Will you be without me? Chapter 32


She is my everything….

Pragya called Abhi, ” How are u?” Abhi ” Fine! U?” Pragya ” Fine too!” Abhi ” Sorry if I had hurt u that day…” Pragya ” I need to talk to u now! Are u free?” Abhi ” Ya kind of but where u want to talk?” Pragya ” At ur house..” Abhi ” What my house?? Why? U cannot come here and what if Dadi knows abt u?” Pragya ” So u haven’t told about us to Dadi? And why is that so?” Abhi ” She knows that I am in love but i did not mention that it is u…” Pragya ” Oh I see ..” Abhi ” Don’t mistake me Pumpy! will tell her soon!” Pragya ” What is there to mistake? I mean its ur life and u have the rights to decide whether u want to tell about me or not!” Abhi ” Why are u saying like that? My life also involves u and it matters a lot to me!” Pragya ” Ok fine! Come to the place that I text u and we shall talk there further!”

Why is she like that now? Is she very angry for what i have spoken? How to know that she is angry or not? Abhi just go to the place that she ask to come and from there it can be seen whether she is angry or not!!

He reached the place that Pragya mentioned and he was very early. He was waiting impatiently for Pragya’s arrival. Time passed and Pragya arrived there and Abhi looked at her. She looked very normal just that there was no smile on her face. Abhi ” Come sit beside me and we can talk!” Pragya sat beside him and said ” I have the answers for your question but before that I need to ask u some questions too!” Abhi ” Answers to my questions? U mean about Akash? And what questions u want to ask me?” Pragya ” U know where is he now?” Abhi “No! Why are u asking that?” Pragya ” That’s why u are behaving this way! If u had made an effort to where was he and how was he, then all ur doubts would have been cleared!” Abhi ” What u mean?” Pragya ” He is not even alive then how u expect me to bring him in front of u!” Abhi ” What!!! He is not alive? It cannot be…I thought he went overseas for higher education and u are telling me he is dead!” Pragya ” That’s what u have been thinking all the while but now i will tell the truth…”

She revealed to him everything that was written in the diary. Abhi was shocked hearing all that. Abhi could not look at Pragya at all. He was just facing down and Pragya noticed that. Pragya ” U should have made an attempt to ask him or find out why he was behaving that way! As a friend u had the rights to do that! But u were only thinking about the love for me and not about ur friendship with him!” Abhi ” I know it was my mistake! I was so crazy about u that i fail to understand about his feelings! But can u pls tell me why did he died? How it happened?”

Pragya ” He met with an accident and died a few days after that. My parents were also involved in it and they died on the spot itself…” Abhi ” Butwhy u never tell me all this before?” Pragya ” U are the one who said that we shouldn’t talk about our past and now u are asking me why??”

Abhi ” So sorry Pumpy! I mean i shouldn’t have thought that Akash cheated me! It’s all my fault and he is not even here to say sorry!” Pragya ” At least u now realise that he never cheated u! It was just due to his circumstances that he was like that…I don’t really know why u two were like that but all this happened to make us understand that we should solve our misunderstanding as soon as possible if not it will only make our life miserable!” Abhi ” Yes I understand but will u be just like before…I mean u still love me right? ” Pragya ” I always love u! But I just want u to know that both love and friendship are special. Both relations don’t expect anything in return. And that’s why lovers can be friends too! Just like u and me!” Abhi ” So u treat me as ur friend?” Pragya ” Yes from the moment u shared your unconditional love with me!” Abhi hugged Pragya with tears welled up in his eyes… and she was also in tears…. This is what he also wanted from the beginning, a friend like her who can support him at all times of his life…He was in immense happiness that Pragya is his buddy, friend and soulmate too…..She is my everything now….

What will happen next? For that u all have to wait for the nxt update!

Actually as previously mentioned in my first epi that tis ff is a short story but after seeing all ur response i made it longer…the message of this ff is vry simple and clear…it will be revealed in the last epi…so until then pls just bear with my writings even if its boring or short…and ya past few episodes are a bit emotional so the upcoming ones will be light hearted with some twists and hope it will make u all happy!

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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