Will you be without me? Chapter 33

Always in his thoughts….

Abhi was on cloud nine that Pragya have accepted him as her friend! It was more than what he had expected for. He now felt that he should make her know that how cool it is to be the friend of Abhi!

Abhi went to Pragya’s home to see her….

Pragya opened the door upon hearing the door bell sound. She was surprised to see Abhi in front of her! Pragya ” Why are u here now? And why so early in the morning?” Abhi ” Why i can’t come early to see u is it? U are my sunshine na so I have came here to see u! Without seeing u my day will not have a fresh beginning!” Pragya ” Come in first! And this dialogue of urs is too cheesy to believe!” Abhi went inside and sat on the sofa there. Pragya ” So what u want tea or coffee?” Abhi ” Anything that u prefer!” Pragya ” Arrey! I am asking ur preference and just tell what u prefer?”Abhi said with a sad face ” By right u should know what I like…As a friend u don’t even know my likes!” Pragya ” Hmm so u are here to test me? Ok then wait I will get what u like!”

After a few minutes Pragya came back with a glass of ice water. Abhi saw that and was confused! Pragya ” Here u go! Ur favourite drink, ice water!” Abhi ” What? My favourite drink is ice water? Are u crazy Pumpy?” Pragya ” Boss! U always like to drink ice water when u were young! And i very well remember that u drink it in just one gulp…So it’s ur favourite!” Abhi ” Pumpy pass me glass to me and let me drink after that I will tell u what’s my favourite drink!” She passed the glass to her and Abhi held her hands tightly in one hand and with the other hand he was holding the glass. Pragya ” What are u doing? Leave me!” Abhi ” Leave u? I asked for my favourite drink and u brought this right? Now u see what I am gg to do!” He poured the ice water on her face…

Pragya ” Abhi!! What have u done! I will never leave u for this!” Abhi ran around the house to escape from her who was holding onto the leftover ice water to pour on Abhi’s face!

Both were running around the house and finally Pragya managed to get hold of him. Abhi ” So Pumpy u are gg to pour water on me ah?” Pragya without replying to him poured the water on his shirt! Abhi ” What have u done Pumpy? Its such a branded T-shirt and u know how much it costs? U have just ruined it! I poured it on ur face and not on ur clothes!” Pragya ” Boss! It’s just water and not some dirty stuff that I had splashed on u!!” Abhi then realised that she was so close to him now…Abhi ” Pumpy! U are not scared?” Pragya ” Scared for what?” Abhi ” U are so close to me now…so I can cross my limits!” Pragya understood what he meant and was getting very nervous on what he will do next! She tried to move behind but he grabbed her hand tightly and made sure she cant move from there. Abhi ” So now u are scared?” Pragya closed her eyes in her nervousness. Abhi laughed at that and said ” Pumpy! I won’t do anything like u are thinking and u better dry my shirt now!” Pragya opened her eyes in shock and said ” U are such a dramebaaz! I better leave now and pass me ur shirt!” She turned behind as she was shy to see him shirtless… Abhi ” Still scared? But anyways its nice to see u like this!” He passed the shirt to her and she went inside her room to iron it. Pragya, how does he know what I was thinking? Day by day he is just being mischievous with me! I should teach him a lesson for making me scared just now!” Abhi entered the room and said ” Make it faster! We are running out of time!” Pragya ” What? Are we gg out together? I got work and u know that right?” Abhi ” Yeah I know tats y i said make it faster and I will drop u at ur workplace!” Pragya ” Okok I thought something else…” Abhi ” U are always thinking about something!” Pragya nodded her head in response with a wide smile…

Abhi, I have to know what else she is thinking especially about me! Pragya, thinking about him and what else he will do is always a pleasure to me. I have no one else to think about from my heart! It’s only about him, my Boss! I am always in his thoughts….

Ok thank u all for the support and hope this epi had manage to lighten all ur moods! Special note to Somiya don’t get worried or stressed to some irritating people’s illogical acts. I don’t want to mention the irritating person’s name that u have faced so i just keep it simple, sometimes we have to face people who lie a lot and do a lot of unnecessary things. By facing them we get to know there are such people who are not truthful enough and all this is an experience. An experience of learning to know that all are not truthful enough! It may be fun to the person doing like that but he or she should also think whether the fun is really a fun to others? Or its a irritation? Irritating others may be fun to the person but trust me it will not be a fun forever. I have seen many such people in my life and all their plight now is horrible in terms of everything. I can write a story on that itself! So live and let live without irritating or bothering others!

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  1. Superb episode suga.
    Advices was great.
    Episode was cute..

