Will you be without me? Chapter 38


I am sorry……

Abhi had not talk well to Pragya after that day. Both were feeling very difficult without talking to each other. She felt that it is high time there he need to meet him. He too felt that way. Both called each other at the same time and couldn’t reach other as their call was engaged.

Abhi, Who is she talking to now? Should be talking to her staff…Always only into work!
Pragya, Why can’t get him through call? Is he talking to someone? What is this? I want to just talk to him!

After a while, both were fed up of unable to get through each other and decided to text.
Both texted the same message. Shall we meet at the park? Both saw that and smiled. What time? Was their next same message that they sent each other. Before Abhi could reply. Pragya replied We shall just meet at 11 am tomorrow. For that Abhi replied Ok sure!

The next day…..
Both arrived on time to the park. They sat down on the bench there. Silence was their language for the first 10 minutes. They were unable to decide how to begin their conversation. Pragya had a cough and Abhi turned at her and patted her back to stop the cough. Abhi ” You are sick or what? Why do u cough like that?” Pragya ” No..Had a cold for last few days and that’s why I am having cough” Abhi ” What is this Pumpy? How can u be so careless? You should take care of your health na!” Pragya ” That’s why you are here to take care of my health so may be that’s why I never care about my health!” Abhi ” Pumpy! Be responsible! I may not be with u forever to take care of u!” Pragya ” Why do u say like that! Don’t you dare say like that again! You will be with me forever and what made you tell like that?” Abhi ” I didn’t mean it Pumpy! It just came in a flow and why do you react so much for that?” Pragya ” I don’t know but it hurts me even to hear that u will not be with me forever! I have enough of losing my loved ones! And If I lose you means then I will also have no meaning to live my life!” Abhi ” Enough Pumpy! Don’t talk about this anymore and its my fault that I told like that by mistake!”

Pragya ” Ok! Never ever say like that again!” She heard somone call her name and looked around to check who it was! It was not Abhi then who was it? It was him again. The person
” Hi Pragya! How are you? It’s been long time since I met you!” Pragya ” Yes I am fine and how about you?” The person ” Me too doing good and just returned to India! And very sad to hear about what had happened to your family! It’s so sad…” Pragya looked sad too after hearing that and said ” What to do? It’s just my fate!” Abhi felt he was left out there like a statue between their conversation. The person ” Who is he?” Pragya ” Oh I forgot to introduce to you! He is Abhi! And Abhi! This is Suresh!”

Abhi ” Hi Suresh! And I guess u know Pragya very well!” Suresh ” Yes of course! I know her very well! Both our families are more like relatives. And even our marriage was fixed with each other but all of the sudden Pragya’s family met with accident and I was also away from India” Pragya was shocked to hear that he was the one that her parents had fixed her marriage with him. Abhi ” Oh I see! So now you are back to marry her?” Suresh ” I am not sure about that! It’s up to Pragya to decide!” Pragya thought why is Abhi asking such questions now! Suresh ” Ok guys! I have to go now. And Pragya I will catch up with you later!” Both said bye to him and looked at each other. Pragya ” Why did you asked him like that?” Abhi ” I need to ask him like that to know what is in his mind!” Pragya ” May be now he will have the thoughts of marrying me when you asked him like that!” Abhi ” What matters most is whether you want to marry him! Not whether he want to marry you!” Pragya ” But it was my parents wish that I should marry him! And what if I need to fulfill that wish now…” Abhi ” If that is so then you should do that!” Pragya ” What are you saying? Are you out of your mind?” Abhi ” I am telling the fact Pumpy! May be you should marry him!”

Pragya ” You are not the same Boss who showed me the unconditional love! He won’t even have the thought of losing me! I am leaving and I really don’t know what made you to say like that!” Abhi was standing there still and looked at her leaving.

Meeting him….Suresh today had happened by chance but what made Abhi to tell like that? Is he again hiding something from me? And why is this getting even more complicated now! These were the thoughts of Pragya at that moment when she left from the park.

Abhi in tears, I am sorry Pumpy for hurting you but I don’t have a choice……

So how was this twist?

