Will you be without me? Chapter 31

Some things are better not to happen…..

Pragya had no choice but to just read Akash’s diary to find something out about Abhi and him. Pragya, Sorry Akash! But I have no choice there is no one I knew who is related to you and your diary is the only way that I can know about Abhi and you.
Pragya read the diary and found out everything but some of the pages were missing especially after the part where Akash had mentioned to Abhi that he cannot get along with Pragya and this cannot happen forever. Pragya thought why did Akash told that way? At that point of time why he never tell me all this? She remembered that Akash did try to talk to her about something but was very hesitant to tell. Was this the matter that he was hesitant to talk about? And why did he tear off some of the pages of the diary? She flipped frantically to the other pages hoping that she could find out something. And in the last page of the diary she found something written.

Dear di…
I know that someday you would read my diary as I know Abhi will surely be part of your life and he will have a lot of questions about my sudden change. He always has questions and now it is your turn to answer his questions on my behalf. U know di that I may or may not be with you to reveal what really happened. So now I am telling…Di! When Abhi first told me that he is very impressed by the way you behave, I saw the love for you in his eyes. I was so happy! It can’t be expressed in words on how happy I was as my di is lucky to get Abhi as her life partner. Yes di! From that moment I knew that Abhi would be your life partner…But something happened that change my behaviour towards him. I did make some efforts to make u all closer but some things are better not to happen…but what to do? It happened….It was our parents who decided to get you married to our family friend and they did not told u about that. Then I had no choice but just to behave rude to Abhi so that he cannot get closer to you…But now I am in my death bed writing this as our parents also have died. And now I will also be going away far from you….But I know you are a strong person who can overcome everything so will u tell all this to Abhi and make him believe that his friend never cheated him….

Pragya broke down into tears thinking about how much Akash was feeling bad when he wrote all that. He could have just told all this to me and I would have understood. Why did u have to bear so much of pain Akash? U are my brother and u have all rights to share your pain with me! Now when I think about how much pain u had gone through by behaving rudely to your best friend, it makes me painful too. In one way, I am also the reason of your pain! I assure you that I will make Abhi realise that u never cheated him! And of course I know he loves me a lot but the thought that his friend did not help him made him think wrongly.

As for Abhi he was feeling bad too as he felt that he had over reacted to whatever had happened. But maybe he was behaving like that due to his love for Pragya…He couldn’t accept the fact when Akash told him that it cannot happen.

Pragya, misunderstandings do happen but you two should have talk to each other and resolved it. And u all made me to involve in this too…Whatever has happened had happened and now it’s my responsibility to resolve this issue. Akash! I am alone now and Abhi is all I have now…and he is someone who you wanted me to be with too. And I will do anything to fulfil your wish and dreams…

Pragya had her own plans to make Abhi realise that his friend never cheated him and he should have also made efforts to know why Akash had a sudden change. Now Pragya will make Abhi understand that his love for her had blinded his friendship. Both friendship and love should have equal importance in our life and it is difficult if any one of this gets affected by misunderstanding. So how will Pragya make Abhi realise his mistakes? To know that u all have to wait for the next update….

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  1. Wow…..its a really gr8 thoughts to share with us….I really go deeper of a character whom I lyk d most……also I expected dat some has seen a boy for Prags n dats y shes doin lyk this but never expected their own parents could do it

    1. Sometimes its just like that expect fot the unexpected Varsha! About the thoughts I myself not sure its correct or not!

  2. very nice it was interesting

    1. Chala tks Asmitha!

  3. Awesome awesome

    1. Glad tat u find it awesome Sharaya!

  4. Wow once again rockng akka loved it a lot superb?????

    1. Me too love to see ur comments! ??? ??

  5. Ur thoughts r totally dif my dr sweetu n awesome too n suga i think tht v have to find ur tweetu but girl in ur story it will b quite dif coz u r sweetu n tweetu is ur boyfrnd hehe sry 4makng u irkd by my stupid jokes n suga dont b ovr stressd thinkng abt ur studies k va n karthi chlmayum kettatha sollu n nxt week somthng is spcl ennanu kandu pidi parkalam??

