Will you be without me? Chapter 30

Revealing the past….

It happened when they were in college. Abhi and Akash were best friends. Akash was also the younger brother of Pragya. Abhi and Akash were part of the same gang of friends. Both studied the same course of study. Abhi was Akash’s senior and their bonding was more of the way Brothers would behave with each other.

Pragya did know that Akash was part of a very big group of friends but was not aware of his friendship with Abhi. Akash would call Abhi as Bhai so Pragya had no idea that he was refering to Abhi as she was studying in a different course of study and their timings of college was also different.

Abhi was actually was in love with Pragya without knowing her. His love for Pragya did not started on the graduation night when he kissed her. It started when she passed him a book of Akash but did not notice him. He was surprised as a lot of girls in the college were after him for his looks but she never give any attention to that. He got impressed by that from that day onwards. He told his feelings towards Pragya to Akash. He was happy to hear that and promised him that he will make Pragya and him to get along together.

Abhi was always with the hopes of getting to know about Pragya and then after sometime Akash told Abhi that what he is expecting may not happen forever. Abhi felt cheated as all the while he was waiting patiently for the moment where he can meet and talk to Pragya with Akash’s help. He did not want to do it all by himself as he felt that it may hurt Akash’s feelings of helping him to get closer with Pragya.

And after that Akash made sure that Abhi will not meet Pragya at any point of time. He was more like a bodyguard for her. This irritated Abhi! Abhi thought, first he was the one who promised to make sure that Pragya and me will get along well but now he himself is being a hindrance! He got irritated by the sight of Akash for his cheat and he just started to avoid both Akash and Pragya.

Days passed and he also heard from his other friends that Akash is not attending college anymore and he did not care about that. Abhi felt that now may be he would have realised his mistake and is feeling guilty. That’s y he don’t have the guts to face anyone! Especially me!

Graduation night happened with the unexpected dance of Abhigya and their first kiss…That is when Abhi felt that although Akash had made him gone through disappointment, being with her only gives me sheer happiness and pleasure. He knew that Akash was related to Pragya but since both of them did not really speak to each other in college…He was unsure of their relationship. He did tried to find out who was Akash to Pragya but all his attempts were futile for some reasons…


Abhi got to know that Akash was Pragya’s brother a few days back from one of his friend who is a colleague of Pragya. He was shocked to know that and that’s when all made sense to him…He took out the same photo where he had crossed face badly until that it could not be identified. Abhi, So all those times u were protecting ur sister from me! Am I that bad? U know that I loved and respected her for who she is but then y u said that what I expected cannot happen at all! But now u see destiny or whatever u call had made us to be together! She loves me sincerely just as the way I do! And now I want her to find that u are the reason for my disappointment! Why did u made to lose my happiness of getting to be with her when I badly wanted? Only u can answer to that question!

In Pragya’s house…
Pragya, how can Akash answer to ur questions when he is not even alive! He is dead and that’s why i started to lose faith in relationships as all are shortlived!! And thats when u came into my life giving hopes that relationships do exist and can be longer too if they are with their loved ones….But now u made me to be in the search of why my brother cheated u!! How can I know this now? Are u trying to make me find all this so that I can know something about myself? Why do I feel that what Akash cheated for is related to me? Why do I get this feeling???

In Mehra mansion….

Abhi, Pragya I want u to know that what u are gg to find will make u know that who u are to me from my college days and for that u need to find for the answers to my question….In thoughts of Pragya, a song plays in the background…. It’s a Malayalam song now…

Thanne Thanne Thirayunno Penne
Thanne Thaane Ariyunno Ninne
Girl, are you searching alone for yourself?
Are you realising yourself?

Ninne Thanne Ariyunnee Neram
Minnal Poovayi Vidarunno Thaane
Are you blooming as a lightning flower when you realise yourself?

Etho Novin Kanvalalle Nenjil
Maaya Ravin Nizhalalle Kannil
Isn’t that some painful dream in your heart?
Isn’t that a shadow of an unfinished night in your eyes?

