Will you be without me? Chapter 39

All went fine…..

Pragya was keep on calling Abhi but he was not answering any of his calls. She was now fed up of keep on trying to call him and he is not responding to any of her calls or messages.

She went to his house straightly to meet him and there he was in his room staring at the wall. Pragya ” What are u thinking? Are u avoiding me or what?” Abhi ” Nothing like that and you know right I am busy nowadays!” Pragya ” Ya busy in staring at the wall! Heard about it from Dadi too!” Abhi ” It’s my room and I can stare at anything here that I want! Who are you to question me about that?” Pragya ” Who am I? Are u very sure of what are u asking?” Abhi ” Pragya I am very sure and clear of what I want and right now I want peace and I will get that if u leave from here!” Pragya ” So I am spoiling your peace of mind now?” Abhi ” Yes! Will you please leave from here!”

Pragya ” No! I will not tell me the truth if not u will have to face very bad consequences!” Abhi ” There is no truth to be revealed! Why are u keep on asking me questions?” Pragya ” It’s you who are making me to ask u a lot of questions! Some time back you were saying I am your love and all but now u are asking me who am I? How could u even change like that?” Abhi ” Changes do happen everywhere so it is not a big issue for my change!” Pragya ” So your love for me has also changed?” Abhi remained silent and he couldn’t answer to her question. Pragya ” Why are u silent when I need a answer and I very well know u are hiding something again from me! And that’s why u are being silent!”

Abhi ” Ok fine! Let me tell u the reason for my silence! I already knew Suresh even before he met us that day! He is having the thoughts of marrying u and I made him come there to meet u!” Pragya ” But why did u do that?” Abhi ” It’s your parents’ wish to get u married to him and how can I object that?” Pragya ” But they are no more and even if i married him…Do u think I will be happy when I am loving u?” Abhi ” That’s why I am avoiding u and making u to hate me!” Pragya ” Hate u? It’s like hating myself! And I don’t think it can ever happen!” Abhi ” Pumpy try to understand! He is more understanding and surely he will make u happy throughout your life!”

Pragya ” He may be understanding but you are the only one who understand me…He can make me happy but u are the only one where my happiness lies in!” Abhi ” Pumpy! Why have u become like this? It’s all my fault…I shouldn’t have made u realised ur love for me!” Pragya ” Even if u never made me realised my love but I would have realised it as u can’t hide ur love for me!” Abhi looked at her with tears and hugged her and said ” Don’t you think it’s your responsibilty to fulfill your parents’ wish?” Pragya ” It is my responsibility but let me tell u something they had decided that alliance thinking that I should be in the safe hands of someone who can protect me throughout my life! But when I can see that it’s you who are the protector of my life, then how can I leave u?” Abhi ” You really think I am your protector?” Pragya ” Yes Boss! From the beginning I have this feeling and without you I am not safe!”

Abhi kissed her forehead and said ” Ok let’s tell Suresh about us!” Pragya ” That’s like my Boss!” Abhi smiled and said ” Pumpy! Without you I am also not like a Boss! Thanks for reminding that I am a Boss!”

As Abhi said, Suresh was indeed a understanding person and he very well understood their situation. He wished a happy filled life for Abhigya’s love. As for Pragya, she was finally relieved that all was fine and now she can fully concentrate on her mission to make Abhi revive his dream and passion to become a rockstar. But for Abhi, he was feeling very emotional as he now realised how much of importance he have in Pragya’s life….So what’s next? Mission rockstar! How will it happen? For that u all need to wait for the next update!

Sorry for the late update! I went out for lunch today and was kind of tired to update…..

Ok guys just want to tell u all something, I have already mention it in the comment section yesterday and again I am telling…I will be ending this ff soon but don know when will it be. Will update u all that again. Let me finish what i want to convey and then there will be the end to this story. Thank u for the support do far!

Lastly, I don’t know whether this is a shock, surprise or suspense haha ya i don know how to describe that! Hmm wait for one of my update tmrw…I am not referring to this ff! and u all will know what I am referring to. To those who are in contact with me pls don force me to tell what is it about! I really don’t how to tell u all and I am very doubtful about its arrival….That’s it and expect for the SSS tmrw! Until then SS is signing off!

