Will you be without me? Chapter 37


How to help him?

Pragya was in the thoughts of Abhi. I am not sure is it appropriate of me to help him. Deep down in his heart, he still have the desire that he could have achieved his dream. But something is stopping him to do so. I can understand that for some reason that he could have left his dream but now since he is successful in what he is doing, then why not try to revive his dream again? Does he think its not easy to do? But its not difficult to do also…

Firstly, I have to find for what he had left his dream. Akash only wrote about his dream and he also never mention about the reason for Boss to leave his passion! And then I will have to somehow help Boss to get back his dream again! Its not too late if I can make it clear to him that his dreams are worth to happen for real!

But how to make all this happen? Why every time I am pushed in a situation to plan things? It’s ok but after this at least I expect him not to hide a lot of things from me! He considers me as his love but what stops him from hiding even his dreams and passion from his love?

I think he is confused and that’s why he is doing like this, if not he would have told the truth. What can I do now to make him tell the truth? Shall I just directly ask him again?

No! May be not now! May be now he is feeling bad about me for reminding his past! So firstly I have to cheer him up and gain his confidence again. May be I should have been more calm that day and should have asked him in a better way……Pragya! U were also very harsh that day! Talking to him as if like a interrogation officer! What to do now?

How to help him? Will he accept my help? No its not help Pragya! U have to be the way for him to achieve his passion! I have to do this if not there is no meaning to the unconditional love that he have towards me! But how?

Will she find the way? And how is the way going to be? Will she face something unexpected while finding the way? To know all that wait for the upcoming updates…..

Ya i know its kind of short but today I am busy again so that’s y i just typed the self analyzing mode of Pragya! I will try to update longer for the upcoming ones….

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  1. Riyashri

    Today’s update was short but it’s more than enough to show the self analysing mode of Pragya !! U potrait both the Characters vey well !! So Maya Di ……Here U go for UU…………Unexpectedly Unexpected !!
    Crazymia count this too !!

    1. Maya

      Thanks Riya! For the UU i hope it dont becomes as EE…expectedly expected! I wanna surprise or make u all expect for the unexpected…dont know y but…just felt like doing that frm the beginning…..

      1. Riyashri

        That’s the UNIVERSAL TRUTH …….Maya Di Seriously U thoughts are very unexpected and no one could never ever think sooo Differently like u !!So just thought UU will be suiting u the best and forever tooo……….U r thinking to do this from beginning ……..But the Fact is All are really Unexpectedly Unexpected !!!

      2. Maya

        Ur words are very encouraging! Very touched by that! Thank u Riya for that!

  2. Akka u r really awesome the way u write is really mindblowing hatsoff akka love u loads???waiting fr longer nxt part☺

    1. Maya

      Thanks for the support Saranya ! Hopefully I can give a longer part for the nxt update…

  3. No words??? and I read ur os I have already commented on it and to tell about this one hats of literally speaking you are a fantastic writer and u take each and every script beyond our imagination greatkeep rocking ???

    1. Maya

      Thank u Sonika! Its not any imagination just my interpretation of thoughts! Sometimes it makes sense and sometimes not….

  4. It was awesome I loved it

    1. Maya

      Thanks Monesha for loving it!

  5. Outstanding! oh i got new short form OO! Outstandingly Outstanding! This is seriously the best update! yeah not a longer one but i don’t care as the content as got me like ???????????? AA,BB,CC,DD,EE,FF,GG,II,MM,OO,RR,SS,WW! wow got so many short forms! shun you should tell me with H and J coz i never got any with them! ? well superbly superb! brilliantly brilliant ! incredibly incredible ! seriously the best of all!

    1. Maya

      Lol u are seriously in a mission of covering all the alphabets with short forms! HH…ah I thought i got share with u right? Happily happy! Hehe…and JJ quite tough for now i can only think Johnson & Johnson brand…haha

      1. Riyashri

        Maya Di …….Not fair why did u find for H ??? I am crushing my brain thinking about something really different and U found it soooooo easily !! Hats of for your this talent of yours tooo……….