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  1. Riyashri

    Di what would I tell now !! U r VV – “Valuably Valuable “, PP -“Perfectly Perfect “, KK – “Kind-heartedly Kind-hearted” , TT- “Talentedly Talented”!!! U r AA,BB,CC,DD,EE,FF,GG,II,KK,LL,MM,OO,PP,RR,SS,UU,VV,WW!!! Rest I would tell later as I don’t ha enough time !!Love u Loads !! U r one of the World’s Precious Gift !!

    1. Maya

      To tell the truth I shouldn’t have used too many short forms when I had talk to Somiya???now u two are in the mission of short forming lol…Its kind of my craziness that made her do that and now u r involved in that too….

  2. Unexpectedly expected this! ????????? this is so best! desperate to know what would happen further and why abhi thought like that! This was a killer and rocking episode! Got it! Yeah new short form Killerly Killer episode! KK! ? okay you gav it joyfully joyful episode! JJ! And unexpectedly Unexpected , perfectly perfect were given by Riya! So got 4 KK, JJ,UU,PP ??? I loved this episode! it was incredibly incredible! So we got these AA, BB,CC,DD,EE,FF,GG,II,JJ,KK,MM,OO, PP, RR,SS,UU,WW! So just left with few! ??? But as usual this episode was perfectly perfect! and uniquely unique too! ??

    1. Riyashri

      Crazymia “Killerly Killer’ is killing me now !! U r toooooooooooooo Best !!
      And add these in ” The Edition Of Short Forms “by SSS (Crazymia did u note something all our names are starting with the same letter…Somiya…Sugashini ….and well both of u know wat my name is !!) ……..LL-“Lovably Lovable”,VV- Valuably Valuable and TT-“Talentedly Talented” !!Hope u like this too…..So we hav to form for H,N,Q,X,Y and Z ………And our Edition would complete !!

      1. Yeah at next update i would surely try for the remaining ones we are gonna complete our mission well awesome short forms! ?

      2. Maya

        Too much of short forms! Haha ok happy short forming! Hope both of ur mission is completed soon!

  3. Awesome… I loved it

    1. Maya

      Glad that u loved it Abhigya!

  4. omg omg omg wat a twist yaar my sweetheart telling by himself to his love to marry someone else ayooooo but I dont want to crush over dizzz thoughts bcoz ur always UNPREDICTABLE NAA sooo it has become normal fr me nw to njoy ur twists without breaking my head lol but u knw wat tht phone conversation was cutest of all haha loved it soooo much I knew tht reason behind his point to hurt pragya nd u knw wats the answer lol I DONT KNOW ITSELF IS THE ANSWER haha got angry on me haha buddhu u just forgot haa just nw I told tht ur UNPREDICTABLE ani thn hw could I knw dr but dizzz is a killer episode keep rocking I just loved ur dizzzz magic toooooooooo muaaahhhhh nd yaar u said tht ur unable to reply fr my cmmnt naa wat is the big deal in it dr tell me onething ……by cing my silly blabberings atleast a small smile vil come on ur lips naaaa if soooo thn that equates to millions of words fr me bcoz UR SMILE IS MY LANGUAGE hmmm dont try to understand dizz line bcoz its an emotion sweetuuu just nt aline to understand u just feel it thn u vil cme to knw wat I mean lv uuuuuu

    1. Maya

      Hehe ok but I understood what u meant! I am not that buddhu to understand even that! Ok? As usual u also rocked my world with awesome comment and haan I am done with the work that I was doing from morning lol! Too much! Can somebody just send me somewhere far away from the practicals!! Haha just joking!

  5. Maya

    NOTICE: I am going to end this ff guys! don’t know when but soon in a gradual manner! So until then hope u all enjoy this ff. Will inform this again in my next update. Just felt like telling this now….Thank u for the support so far.

    1. Riyashri

      Di I am 100000000000000000000 percent sure that U would start AA-ZZ update with a Blast as usual !!U r telling that u would end this in a Gradual Manner but we (Somiya Di and me) would Finally Give the Complete Edition of Short Forms For your Talent… Your Writings….And Especially U !!!

