Will you be without me? Chapter 34

You are my love….

After a few days, Pragya was again noticing changes in Abhi. He was again avoiding her calls. And when she called, he would say he is busy and ask her to call back later. Pragya, Why do I have to face this again and again? Is this the effect that I have to face after I loved him? This time I hope is not any serious issue!

Abhi suddenly called her and asked her to come outside of her house. Pragya panicked as in why he have to call her so late at night? She rushed outside to see what is he up to now! Abhi was standing there leaning against his car. Pragya” Why u called me up here so late? Anything inportant? And faster tell!” Abhi ” Pumpy wait! Only if u give chance then I can tell! Ya its important but I cant tell u here! Come let’s go!” Pragya ” Where? And why now?” Abhi ” U trust me right? Just come with me now!” Pragya ” Ok fine I am coming!”

He drove to his house. And Pragya was still panicking and was confused. She was just hoping that nothing serious could have happened. By seeing his expressions, she felt may be he want to tell her something…But what?? That was the question that was keep on running in her mind.

Both of them entered the house. It was filled with pitch darkness. She was nervous a bit and grabbed Abhi’s hand tightly. Abhi ” Scared ah?” Pragya ” No! Why are u asking like that?” Abhi ” Hey Pumpy ur grip is so tight and its giving me pain!” Pragya.” So sorry! But why are we here and y u never on the lights here!” Abhi ” Its night na tats y… U go and on the lights if u want.. the switch is just over there !” Pragya went there as it was very nearby.

” Surprise!” Everyone exclaimed… It was Abhi’s family and also with Pragya’s colleagues there! Pragya was taken aback and was still wondering why all are here and what is the surprise for? Abhi ” U forgot ah? Its ur birthday today Pumpy!” Pragya ” Oh ya i have totally forgotten about it!” Abhi ” I know and that’s y i planned for this!” Pragya ” So all the while u were avoiding my calls for this!” Abhi ” U are absolutely correct Pumpy!” Pragya ” U are always like this!” Abhi ” Ok come lets celebrate ur birthday with everyone!” She was overwhelmed with all the arrangements there. She blew the candles and cut the cake. She feed it to Dadi and pass it to others too. She was looking out for Abhi to feed him but he was nowhere to be found. Pragya, where is he now? Dadi ” Looking out for him? Look there!” Pragya looked at the direction that she was asked to look at. It was Abhi there with spotlights on him. She was thinking what is he up to now?

Abhi ” Pumpy this is for u! As u are my love!”

He perform to You ‘re my love song (Telugu song again….)

You’re my love You’re my love
You’re the one for me right now
Your’re my song I’ll sing forever.

You’re my love You’re my love
You’re the one for me right now
You’re my heart, You’re my beat forever.

Naa vente nuvvuntunna ontaari ga nenuntunna
Dhaani ardham nuvvu nenu okati ani
Yevvaritho emantunna neetho mounam ga unna
Manakinka maatalthoti ledhu pani.

Though you’re behind me, I’m staying alone
It means we both are same(together in one)
I say random things to others but I stay calm/speechless with you
We don’t need words anymore ( to express our feelings on each other)

Lokam lo chotenthunna chaaladhani
Nuvvu naalo, Nene neelo unte chaalani
Naa chuttu velugenthunna vadhulukuni
Nene nee needai nee kooda kooda kooda undani.

Though this world has so much of space
It is fine and enough for me to be in you and vice versa
Though I’m surrounded my glow/light
Let me stay with you being a shadow.

You’re my love You’re my love |Repeat|

Oke kshanam janminchadam
Oke kshanam maraninchadam
Prathi kshanam preminchadam
Adhe kadha jeevinchadam

Taking birth is matter of one second
Death is also matter of one second
Loving every other second is what life is
Isn’t it? (Yes)

Premantene baadha
Baadhuntune prema
Aa baadhaku mandhu malli preme!
Preme oka vala
Preme sankela
Sankellatho swechaga yegaradame..!!

Love is nothing but pain
When it is called love, Pain will be there in that
And for that pain medication is again this love
Love is a trap
Love is being with hand cuffs
Love is flying freely with hands tied.

You’re my love You’re my love |Repeat|

Pedhaalila vidipovatam viraham kaadhu, chirunavvatam
Paadhaalila vidipovatam dhooram kaadhu, adugeytam
Nuvvu nenu vidiga unnam ante ardham aa chotulo premaku chotivvatame
Nuvvu nenu kalisi unnam ante ardham aa premaga maname maaratame..!!

Lips staying apart doesn’t mean Longing but Smiling
Legs satying apart doesn’t mean Distance but stepping forward
You and me staying separately means the left space was reserved for our love
You and me staying together means We’ve transformed ourselves into love.