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    you know suga whenever I read ur episodes not actually urs its ours because u r writing it for us so I ? must say whenever I am reading ur episodes I feel like what I want in those characters every character is fulfilled by you only like Pragya they way u have portrayed that character I can’t describe but yes whenever I use to read her part I feel that a girl is standing in front of me who is extremely calm she is handling everything peacefully and a strange feeling comes in my mind because I am not looking her like there is shriti the main lead or anyone else I just have thought that a girl is there who is extremely different from others and if I talk about abhi then in his case also I look a simple boy without any mentality of getting everything in his life being a fun loving and understanding little bit emotional boy he is and of course when u r portraying them I didn’t feel Shabir also there its always my imagination there ur characters my imagination that’s why I love the way u write and that’s why I use to say that u r unpredictable yr ??? for me your characters definitely deserves some fine actors and sorry for that but shabir and shriti doesn’t fill that position for me.. … hope I didn’t hurt you ?? and yup forgot to say one thing FANTASTIC in juhi style.

    1. Maya

      Not at all hurt Surbhi! U see what i write is about 2 simple characters and their love for each other with their characters that acts as the source of attraction. So I am really glad and feeling very happy that u liked their characters. About the part u feel may be some other actors could have been imagined to be in these characters…I have not really thought about that until u have mentioned it…Its interesting to hear this point of view from u! Oh finally i got Fantastic in juhi style after a long time!??? and all the best for exams again! Waiting for 21 june eagerly as after that ur ff will come out na!! But take some rest first before u start on it!

  2. Hey suga u r just rocking….
    But i am feeling worried that u going to end this ff…..
    U making us restless by ur suspense….
    so eagerly waiting for next update…..

  3. Hey suga.. I want to talk to u. may i.
    Not abt anything wat u said but just like that. If u ok mean how….

    1. Maya

      Oh Lakshmi no need to worry too much yr…u will know from my suspense and hope it gets rid of ur worries! U mean u want to talk as in chat with me ah? Why not dr? Are u in instagram or email? If instagram means my acc name is suga9416, my email add is [email protected]
      May be u can contact me thr tat!

      1. Maya

        And ya u no need to ask may i talk to u? U are my frnd right? So pls dont ask like tat! ?

  4. Maya

    Lol its thank u for the support so* far not do far!???

  5. It was awesome

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it awesome Monesha!?

  6. Naa enna sollrathu ka.. U r always amazing….?? awesome…?? wonderful.. ??superb..??Unnka ovoru ovoru episodes num enna romba inspire panrathu??.. unnka Ovoru episodes lainum eedoovoru twist elana, shock elana oru beautiful mgs ah solluringa.. Really really I am very much inspired ka???.. Unakala paathana kandipa naa unkala tight ah hug pannuven because u r driving me crazy??????.. Unakala paakanum romba aasai ah irruku… Don’t know when will it happen.. But ennaku chance kadachichuna kandipa unakala Singapore vanthu paapen???.. Oh god naa romba loosu mathiri pesurenla la.. Ok anyways I really really really loved ur episodes.. Now I am eagerly waiting for mission rockstar???????.. And kaa Neenga entha ff end panna pooringala??.. Oh god I am gonna to miss ur ff badly.. Naa romba miss pannuven.. But kaa Neenga marupadium ff eeludanum☺☺.. Eppa illana kuda Neenga free aanathaku aaparamavathu eeludanum okk it’s a order from ur sis.. So have to accept it ok???.. Apparam unnaka surprise kaaka wait pannren soo don’t make my madai too blast because u know I hate suspense???.. So I am eagerly waiting for ur surprise and for ur next part???.. Love u alot ka??????

    1. Maya

      So sweet of u! And haan ya naanum ennaku azhagana comments kudukara ungala ellam parkunum nu aasaiyathan irukku!??? hehe illa pa nee onnum loosu mathiri pesula it was very nice that u expressed ur feelings abt my ff! Tight hugs to u also my sweet sis! Keep waiting for mission rockstar its mission na so it will takes it time to come! And ya surprise will be on its way…??? i seriously don know whtr is it a surprise!! haha

  7. Suga I’m reading ur ff after a long time the epi was awesome as usual but u gave me a shock tat u gonna end it soon too bad ma. But I’m sure tat u wil come back with another rocking ff soon …

    1. Maya

      Rithu glad that u had the time to read my ff…but what to do? Everything needs a end in life at some point of time!?

  8. Nice episode really awesome n u rocked today episode too thn really tat last I don’t understand anythg wat surprise r suspense u r talking… Really confusing let’s wait n c…

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it as nice and aweome epi! Its out and i will wait for ur response for that!?