    1. Haha tweetu va? Sounds like tweety from loony tunes cartoon! Haha aana i want to be a free bird na…so don want boyfrnd…anyways oh she is fine aana ava enna vida mosam in being stress….but its ok we all r trying out best to cheer her up…ya she is also stress abt studies! Haha sisters rendu perum ore mathirinu nennaikatha..and haan nxt wk unnoda birthday!!! U think i will forget ah? I will never forget my frnds bday!! Happy bday in advance!!?

  6. U always great suga…. it was tooo goood…. but i hav so many questions how akash died how her parents died.. Y the proposal cancelled… But one thing akash and abhi both of them where correct from his own side…… TRUST is the most important in love and friendship…. really this ff is specially connected to me…the way u think everything is different… love u so much suga…. Hats off???…. U just mindblowing…..

    1. Ok haha evryone tells that i am thinking differently but hope it makes sense!! And all ur qns will be answered in the upcoming updates and always a pleasure to see ur comment and appreciation towards my ff.Its so nice!!??

      1. Hey i really love ur way Of thinking….
        All the very best for ur exams…

      2. Thanks for the love and advance wishes as my exams are in august!

  7. heart toching
    mind blowing
    oh poor akash….
    when abhi going to know about this in nxt epi

    1. U have to wait for that suha! And tks a lot for the appreciation! ??its so nice to see ur comment too…

  8. suga u know me for ur story what I have always yes ?? fantastic in juhi style ??? so it was fantastic ??

    1. Glad to see ur fantastic comment once again ??????

    2. Happy to see u aft a long time di n haan thanks a lot 4ur worthless com n di dont get confused i am replyng u in behalf of my swt frnd n di missng u a looooooooooooot di anyways do ur exams vry well

  9. Wow really great thought I love ur ff

    1. Tks Monesha for finding it as a great thought but its just a simple thought not much great abt it!

  10. Heart touching

    1. Tks Nirmal!

  11. Nice yaar bt wat hpn to akash how he died

    1. To know tat u have to wait Durga btw tks for finding it nice!

  12. Hai Maya today episode was awesome… Lit bit sentimental nice I loved it…..?

    1. Tks Varsha! ??

  13. Sry suga for the late comment . episode chala bagaundhi.
    Chala rogu ka comments cheiyaledu .
    So sorry suga.
    Rock on…

    1. Arrey why u say sorry for this? I thought u were busy but u were not feeling well na so its ok yr..as usual chala chala tks for the comment Ammu! ??

  14. Nice yarrrr n feel bad for akash..

    1. Tks Karthu for finding it nice!

  15. Awesomeee epi diii nd emotional too u r amazing dii.. Waitng fr nxt epi…….. Egarlyyy

    1. Tks for ur wait Krish!

  16. Very good love it feeling back for Akash but still awesome as usual waiting for the next

    1. Tks Dimple for ur wait!

  17. its very gud..and ur thoughts so nice.in life both love and frndshp is equally important..nice going..update regularly…

    1. Thanks Nasima for appreciating my thoughts! Will try to update regrly!

  18. you always write the unexpected thing,and that’s what I really love so always i expect unexpected thing fromm you! As for this ,it’s amazing! I can’t get enough of it! Seriously you are of coarse Brilliant!

    1. Haha dont expect too much of unexpected thing frm me! What if i run out of it? Hehe ok anyways tks for the lovely comment!

  19. very nice da

    1. Thanks rithu!!?

  20. wow wow wow its simple issue but my QOE emerged a lot of emotions in it thts y I say ur IMPOSSIBLE ani ya its true tht smetimes v feel tht smethngs nvr gonna happen but destiny have its tales sooo in lieu of regret on it v hv to take a U turn nd turn our world upside down crazily lol c wat am I blabbering nd my IB THT LINE FRNDSP ND LV SHLD HV EQUAL IMPORTANCE TO LISTEN THIS LINE FRM U IS LYK A CAKE WITH A CHERRY ON IT SPECIALLY LV U FR DIZZ I AWAIT FR PRAGS PLAN

    1. Thanks for ur wait and its a simple plan though nothing much of surprise in it and hope u all like it! And ya its just a simple issue sometimes simple ones are those that give difficulties!

  21. Reshma Pradeep

    Its ??????????????????????

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  22. Awesome

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