You’re my love You’re my love |Repeat|

Pragya was speechless after Abhi’s dedication for her. She was in tears of happiness and had no words to express. Abhi saw that and came in front of her. He wiped her tears and said ” This is not the time to cry Pumpy!” Pragya ” Let me do! This is my only way to show my joy… After so long I am celebrating my birthday. I thought after my family is gone there is no point in celebrating my birthday but u proved it wrong!” Abhi ” Your family may be gone but I am here na…My family is also yours and this is now ur family Pumpy!” Pragya ” Really? Do I deserve this?” Dadi ” Pragya beta, why are u talking about whether u deserve this when we alrdy accepted u as one of us!” Pragya ” Dadi! Thank u so much…for considering me as one of u all!” Abhi ” Stop being so emotional Pumpy…U are my love and my love will get all happiness from my side! Do u get that?” Pragya wiped her tears and nodded her head in response. Abhi ” U are always nodding ur head up and down! And It’s very cute!” Pragya laughed at that and everyone over there too….
Pragya felt that this is her best birthday that she had so far….She thought what can she do in return to what he had done….Nothing but just love him unconditionally just like the way he is doing it to her…..Pragya said to herself, You are my love Abhi and will always be…..

Pavi! this epi is dedicated for u! Wish u a very rocking birthday in advance! And wish u all the happiness and prosperity in life! Always be like this and tks a lot for supporting me! U really deserve a lot of goodness in life and may god bless ur family too! May all ur dreams come true and thats wht i genuinely wish for….If by chance u come here feel free to know that there is a friend here who is very much willing to help u in all ways. And of course u also feel free to share any problems of urs to me…I am always there to listen and help u….

And ya sorry for the late update. I was very tired yesterday and also had a lot of stuff to do. Saranya i saw ur comment, glad to hear that u want to write ff too. U can either type it in microsoft word and copy paste or just type it directly in submit your article section. U have to click the Menu section on the top left hand corner of the page. And there u will see the submit ur article thing… best wishes for ur writing!!!

Oh ya before i forget i need to tell a important thing too. I am pausing my ff now and will restart it again after 14 june as i am having back to back projs, tests and lab reports to do. And I think I will be super tired after my classes so I don’t think I can type during my travel…So sorry for that but i have no choice. Hope u all will understand, and will miss u all badly…..If by chance I am free in this period the u all can expect short updates from me….

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  1. Ohh thank u akka fr ur help☺i dnt knw if i can write like u and others but i wil try my best and hope u all wil support me frnds and akka today epi was very nice lovd it????

  2. omg omg omg finally u uploaded it nd yaar a perfect song fr a perfect situation super lyrics yaar nd abhigya r sooooo cute in montage nd cute surprise frm my sweetheart to his love yaar nd pavi dr I nvr talked to u but I came to knew uuu it is birthday to b cmng soooo WISH U A VRRY HAPPY ND PROSPEROUS B’DAY WITH ALL BRIGHTFULL COLOURS IN UR LIFE AHEAD nd cmng to pausing ff its kkk dr bcoz v had done a deal right!!!!!! soooo I vil b waiting yaar nd all the best to ur xams nd rock ittttttttt dr dont take much stress happy examining!!!!! but their love nailed my world yaar

    1. Haha ok fine i do rmbr ur deal and will try to make it happen! Happy examining? Ya i will examine myself in tis period too haha ??

  3. No problem Suga! well it was a shock for me but i understand you will be busy and all so i will badly wait for your ff! And The song you used was ?????????? will listen it once for sure! seriously loved abhi’s unconditional love! You are always awesome! ?

    1. Glad that u understand my situation and ya u should listen to the song! Its a cool song though! ???

  4. Frnds i hve uploaded my ff bit dnt knw wen it wil be published its name is abhigya you are my love and destiny hope u all wil read and support me☺

    1. No worries when I am free i will definitely read ur ff and all the best for that! ??I am not that great in writing as others too…so its ok to try something new! Puthusu try panna thappu onnum illa so dont be scared! ??

  5. Kaa u r always amazing.. Abhi’s love towards pragya was soo sweet.. Really I loved it… But u gave me a big shock.. But it’s ok I can understand ur situation.. So I will wait for ur ff.. Unnaka health ah pathukongaka.. Romba tension eduthukathinga ka.. I am gonna miss it badly.. But it’s ok tc love u ka????and one more thing That song is from which movie ka..

    1. Sure i will take care of my health and haha tension vandukete thaan irukum but what to do? I will try to chase the tension if i can….The song is frm the movie called 1 Nenokkadine, its a Mahesh babu movie!??