  9. omg yaar wat a reason fr his avoiding seriously I really cant imagine ot would be the reason aniiiii SUPER splendid episode yaar u just rocked ittttttt nd the line HATING UU IS HATING MYSELF my god girl ur beyond imagination IB ur evry line hv a great impact on me keep rocking yaar nvr seen such selfless love both of thm r really thinking abt each other in evry moment my goddddddddddd I am in love with dizzzzzzzzzzzz nd yaar I am eagerly waiting fr my sweetheart to turn into a rockstar hmmmm I am eagerly waiting fr Mission ROCKSTAR nd yaar I am vrry happy u r gng to start tht ff naaa which uu gv intro ayooooooooooooooo I am jumping here nd there after cing dizzz nd yaar wat is the meaning of SSS soo finally my wait is over cant wait to drip down in ur nxt magic

    1. Maya

      Always happy to see ur comment??? haha SSS- surprise shock suspense…tats all hehe??????

      1. Riyashri

        And MTMP …..I guess u can pay my hospital bills as half of the money would be given by MY Stubbeen !!! Becoz she is one of the reason that I would need to go the hospital for treatment in the future !!
        MY SWEET STUBBEEN……….U took MY words very seriously in the previous comment that u r asking me to forgive u !! I can’t as for that I should be angry on u na………
        Becoz I am suffering from AFP -Anger Forgeto Phobia !!! Sounds Crazy na……….This is the phobia that I am severely suffering from !!!So no need to be sorry as I appologised u before even sending my message!!
        I hav a request Stubbeen ….please do create an account here na ………I know u hav contact with my other Di’s in social media ……but what to do this poor sis can only chat to u through this……….So please do create one for me !!!!

  10. Awesome akka loved it???

    1. Maya

      Glad that u loved it Saranya???

  11. This one is so awesome ,sometimes i just realise that my useless short forma aren’t enough to describe how you as a writer are! But as you know that’s only one way that i tell you! Okay we will be continuing our mission short form! But let’s watch out Mission Rockstar! I. M eagerly waiting! And i seriously love this ff so much! So abhi and pragya united? Okay that’s nice ,in your ff I love to see them together! There bonding of boss and pumpy i m in love with them! That’s what i call perfectly perfect! So here we go with short forms! Ahm well HH means Happily Happy! Because thos epi made me much Happy! So… AA,BB,CC,DD,EE,FF,GG,HH,II,JJ,KK, LL (lovably loveable) MM, OO,PP, RR,SS,TT ,UU,VV,WW, ???? This one is creatively creative and yeah as i alrdy said tht we will complete mission short form ? hehe!

    1. Their* This*

    2. Maya

      Lol who said ur short forms are useless? Haha they are so cool!?? and I loved it to the core!???Haha ok best wishes for the mission short form and u know what i have alrdy thought of the alphabet ZZ ????

  12. It’s Superb..

    1. Maya

      Thanks Abhigya!?

  13. Awesome epi da sweetu n haan i really really really lovd it to the core dr n waiting 4ur sss dr

    1. Maya

      Hehe SSS veliyayitu da! Nee poi parthu sollu ???

  14. that was superb maya it was just amazing i loved it a lot waiting for the next epiode daer

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it superb Priya! 🙂

  15. Riyashri

    Very Sorry for the late comment………Before getting angry on me for the first line then do note that u did the same in this update !!
    Blabberings apart !! This one was SUPERB !!! I love the way u start and end your update………..”UNBELIEVABLELY UNBELIEVABLE” !!!! U r Always Toooooooooo Gooooooooooood And Sooooooooooooooo Best !!!Love u MTMP !!!

    1. Riyashri

      MTMP ……..U made me Crazy to the Core !! Dude Now I am in “MMM” ………Guess whats the full form !! U told that u r really bad in guessing but just make a try !! I would reply u after seeing your reply !!

      1. Maya

        Haha okok! hmm guess ah? I know one M is for sure is refering to Maya! hmm wait may be the other M is Miss hehe and left with 1 M that I am not sure of!

      2. Riyashri

        VERY SMART Maya Di !!One M is right…but good try…….. so I would answer u when u reply to my comment in your new writing !!

  16. Nice episode..

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it nice Nirmal!?

  17. Awesome but short Epi.. U make me wait a lot.. And I love your story? If you end start another I don’t want to miss your way of narration

    1. Maya

      I am already starting it Prathi! Thanks for loving it! ??

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