Will you be without me? Chapter 4

I think she hates me!!

Pragya turned behind and was stunned to see Abhi in front of her! She thought that he had left but now he was so close to her!

Abhi ” Hi! Do u remember me?” Pragya with a panicking voice ” No….I don’t! Can u please give me way as I have to leave now!” Abhi moved aside to give way and saw her leaving as fast as she could. Abhi was pissed off with her reply and just went towards his car and drove off from there.

Abhi while driving was thinking how can she be so rude? Even if she doesn’t recognise me she could have said it politely not like as if she want to avoid someone who is coming after her!! May be I think she hates me that is why she behaved that way. To divert his mind he started to play his favourite song Rabba ki kara in his car…

As for Pragya, she was thinking why was I so rude to him? But I also don’t know why I was like that! I just don’t want to talk to him and what if I talk then the topic leads to the kiss that he gave me that day! To brush off his thoughts she started to listen the same song…Rabba ki kara….

Both have the same liking for a song but will there be same liking towards each other?

The next day
Abhi was on his way to somewhere and saw Pragya again but this time she never saw him. Abhi saw her in the road carrying some bags wearing the same salwar kameez that he saw a girl wearing several months back when he helped to pick up the bags that the girl dropped…He thought was it Pragya the girl that he had helped? That’s why she hid her face with duppata? No it can’t be may be it’s a different person as a lot of people can wear the same design of salwar kameez! Pragya was struggling to get a cab or auto but there was no sign of any cab or auto! Abhi saw that even though he wanted to help but when he thought about how rude she behaved earlier, his ego stopped him to help!

Just then he saw some guy coming in car towards her. She also smiled widely upon seeing him and got into the car. Abhi assumed that the guy should be her boyfriend that’s why she very quickly went with him….

Love does not happen in first sight but it occurs at repeated meetings..it does not matter whether the meetings are planned or accidental the only thing matters is the reason of the repeated meetings… So how will the next meeting change each other’s views? Stay tuned for the next meeting of Abhigya!!

Thank u all for the support! Many of u all said the previous update is too short. So i tried to make this a bit longer.. but its still short as this ff is a short story…Hope u all understand!

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