  6. fan of maya akka

    super duper hit

    1. Omg u state ur name as fan of maya akka!! Now u are giving me pressure! But I am not that great to be name urself like this… anyways tks for this kind of love and its making me a bit emotional when i am pausing my ff for a while….

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    1. I have replied u on top! ?

      1. Ya akka i saw thank u fr ur wishes?

  8. Awesome… I loved it…??

    1. Glad that u loved it Abhigya??

  9. Really awesome episode yaar yeah v 2 miss it ff badly sooooo plzzzz if u get some free time plzzzzz update even it’s short story s OK bt till June 14 after tat v need long stories not short one..m anyway 2day’s episode s rocking yaar

    1. Durga i will try to make it longer if possible and dont get angry if its short yr…sometimes its short as i cant think beyond that…. it really depends on the flow of my thinking….and if there is time i will surely try to update short ones too…btw glad that u find today’s epi rocking!?

  10. superrrrrrrrb awesome diiii ho dii dont feel sorry v understand but im gonna misss u nd ur ff badly but if free time try to update atleast short update………………..

    1. Me too Krish will miss u all! But what to do its got to do with destiny and its games lol…its the title of my prev ff.. sure will try to update short ones if there is time….?

  11. Superb loved it semmaya iruku continue with next part asap

  12. Don’t feel sorry will be waiting for it as always the episode was awesome loved it try to update during free time

    1. Sure dimple will try it to update short ones if i am free…tks for the understanding and semmaya irukunu sonathukum! ?

  13. Awesome episode and awesome song and yeah as you said I was shocked but I can understand you will be busy I’m gonna miss this ff a lot

    1. Glad tat u understand my situation Sharaya!??

  14. Hey suga the epic was awesome…. Love between them is super good… how a man can love this much.. I cant believe this. but wen read i am so happy… U always rocking suga………
    I am really going to miss u and ur ff ?????… But its ok i wil wait… do ur job well… and take care of ur health… I am eagerly waiting for ur come back… all the very best for ur Projects… Take care of U toooooo…..

    1. Sure tks a lot for the concern frnd…haha its jus an imagination and i also don think there will be ppl loving like tat! So just believe it happens here…?? me too will miss ur support and valuable comments??

      1. Come back soon dr……

  15. Lovely……if dat bday party hppnd in real thn I would hav hugged by hubby tightly…. but wat to do…..I hate ppl sitting as bf n gf…..all I would do is dat stare at them with my bp high…….I hate ppl loving during schooling but during clge….I love dat tym…….

    1. Haha ok Varsha…I am not sure it can happen in real its jus an imagination and glad tat u find it lovely…??Clg love? Haha i have never seen tat as all of us are busy in our lives here….no time for tat!??

      1. Hey!! Im juz in ma 11th grade…….

      2. Haha ok Varsha!

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    1. Glad that u loved it Monesha??

  17. Superbbbb uaar…its soooooo cute……I luv it a lot…..and d song s awesome……d also convey my wishes to pavi may wish a brightful future …….and no probs in pausing ur ff……and all dbest for ur projects do well….nd don’t forgot us v are waiting for ur awesome epi…k deal…??

    1. I may forget myself but not u all! 🙂 Anyways tks a lot for the lovely comments and wishes!

  18. sssoooo cute…….dii loved it…as usual u r awesome…superb…the surprise….the song…their emotions..everything is so nice and beautiful…….

    1. Glad that u loved everything and find it nice n beautiful Aarthi!

  19. Reshma Pradeep

    Wowwww…….Its AWESOME suga….Loved it……..??????????????

    1. Me too I love to see ur lovely comments Reshma!

  20. FANTASTIC and WoNdErFuL suga well i can understand your situation i am going through the same na just the difference is u will return after 14 june and i will be after 21 june 😉 😀 well all the best for your projects 🙂

    1. Haha ok glad that u understood my situation….what to do its the game of destiny! all the best for ur exams too!!!

  21. Hey sweetu umaaaaah a tight n bone crushing hug 4u frm my side n haan this is my third hug hope u remember it really dr really i am ovrwhelmed to see ur love 4me as a frnd unaku onnu theriyuma suga nee enakaga intha epiya dedicate panranu sonna odane i had tears in my eyes coz i love my frndz a lot athe mathi en frnd um enna love panra ratha therinchikradha vida best gift intha wrldla iruka mudiyuma sollu so nee enaku intha entire universe laye iruka best gifta koduthiruka n thts ur frndshp love u a looooot 4ur lovely gift n naan intha gifta romba badrama pathupen thnks a lot 4ur wishes

    1. romba emotional aaga theva illa I also will give my frnds the best gifts whenever its possible so this is just like that. ok va? And ya badrama pathuko becoz its a gift frm ur sweetu na….haha ok enjoy ur bday dr!!! Have a kuthukalamana bday!!!

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