Will you be without me? Chapter 35


His dreams….

Pragya was deeply touched by the way that Abhi showered his love on her birthday! It was totally an unexpected one. After a few weeks of the surprise both were back to their routine.

Pragya was finding something and she had to search Akash’s room too. After his demise she never really used his room. She only goes there to clean it up and other than that she try not to enter the room as it had a lot of memories of him there.

She opened his drawer to check and found some crushed papers there. It was the missing pages of his diary. She read that and was shocked to know another truth about Abhi! She did not expect this now! Why did he hide this to me? I am his love and I deserve to know this!

She hurriedly called him up. Sensing the urgency in her voice, he too rushed to her house. Abhi reached her house and went inside as the door was open. Abhi ” Pumpy! Why are u so careless? How can u just open the door like that?” Pragya ” Leave that aside! And I know how to protect myself if anything happens too!” Abhi ” I just asked u why u open the door like that? And for that y do u have to talk like this?” Pragya ” Ok fine! I will be careful next time but tell me something…u must tell the truth!” Abhi ” What truth?” Pragya ” Who are you?” Abhi ” Pumpy! Have u gone mad or what? I am Abhi, Ur Boss!” Pragya ” Yes I know that! But who are you to your dreams?” Abhi ” Dreams? What do u mean by that?” Pragya showed him the crushed papers and ask him to read himself.

Abhi was puzzled after reading it. He don’t know how to hide it from Pragya. Abhi was silent and Pragya saw that. Pragya ” Speak up!” Abhi ” U see Pragya my dreams now is filled with u! And what is written here is all in past! And it can’t happen now! It’s too late!” Pragya ” What do you mean by it’s late? It’s never too late to acheive your dreams! And I have always know what is your interest! And it is now confirmed by what Akash had written in these papers!”

Abhi ” Come on Pumpy! Just leave this matter and now my life is smooth and steady with what I am having! If its not steady then may be I can have a thought to achieve my dreams but I am successful right? So there is no point in dwelling about my past dreams!” Pragya ” So that’s it?” Abhi ” Yes Pumpy! That’s all about it and sometimes what we wished for will always be just like a wish” He left from there by saying that as he knew that if he stayed even for a bit longer that he will broke down into tears. Pragya saw him leaving and he knew that he is still having the wish to fulfill his dream but something is stopping him. Pragya, Boss! U may be hiding something again from me but I can see your wish to have your dream come true! And I know even now you still have that thoughts….But u are hiding the thoughts from everybody around u….but u know what? U can’t hide that from your love…

Abhi, Who am I now only matters Pumpy! Everyone around me is happy about my growth as a successful entreprenur but my dreams were different and now its too late to achieve that. Pumpy! Please don’t make any attempts to make me achieve that…as if it never happens again then I don’t have the strength to face the failure! I can’t tell you how much of love I had for my dream…my ambition…my passion…its just like the unconditional love that I have for u….but circumstances had made me to be what I am now…I don’t blame anyone for who I am now! Then why do u have to care about this so much now? He drove his car to his college and went inside…to his favourite place where his dreams started….

What was his dreams that he had to leave? To know that u all have to wait for the nxt update!

Hi I am back after a long time with my ff! haha actually I have been around here with my random one shots.
Ok guys i think some of u all would have guessed Abhi’s dream and i will surely update the next one with his ambition.
I felt that some of u all are really expecting for my ff so i thought of uploading today itself. Hope u all enjoy it!

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  1. VarshaVenkat

    Diiiii!!wat u want..??rotten eggs r tomatoes??hmm??thn wat di????I love this ff n u r not at all taking any risk to write this one…….(pout)…….fyn…past is in d past…..todays part was shocking but honestly u revealed nthg but made us to reveal wat his dream is……..so…as usual , Rockstar…..r being a person whom u will decide…(tongue out)…..diii….better try to upload sooner…..love u dii

    1. Maya

      Of course I don want rotten tomatoes or eggs! But as i told prev i will be only free abit after today…and this is wht i wrote yesterday for those who are waiting for my ff! I know that his dream is obvious but the crucial thing here is why did he leave his dream? What made him do that? To reveal all that i need time to tell u all…so pls wait…love u too Vardsha for ur support! Sorry if i had disappointed u and others too!

