAZY !!!

    1. Riyashri

      U know what would I tell to this update but I wanted to tell something different today……….
      U r really a very different person…………No other words are coming in my mind…as I don’t want to repeat the same again and again ……All your updates are UU that too in various ways……………Hats off to your writing………………………
      This was “Superbly Superb “!!!

      1. Maya

        Its just NN (Normally Normal) but the way u see is UU…haha but jokes apart u are really very lively in ur comments and i really like that!?? and i just hope u dont become CC ( crazily crazy) ???

  3. Prathi

    Hey Maya no problem yet to read your new ff.. I think I know what you have Pragya has planned ? Waiting for you to reveal it.. By the way am Prathi

    1. Maya

      Really u know wht’s her plan? Ok let’s see whts’s her plan and whtr it matches wht u hav thought?

  4. Today’s episode was awesome… I really enjoyed it to the core…. Nd I won’t ask u to give long updates…. Nd yar I can also punish u for saying sorry nd thank u…

    1. Maya

      Oh no! Okok i will be even more cautious of not telling sorry n thank u! Glad that u loved the epi and also understood my situation.

  5. hey di dt take stresss abt ur studies ok di be free and relx di
    and abt today epi it was nice di love u maya di

    1. Maya

      I am not stressed sandy but i am just sharing my situation with u all! Sure i will be free and relax too! Glad that u find it nice and love u too Sandy!??

  6. wow it was awesome

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it awesome Monesha!?

  7. No need to be sry at all ma. Iam eagerly waiting to knw abt pragya’s plan and all the best for ur exams dr. U r rocking as usual

    I miss all my frnds here badly …. Nowadays I couldn’t read ur ff’s so sad….

    1. Maya

      I understand ur situation but wht to do? Life is like that na with work n commitments. Take care and all the best for wht u r doing! Tks for the wishes! Keep waiting for her plan and glad that u are able to understand my situation!?

  8. Wow wow wow finally mission rockstar begins???.. Really excited about it ka.. The episode was AA,BB,CC,DD,….. And goes on. Now I too become like Chinese and riya haha??? Chinese and riya ur short forms r amazing yaar..and all the best for finding the short forms for JJ???.. I will support u guys.. And ka not only MSSSP gang.. I also won’t leave u if u say sorry..?? anyways enough of my ooralles.. Again the episode was superb superb superb.. And happy fathers day??Keep going..Keep rocking..Love u???

    1. Riyashri

      Thanq Nivi Didi…………We already found 2 for JJ – Joyfully joyful and jubilantly jubilant………

    2. Maya

      Happy father’s day to ur dad too! I know u are also part of the gang but since u r busy with studies also na then i thought u to include as the non active mbr of the gang haha. Glad for ur excitement and hope it fulfills ur excitement when u know how her mission works out! Until then love u too sis!????

  9. Awesome akka???and dnt wry we love it evn if its short☺and gud tat u dnt say sry?

    1. Maya

      I also need to improve right? So there was no sorry frm my side ??. Glad for finding the epi as awesome n also for understanding my situation!

  10. Awesome episode really soooo sweet pragya… Really sema love yaar

    1. Maya

      Haha ya she is sweet here! Glad that u find it as a sema love!???

  11. An han better ????? MSSSP gang aan? That’s quite better! Coming to epi! This was spectacular! I won’t ask for longer updates as you know but this epi! And pragya’s mission ??????????? quite desperate! Well Nivi too joined us? Awesome! So let pumpy accomplish her mission ,we should concentrate on our mission too! Hehe AA,BB,CC,DD,EE,FF,GG,HH,II,JJ,KK,LL,MM, NN (Newly New, you are always coming up with new and different updates na) OO, PP,QQ(Quintessentially Quintessential) because your ff is most perfect! RR,SS,TT,UU,VV, WW, and you are zealously Zealous! ZZ! So just 2 X and Y? Okay next time i will come up with it! ???

    1. Maya

      Glad that u are desperate for her mission! And yes its my pleasure in seeing all this short forms! And also glad for understanding my situation.?? Oh abt XX i am not sure its tough for me! But YY i can suggest something Youthfully Youth! Haha???

      1. Riyashri

        Hifi Maya di ….I thought the same for “Youthfully Youthful” …..but then thought to come up with something different……………I even thought “Yummily Yummy “for YY ……….But then it’s not abt some dishes na that’s y left the idea…………

      2. OMG you both got me like this ???????? hi fi guys! Even i thought Youthfully Youthful for YY ??? and riya if mister E would come back na deal with him yourself i m gonna use it ????

    2. Riyashri

      i too thought the same for NN CrazBle……….Hifi !!!
      I guess I got for X ………….Don’t scold me after reading ok………
      XX-Xcellently Xcellent……… Don’t think where did the E went away………..U know I requested Mr. E to go and come back after some time and in the mean while I formed this short form for XX….So Mr.E would come here by anytime and before he screw me I would dissappear………….So see u later !!!

      1. Maya

        ????thats me after reading ur comment!

  12. Maahi

    hahaha MSSSP gang yaaaaaa the vry frst time u admitted tht if u say srry v vil kill u ani nd dr as I always say tht nly ur PRSESENCE matters to me nt abt the length bcoz evry magical experience vil hv its perfect nd apt timing naaaa sooo no worries dr nd yes wanna say u one thing tht its ur duty in frndsp to drive us more crazy with ur crazy tricks nd being a frnd u shld do it yaaaaaaaar one more thing abhi can control pragd craziness but no one can control ur craziness dude nd sia BUDDHU remains me nly uuuuu in sme silly issues hope u vil nt get angry on me fr dizzzzz but though u become angry at me I still bear it dr bcoz as I always say EVRYTHING IS FAIR IN FRNDSP ND WAR (WAT SAY MSSSP GANG????) LV UUUUUU DR MISSION ROCKSTAR IS DRAGGING US TO EDGES I vil b waiting keep ROCKING dont take toooo much stress nd surely u vil fulfill uncle’s dream I hv faith on uuu keep loving bcoz I already doooo it fr uuuu

    1. Maya

      Drive u too craziness ah? I thought u r alrdy crazy like me! Hehe???? ok i will try to fulfill ur request!???lol i wont get angry at u haha i dont really get angry tat fast!??? even if i get angry, it will only be for few mins ????

  13. Nice episode… Whether its long or short doesn’t matter. What matters is that how u convey the story.. I’ll always support you..

    1. Maya

      Thank u so much Nirmal!??? hope to convey in more better ways with all ur support!??

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