Will you be without me? Chapter 36


Flashback time….

His favourite place was the music room…Guitar was his obsession and music was his passion. The passion that made him to be who he is in every single way…

Few years back….

A big day in his life, he got the opportunity to perform in a hard rock cafe. Even though, it was a small event but he was really excited about it! He was feeling that finally he is getting a chance to showcase his talent to a lot of people.

He practiced day and night for the event…with only one aim of giving a rocking performance that will be appreciated by everyone.

The day came…

The stage was set. The spotlights were on…The crowd were all there to cheer Abhi. A lot of them were his college friends and all were eagerly expecting for his rocking performance.

The lights were dimmed now and Abhi came under the spot light. Abhi”Are u all ready for the stage breaking performance?”
Crowd “Yes!!” Abhi”So let’s get break it out!!”

Who are you? Song is performed by Abhi…..

Ninna nijamai tharumuthunte
Nedu gathamai nilichipothe
Nannu nene aduguthunna
Ninnu kooda adagana??
Tere dil se zara poocho saala Who are you?!!

When Yesterday haunts in the name of truth
and When today becomes history
I’m questioning myself
Shall I ask you too?
Just ask your heart, Who you really are!!

Nuuvante peru kaadhu,ooru kaadhu, Face kaadhu
Nuvvante cash kaadhu, marenti?
Nuvvante Time kaadhu, dream kaadhu, Game kaadhu
Nuvvante nuvvu kaadhu marenti?

You’re not a name, not some place, not the face
You’re not cash, Then What?
You’re not time, not dream, not game either
You’re You, Then what?

Who are you? Oo oo oo oo (4)

Tere dil se zara poocho saala Who are you?!! |Repeat|

Ninnu nuvvu vethike columbus nuvva?
Neetho nuvvu paade chorus nuvva?
Ninnu nuvvu mose Hercules nuvva?
Neetho nuvvu aade chess ye nuvva?

Aata va?
Paata va?
Veta va?
Vetagaadi va?

Are you a Columbus in the search of self?
Are you chorus, who sings with self?
Are you Hercules bearing yourself?
Are you chess, who plays with self?

A game?
A song?
A hunt?
A hunter?


Nippu puttaka mundhe neelo gunde manta undhe
Neeru puttaka mundhe Neelo kanneeru undhe
Gaali peelchaka mundhe Swaasalona thoofan undhe
Ningi nela uniki nee mundhe o prashnanindhi

Nippu va?
Neeru va?
Gaali va?
Prashna va?

Even before the invention/birth of fire, You’ve got desire/determination(fire) in your heart
Even before the invention/birth of water, You’ve got those tears ( in your eyes)
Even before you’ve inhaled air, You’ve got a tornado in your breath
The presence of Land, sky is itself a question infront of you now.

A question?


Tere dil se zara poocho saala Who are you?!!
Who are you? Dil se zara poocho saala who are you!

Abhi got a roaring cheer and applause for his performance and was overwhelmed by the response. Everyone was cheering “Abhi! Abhi! The rockstar!” This is what he was expecting for all this while. Finally, he had got some recognition to his talent and passion. He felt that his question of who are you that he asked himself every time was answered by the cheer that everyone gave him.

That’s when he got the call from Akash through a person there.

Abhi answered the call and was shocked to hear that news. His mother was serious in hospital. He immediately rushed to the hospital to meet her. Once he reached there, he saw her struggling to breathe. The doctor said to him that her time is limited and she have been holding on to her breath all this while just to talk to u. Abhi went inside the ward, he was feeling lifeless and was beside her now. Abhi’s mum ” You are finally….here…How was your…” Abhi”Ma why do u have to strain this much? Pls ma…don’t talk anything and i will tell u everything” Abhi’s ma” No Beta, I have to talk now…if not u can’t hear me forever! Abhi its time for me to leave but before that I need to tell u something…

Abhi I know you have music as your passion but u have to fulfill my wish to become a businessman…and I have written the reason in this letter as i don’t think i have the time to tell you all that…I am always with u and just remember that and I am not leaving you alone….My memories being with u will always accompany u …..” That was her last words and Abhi’s last moment where he heard her voice. He didn’t expect to experience this. Earlier that day he was filled with happiness but now sadness had engulfed him more. His mother left him…She was not only his mother but his friend too…He felt his soul had been removed from him.