    1. Tks Ammu!?

  2. Really superbbb epi and soooooo cute and luvly yaar….I must tell that what u said is really correct…..only from experience v will learn a lot………

    1. Tks Rose! And ya experience is the best teacher to learn a lot of things from!?

  3. It was really super I loved it

    1. Tks Monesha! ?

  4. lovely epi… awasm… the thing i most like in your ff is meaning full lines filled with love.. keep it up..

    1. Tks Suha! Haha ok then u will see more of it with a lot love too…

  5. omg omg nt lightening up my mood it just blasted my fav green sprinkled crackers over my world nd yaar fuggy is soooo cute in montage nd yes me tooo always in his thoughts LOLu knw it wat I mean but still dr u just nailed it today nd ya Irritating others with stupid activities is wat kind of fun I nvr understand anyways I toov dont knw whom ur referring but hope they vil realize tht soon hurting others is equal to monsters happiness nd v shld nvr pay attention fr those ppls bcoz v shldnt waste our precious time on one who doesn’t deserve it hope the person realizes it soon but dr splashing water on each other is always a fun LOL still v all use to do tht with our frnds [email protected] ROCKZZZ

    1. Ya i know what u mean haha always in his thoughts lol… yeah whatever u said is also correct and very true too… btw what is MAYA @IB? U should reply me later for it!!

  6. Nice episode yaar as always our abhigya r soooooo cute…

    1. Tks Durga! Ya they are always cute!?

  7. Very cute epi dr

    1. Tks rithu dr ?

  8. Hah…..u r rite….live n let live….its really gr8.of u to share this sentence….I also seen ppl lie around…I donno wat prob u ppl actually talk abt but everything will b normal once v think abt us n our own innerself……I love to do dat as I will hav a talk with my own self if I am in a broken state……btw sry for being soo rude ……I am writing a SS in cmnt box…..d episode was awesome…..d idea of ice water was really nice, gr8 n extraordinary..love it

    1. Haha u are not being rude…u are just sharing ur thoughts and i am also like tat too and tks for loving the epi today!

  9. Hey suga u just awesome…. ful of love… and ya suga we should never give attention to these kind of peoples. Watever happens in our life is just an experience…. watever happend is just happened so leave that aside…. and smile plz…..

    1. I always smile seeing ur reply…more love is yet to come…and hope u all like it. And tks for ur thoughts too lakshmi!

  10. superb

    1. Tks Keerthi!

  11. Awesome awesome your words are so true

    1. Ok sharaya glad that u find them true!

  12. FANTASTIC AND WONDERFUL in juhi style again ?

    1. Glad that u find it that way Surbhi! ?

  13. Superb epi da n haan who the hell is tht person who had irritatd my dr frnd somu n my sweetu how dare they irritatd my swt dr frnds k drs don’t worry abt those wrds said by tht stupid k now smile my dr sweetoos n suga enna prob da if anythng serious enaku fb illa mail use panni reply pannu k va da

  14. N suga yaar andha juhi

    1. Adha avala periya matter illa jus read Somiya’s SS: Time changes part 4 athula she had said abt the person…and haan juhi is hindi actress juhu chawla comedya nadippanga…with great comic timing!!

      1. Juhi chawla*

  15. Superb episode and a great advice.

    1. Tks Nirmal!

  16. so cute of Abi.. ….

    1. Ya he is cute here too!

  17. Reshma Pradeep

    Its AWESOME AS USUAL….. Loved it……???

    1. Glad that u loved it Reshma!??

  18. Ahh finally after two days I read ur ff seriously it was very pleasure to read it.. I was continuously smiling throughout this episode ka.. So cute it was ka… And if u write a story like that definitely I will be the first person to support u… Seriously ka not only surbhi di,somi and shara mee too got irritated by her.. I don’t know what will they get by saying these kind of things. Ok I don’t want to talk about that if I talk about it means definitely I will get irritate more..Leave about it.. Anyways u r amazing keep going u r rocking as always..

    1. Ok I will keep on rock with all ur support! And its also a pleasure to read ur comment too! Atha pathi naama romba pesuna thaan irritation!

  19. you are such a sweetheart Suga ???????????? No thanks for the note but seriously that person was a bad chapter that just ended,now let’s go on a new chapter! okay the episode was damn fantastic as usual, loved pragya’s expressions ??????????? You are always brilliant!

    1. Haha too much brilliance from ur side! Anyways i loved it too????

  20. Omg akka ur epi are becoming fantastic day by day no words at all loved it to the core???☺

  21. Maya akka can u do me a help i wish to start an ff but i dnt knw hw to write and upload it in tis site can u pls tel me?not oly akka anyone of my frnds here can help me if u knw pls☺

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