Kaana Nerin Puthu Theeram Thedi
Thaane Neengum Kaliyodam Neeyee…
You are a small boat which moves alone in search of the hidden truth’s shores

Kanimalare Mulle Ninne Nee Thaniye
Veyilakale Maanje Ninne Verpiriye
O Fresh flower, O jasmine (addressing Pragya), you stood alone
Sunlight vanished away parting its way with you

Iniyakale Poke Thaane Thengaruthe
Don’t weep alone While you go away
Don’t be weak.

Kaaanathe Kaavalayi.. Novaatum Thennalayi..
Nee Pokum Paathayake.. Njanennum Koodeyille..
As an unseen watcher, as a breeze that heals pain
On the path which you travel, I am always with you
Oru Nalla Pakalinte Varavu Thedunna Vaarthinkalee…….
O moon (addressing Pragya), who is waiting for a new day to come

Kanimalare Mulle Ninne Nee Thaniye
Veyilakale Maanje Ninne Verpiriye
O Fresh flower, O jasmine (addressing Pragya), you stood alone
Sunlight vanished away parting its way with you

Iniyakale Poke Thaane Thengaruthe
Don’t weep alone While you go away
Don’t be weak.

Thanne Thanne Thirayunno Penne
Thanne Thaane Ariyunno Ninne
Girl, are you searching alone for yourself?
Are you realising yourself?

Thenolum Naalu Poke.. Thaane Ni Doore Mayke..
Thengunnu Nenjilaaro.. Aarorum Ketidaathe..
When the days filled with honey (sweet days) go away, When you vanish in the distance
Someone weeps in my heart, a weep that no one else hears

Iniyulla Vazhikalil Thaniyeyavunnu Njaninnithaa…….
Today I am being left alone in the further paths

Kanimalare Mulle Ninne Nee Thaniye
Veyilakale Maanje Ninne Verpiriye
O Fresh flower, O jasmine (addressing Pragya), you stood alone
Sunlight vanished away parting its way with you

Iniyakale Poke Thaane Thengaruthe
Don’t weep alone While you go away
Don’t be weak.

Now I may Leave u alone Pumpy so that u can find something that I want u to find but u are not alone and don’t weep alone while u are gg away to search for the truth. Don’t be weak that I am hurting u….I am also feeling alone when I left u just now like that with a lot of questions but I have no choice Pumpy…..But whatever it is I am always with u to make u realise how special u are to me!!!

Ok that’s it guys about the past and yes I know that there is still some of u all will have the question now that y Akash is not alive?…as usual u all have to wait for the upcoming updates to know about that. Thank u all so much for the support so far…It’s so nice to see new ppl commenting on my ff every day. All of u all are the reason for me to reach the 30th episode of this ff! This is not my first 30 as some of u all know…but still I am deeply touched by all ur support so far and I have shared a lot of my thoughts through the character of Pragya here. Not only in this ff, it was always like that in my previous ffs too. And yes thr here I have friends like Maahi, Surbhi, Somiya, Rithu, Pavi, Kutty and Sharaya…and of course sis Nivi too. It’s so wonderful to chat with u all and I really value and cherish the conversations that I had with u all so far…And of course it was very nice to reply to all those who had commented in my ff. All of u all are my friends too. The reason that I am sharing all this now is actually I just felt like I should share because I can feel that the support given to this ff is quite different from my other 2 ffs. It may be strange but I can predict what kind of response that I can get from u all after each update that I have uploaded. May be as some of u all know I think too much and tats y I can predict too… not prediction but it’s my instinct that is very strong. And that’s it for sharing about my feelings and what else can I say? Not sure when this gets uploaded but hopefully it gets uploaded on time and I used a Malayalam song in this update and pls correct me if there are any mistakes as I am not sure if there are any mistakes…Hope the song had suited the situation and once again thank u so much!!! Hope u all like this one too! And Thank u zillion times for all ur support!!!

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