      1. Maya

        Varsha* sorry for that mistake

      2. VarshaVenkat

        Its ok di….ill always wait…..

  2. diii!!i was waiting for your ff for long time,anyways nice episode

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it nice Keerthi!? tks for ur wait too!

  3. After a long time my wish came true it was awesome I loved it

    1. Maya

      Glad that ur wish is fulfilled and u find it awesome too!?

  4. Maya

    Hmm what I can try now is to compensate for the mistake i have done by not revealing too much is a vry long epi later and with emotions tat u all didnt expect…

  5. Ammu

    Maya it was superb
    But nowadays you think too much

    1. Maya

      Ok Ammu I wont think too much?

  6. Awesome epi da sweetu n haan girl u gave me heart attack by ur teaser n now i thnk tht abis drm was to become a rockstar right n suga nan unaku fb la reply paniruken da n suga nan evlavo try paniyum enala register panave mudiyala da will u help me?if u r free k dr tata bye bye tc love u dr

    1. Maya

      Naan parthuthan da ur fb msg and i have replied u…oh u mean register panuradula help pannava? Ok i try for u, ithalem oru helpa just tell me and i will do it!

  7. Hey suga super…. asusal u rocked….

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it superb Lakshmi!?

  8. Ammu

    I have a doubt why suddenly the activity,private message and notification are not accessible in telly updates

    1. Maya

      I am also not sure about that. Will have to check with TU about that!

  9. Thnks a lot dr n haan nan un replyku reply paniten time irundha paru k va da n suga naan fb la en mail id password solren da k va

    1. Maya

      Ur msg is seen! And haan ok apparam ma fb ila email muliyama kuda nee sollu…i will check tat out.

  10. Nice episode yaar plzzzzz update regularly thn I thk his dreams s to bcum a rockstar… Anyway I’m eagerly waiting for next part yaar plzzzzz update regularly

    1. Maya

      I will try to update regularly…and for te nxt part i have alrdy updated…hope its out soon!

  11. Lovely akka so happy to see u back love u loads????

    1. Maya

      Lovely comments as usual Saranya!???

  12. ?????????????????????????????????????? see that’s how much i loved! i loved it truly! so today’s short form comes up with WW! wonderfully Wonderful! AA,BB,DD,FF,II (given by riya), MM, WW! ??

    1. hey i just forgot SS and CC! So CC= Creatively Creative! next time i would come up with E ?? This is best episode!

      1. Maya

        ???? short form Somiya (SS)…glad that u loved it!??????????

      2. Riyashri

        Crazymia one more to go RR – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Rockingly Rocking⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ !!!Sorry if u find better short form then then u can tell !!Maya Di hope u like my short form!!

      3. Maya

        Superbly Superb -SS for both of u all to come up with so many short forms… i am loving it!???

      4. ??hehe suga! and riya what a rocking short form! ? can’t find better than Rockingly Rocking! So RR added to short form List!

  13. Riyashri

    Love U and Your Writing sooooooooooooooooo Much !!!!! U r toooooooooooooo Good !!?????????????????????????????????????Hope u read the message that I had sent yesterday sorry I couldn’t open it due to some problem !! So sorry if u had already replied to it !!

    1. Maya

      Oh dr how many sorry! I have read ur msg but i faced some problem too to reply u! And its so sweet of u to share abt u! Once again rock in what u r doing now Riya!??????

      1. Maya

        Love u and ur lovely comment too????????????

      2. Riyashri

        Glad that u read it !! It seems to be that is under maintanence and would take some time to open !! I would message u once that issue gets solved !! Love u too Maya Di !!
        Very happy that u love my short form ………….As I got training from Somiya Di !!

  14. Reshma Pradeep

    Superbbbbbbbbb…… At last, U Come back With UR FF……….Simply loved it………….

    1. Glad that u loved it Reshma! Yap I am back with my ff! ??

  15. heyyyy dr first of all vrry srry fr late cmmnt yaar really it is awesome nd yaaaa v cant hide anything frm our love although v hide it frm whole world lvd ur dizzz magic tooooo keep rocking yaar haha I know his passion afterall he is my sweetheart naaa

    1. Maya

      crazy girl always in the memories of ur sweetheart!! No need to say sorry as U have alrdy informed na…ya very true for whatever u have told

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