Will you be without me? Chapter 3


I thought I escaped from him!!

Both Abhi and Pragya had forgotten about their first accidental kiss and had moved on in their lives.

Abhi who has now become a successful entrepreneur and also has a great liking for music and social welfare causes so he is a sponsor for a lot of musical events and charity events. As for Pragya she is now a event organiser and is very busy in her work too.

Their meeting again….

Pragya had to organise a charity event in the hospital premises and had no choice but to invite Abhi as the cheif guest as it was requested by those she is organising the event for. Pragya by now knew that who Abhi was and was now thinking of how to avoid him during the event. She also had an idea to avoid him.

Charity event beginned…
Abhi was invited by small kids with bouquets and he was also very glad to be received by kids instead of some ladies who just drool over him. He wondered who had thought of this sweet way of receiving him.

Pragya was roaming in the areas where he is not around. She kept herself busy with other duties and had ordered her other staff to ensure that the event was going smooth in places where Abhi was.

The event ended smoothly and Abhi was curious on who was the event organiser as he was impressed with way the event was organised. He enquired about it and got to know that person name was Pragya. He insisted that he would like to meet her. Pragya was called but didn’t know that he is going to meet Abhi. Pragya came near the entrance of the Hospital and saw one of the luxurious car leaving and assumed that Abhi should have left. But he was just behind her!

Thank u all for the support and I have replied to all of u all in the previous update! Hope u all enjoyed this update!

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  9. Thank u friends! For the compliments n ya i have written the next epi but yet to upload it as i am in temple now… will upload it once i reach home as my hp got prob in uploading….And ya I like it to be short n sweet just like my name haha… so tats y my updates are short!!

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