Abhi read the letter and found the reason for his mother’s wish. He realized that it was his responsibility to fulfill her last wish. To that he had to leave his dream. He felt that only this sacrifice can make his mum’s wish to be fulfilled. Actually to him it was not a sacrifice but it was a way to reach out for his mother’s dream. Abhi, she had done so much for me and now if i never fulfill her wish then its just unfair to whatever she had done to made me who i am now!


Recalling about that day only made Abhi to be filled with grief. The grief of where he lost his dream and the person who made him to dream. Her reason made him leave his dream but why is that so? Sometimes reasons are better to be left unknown….what really matters is from whom is the reason coming from….

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  1. Honey

    Do u know Telugu & WHR r u from …by the way I’m from hyd

  2. Honey

    By the way , episode is superb & I was in shock when I saw Telugu song that’s y I asked u that first

    1. Maya

      I am telugu but speak a lot of tamil and btw i am from Singapore!

  3. Suha

    What an amzing epi..you’ve nailed it. Keep rocking

    1. Thanks Suha! ?

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  4. Each and every lines are emotional it was good

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  5. VarshaVenkat

    Sad fb……really d point of closing his dreams n throwing away his dreams would hav been a gr8 diff gor abhi n he would hav gone through many diff…..if I were in dat state I would hav been sitting there idle n will try to do both if possible…..n todays was a …..frankly I’m telling u…..it was a restless episode for me……love u dii….keep uploading

    1. Maya

      Sure Varsha will be keep uploading! ?

  6. Awesome episode I loved it

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      Thanks Monesha for loving it!?

  7. Maya nice epi and one question r u fan of maheshbabu

    1. Maya

      Haha i know y u ask like that…last time i also used his song na…kind of actually i am not sure but i liked the movie 1 nenokadine! May be tats y i used songs from tat movie again! ??

  8. Loli

    Nyc ya…..waiting for your next episode….

    1. Maya

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  9. Who are you? Who are you? Who are you? A WW writer! okay that means wonderfully wonderful writer! It was seriously awesome! loved it so much! you know what you do not need short forms to describe how much best you write! but as i have only this one way to tell so here we go AA,BB,CC,DD,EE,FF,II,MM,RR,SS, WW! got so many oh yeah EE means elegantly elegant! okay that suits! will come up with GG next time! Unree you should help me! ??

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      1. That’s so cool short form Unree! Hey i just thought to Change your name from Unree to Shun ?? Sh, you know very well and Un from Unique! So we got GG too ????

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    Superb ya
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  12. Riyashri

    So from whom is the reason coming??? That can be known only if My Di uploads the next update !!! So I should till then wait and see what happens next !! That would really be an unexpected thing for sure !! U already know how much I love U and your Writings !!I would always appreciate My Di Whole – Heartedly !!
    U hav made me Crazy long back ……..But today it crossed all the limits as while running in my training I was thinking whether u had uploaded your FF or not ……… fell down …………..Got punishment ……did double the workout !! See this is my state now !!
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        Hmm thats better focus on it! And ya happy that u want to stay in touch with me forever! I am really touched by that! And I have replied to ur msg. Hope u get my reply..and read it when u r free? and i dont want scratches to remember me lol…let me be in ur mind as a sis to remember me…so to the scratches pls go away frm my lovely sis!

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        Aww……..That’s really very sweet of U Di !! U r speaking to my scratches!! And u will be A memorable Sister not in my mind but Forever in my heart !!

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    Its Just ROCKINGGGGGG………..

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  14. Wow maya superb yar and thnq so much for keeping mahesh song as i m die hard fan of mahesh..keep going..

    1. Maya

      Oh that’s great! Its one of his best movie! Sukumar garu’s movies are always different and nice! And in that way I love the movie….only thing that i feel bad is it didnt do well at the box office. I like all the songs from the movies and esp Mahesh’ s dance!!! He just rocked it!!

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      Glad that u find it awesome Abhigya!?

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      Glad that u find it nice durga! Don be sad all will be well soon!

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      Haha ya lovely comment from MM again! lol u are also writing a lot of lines in ur comment! I seriously don know how to reply to this comment of urs…words are not forming

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