      2. haha ??? i thought same for HH! well JJ is quite tough but I will definitely come up with it ? I will accomplish my Mission ???

      3. Maya

        JJ right? I help u all haha its Joyfully Joy! Hope it helps no need to crack ur head or crush the brain…I am here na to do all that!

    2. Riyashri

      Crazymia tooooo bad u did not include UU – Unexpectedly Unexpected !!
      That’s fine I guess u did not notice it as I was the first to comment !!
      So I would next come up with H and J !!

  6. Loli


    1. Maya

      Thanks loli!

  7. knock knock !! may I plzzz meet to the craziest girl in the world nd yaa here she is ……here I proudly present the most talented girl in scripture. …….hmm wat r u thinking tht yyy I used scripture ani haa wait I vil xplain uuu u know wat watevr u write simple r tough itseeems to be brought frm deep down ur heart tht tooo dont forgot in regards to self analyzing mode which makes the image crystal clear with elegant yet simple expla ation soooo thts wat I refer to scripture sooo plzzz naa sweetuuu u bttr take the profession of English literature as part time bcoz ur damnnnnn gud in it my god it may b short but it dragged the point near to my eyes nd yaar u just borrowed ur self analyzing mode fr prags fr today right lol crazy girl nd waiting fr the twist which prags is gng to face nd yaar u rockedddd it keep rocking lv uuuuuuuu nd fr WHO R UUU ?? I ANSWERED IN PREVIOUS UPDATE HAHAHA MUAAHHHHHHHH

    1. Maya

      English lit part time? U think i got time ah? U know na what i am spending half my time on? Haha ya so no time for tat…and whatever u mention abt scripture and all is way too much but i know always u come up diff things to tell abt me! Hehe so Thank u once again for the beautiful words

  8. Reshma Pradeep

    Wowwww!!!! Its Amazingggggggggggggg……………..

    1. Maya

      Thanks Reshma for finding it amazing!

  9. Disgusting serial…

    1. Maya

      Ya it is a dragging serial which makes u feel disgusting Anamika

  10. VarshaVenkat

    Diiiiiiii….a tight hug frm my side to u…….cause I’m crazy of all ur ffs os…..love u diii…..today’s was a questioning part as prags was asking herself abt abhis condition……….really wonder will prags b able to find out his dreamssss

    1. Maya

      Tight hug to u too for ur craziness…she knows his passion but not sure of how to make it happen…to know what will happen next u will have to wait dr….

  11. Finally I got time to comment to my favourite writer’s ff ??.. And today’s episode Wow wow wow.. It was amazing ka.. Superb superb superb… Really I loved it to the core… Yes it may be short but soo much of sweetness r filled.. U may be thinking what kind of sweetness is filled here.. Yess there are lots of sweetness r hidden.. Pragya care and concern for abhi, the way she is finding a way to make abhi to achieve his dreams, and also thinking not to hurt him.. Thats all r so much of sweetness…?? I really really enjoyed it.. Keep rocking ka.. Love u ????

    1. Maya

      Thank u for finding it with sweetness Nivi! It really means a lot to me! So sweet of u and love u sissy!

  12. 1st of a very very veryyyyy big thanks 4 uploading even in a busy schedule yaar yeah it’s short bt u deserves big thanks 4 uploading thn really superb love yaar…each one thinks lives 4 other one…

    1. Maya

      Durga! I have assured u all that i will update regularly after 2 wks and I should do that if not i would feel bad for making u all wait and look out for my ff. I know the pain of waiting so i don want u all go thr that…may be what i say sounds cliche but this is what i really feel whenever i am busy.

  13. Hehe u made pragya think a lot like u na my dr self analyser hehe but i lovd it a lot dr as she resembles my dr sweetu na

    1. Maya

      Haha vera way theriyala! naan munnadiye sonna mathiri a lot of my ennangal is expressed thr Pragya and even Abhi too!

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