      1. Absolutely Right Riya! ???

      2. Maya

        Hmm too much of confidence in me ah? Okok! Will try my best…..

  6. awesome i like it

    1. Maya

      Glad that u liked it lucky!

  7. VarshaVenkat

    Waiting for.prags to find out…….sooooo now Suresh became a crack in a wall……

    1. Maya

      Hehe ya he is! Will she find out? Keep waiting to know that Varsha!?

  8. Akka its incredible really love u loads akka???but pls reveal truth soon and unite them☺

    1. Maya

      Hmm they are never seperated by heart…so lets see what happens next!??

      1. Haha very clever rply akka??love u??

      2. Omg akka jst nw i saw ur notice u r gng to end it…ohh no..my heart is aching…but pls cme back soon dnt take too long.. coz already iam upset tat tisha dii’s ff ended nw tis too means i ll literally cry??so pls cme back soon dii love u???

  9. Ammu

    You are going to end this ff.
    No way suga
    Episode was awesome

    1. Maya

      Ending is inevitable right? If I am ending means there is a reason Ammu. Keep waiting for the reason and i wont end tis tat soon as i will end it gradually…..

  10. I seriously loved it but eagerly waiting to know what happened next .But to tell seriously u make us to think beyond our imagination hats of keep rocking?????

    1. Maya

      Ur comments are so sweet Sonika! Keep supporting me…as all ur support is my energy boost for imagination????

  11. 100% support I will give

    1. Maya

      Aww so sweet of u again!

  12. Oh my god wat abhi again hiding something 4m pragya always these two na just taking all the problems of other one in their head n making it complicated…really especially tz abhi??… Ohhhhhhhhh god???

    1. Maya

      Hehe ya its a complicated love story….

  13. Reshma Pradeep

    Again TWIST!!!! Wahhhh!!! Kya Story hei!!!!Loved it………Thumare writings mein na…….Ek alag hi Charm hota hei………Dimaag ko Chill kar deti hei……….Really Interesting……….

    1. Maya

      Hopefully I can sustain the charm that u are refering to and make u feel even more interested for this ff Reshma!

  14. It was awesome I loved it

    1. Maya

      Glad that u loved it Monesha!

  15. Wow Maya I have been a silent reader all this while I can’t maintain it anymore… Loved it ? Eagerly waiting for next episode

    1. Maya

      Thanks for loving it Prathi!??Keep waiting!

  16. omg wat u said ur gng to stop ur magic on me haaa thn wat vil I dooo dr bcoz I am addicted to ur magic naaa plzzzz IB if u end dizzz u hv to start the one which u gave teaser plzzzzz I vil b waiting

    1. Maya

      Haha too much of addiction is not gd dr…hmm that one ah? Okok i will think about it!?

  17. Hey suga u just rocked as u always. Superb twist… and i am rellayyyyy sorrrrry for late today and not commenting yesterday epic….
    And i feel sad that u going to end the ff….

    1. Maya

      Oh Lakshmi if i am ending this means there is a reason dr…so dont be sad and i have the responsibility to tell u all before I end. So tats y i am informing u all!

  18. bacwass

    1. Maya

      Thank u Mukund Raj!

  19. Nice episode as usual… But unexpected twist…

    1. Maya

      Expect for the unexpected Nirmal! Glad that u find it nice!

  20. Oh wht a twist y abi is hurting her? Whtever may b the reason its not fair to hurt our lovable ones but haan oruvela avan maraika nenaikira andha mater pragya romba hurt panumnu nenaikiran pola but the true is namaloda lovable ones nammala vitu piriyiradho kodumaiyana vali vera valigala vida adigamnu abiku en puriyala oh nan romba kelvi ketuten da k bye love u da sweetu

    1. Maya

      Hehe athalam onnum illa…gd that u shared ur opinions! It gives me some idea to my story dr!?

  21. Oh really thn its good da

  22. Superb superb superb superb surperb

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