Will you be without me? Chapter 29

Telling her something about my past…

Abhi brought Pragya to the same college that both of them studied. Pragya was confused as in why he brought her here! Pragya ” Why are we here?” Abhi ” Just come with me silently and I will show u something!” Pragya agreed to it by nodding her head. It was holiday time so the college was not really with many students and he manage to get into the admin room where the details of the alumni were kept. Abhi picked up a file from there and showed the name list of students and then finally pointed out to the name that shocked Pragya!

Abhi ” U know him right?” Pragya ” Yes! But how does it matter?” Abhi ” How does it matter? It really matters! He is the one who cheated me and don’t say u are not aware of it! I know that u have asked Maasi about me and u know his name too! U can’t deny that!” Pragya ” I was not sure whether it was the same person that she was refering to and I did not want to know why he cheated u as u have said na that we should forget our past?” Abhi ” Yes I told u that but if the person that cheated me is related to u then how can I forget my past? It is just coming in front of me!” Pragya ” But at least tell me what for he cheated? And y u have so much hatred for him?” Abhi ” I never say I had hatred towards him! I am just disappointed with what he had done!” Pragya ” Can u just tell what he did?” Abhi ” That is for u to find Pragya! And one more thing u have to make him come in front of me too!! He is related to u and me too! So now u know who he is right? Then find out what he did! I felt that I need to tell u all this because of your love for me! I felt that it is not right to hide things from my loved ones and that’s y I am telling u all this!” Pragya ” But why I must find out? U can just tell me na! Pls just tell me!” Abhi ” No way Pumpy! Find it urself!” With that he left from there.

Pragya, how can I find out when the person u are refering to is no more. She felt that she now have to find the truth and also thought that there was a misunderstanding between Abhi and the person. Pragya, I know that u are deeply hurt by whatever he had done but u never made an effort to know where is he now. If u had made an effort then the disappointment that u are having now would not be there at all! It’s ok but I will clear all ur worries just like the way u are doing it to me with ur love…

Who is the person and what is the relation btw Pragya and him? And what really happened btw Abhi and him? To know all that u all have to wait for the nxt update!

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  1. nice yaaaaa

    we all waiting yaaaa

  2. I know its very short but the nxt one I will try to make it longer as the nxt one is my 30th epi! A lot will be revealed! But u all may have to wait longer for that! So sorry again ??

  3. This is again brilliantly brilliant! still thinking who is the person!

  4. Dimple(kanishka)

    Very nice loved it waiting for the next eagerly

  5. Super epi akka but waiting fr all suspenses☺but really upset fr longer wait?but its k u r updating evn in ur busy schedule so we ll wait but make it as soon as possible akka☺

  6. u making me restless I am roaming here and there to think the question I am going mad on ur ff anyway today episode was awesome waiting for next episode plz don’t make me restless I am waiting for ur ff

  7. nice Maya interesting

  8. Is it Purab??…(guess)……it was a rocking episode

  9. No its not Purab! As i have alrdy mentioned in one of my earlier episode that he is working under Pragya. There was a phone convo btw them!

  10. Nice yaar waiting for the next episode

  11. Oo very nice.. I can’t wait.. Pls upload soon.. Its really nice..

  12. Reshma Pradeep


  13. i think its purab…because one episode purab pickup pragya in mall.abhi see that he though may be he is her boyfrnd…sorry my guess is wrong….bt u r a amazing writter dr

  14. akshaya kannan

    It’s awesome yaar and who is the person is he from kkb or a new character it is making me mad please continue soon dear

  15. You are keeping very much suspense can’t wait for next episode

  16. seriously dr I vil nt guess anything r I dont want to think who is tht person bcoz I know vrry vell tht I vil go wrong bcoz its an UNIVERSAL FACT tht ur UNPREDICTABLE thn hw can I guess dr anyways I am seriously enjoying dizzzz suspense a lottttttt nd dfntly vil wait fr ur update ur just IMPOSSIBLE ND FR THT I SAY MAYAJI UR GREAT BCOZ LAST TIME I SAID GURUJI NAA THT U FELT LYK OLD AGED REFERENCE SOOO DIZ TIME MAYAJI HOPE U VIL NT TAKE ME WRONG

  17. Superbbbbbbbbbbbbbb…amazing….. Awesome….ka.. Now my level of eagerness is increasing ka.. Who is that person who is related to both abhi and pragya.. Ahh.. Now I have to wait for tomorrow ah…definitely my mandai with burst..I am eagerly waiting for next episode ka..

  18. Yes tharu i did mention a guy pick up Pragya from the mall but nvr mention his name though…it may or may not be him…and yes akshaya its a character frm kkb only…so keep guessing!

    1. Maahi u call me Mayaji now it Sounds like some person who do magic and mysterious stuff…haha anyways i like this one as i want to learn magic someday haha….

      1. hey..
        actually you are a such a magician… i think your magic is in your words and thoughts..i love the way you think..wow you want to learn magic too… i like you sis.. you are just uncommen. i think you are lil bit crazy and funny girl.. that makes you this much creative. don’t know is that right.. ha ha ha anyway superb..

      2. Haha crazy and funny is true but creative is not true…uncomman? I am just comman girl but may be with different thoughts….haha and u also say the same thing as Maahi tat my magic is in words and thoughts…btw tks for tat!

  19. Superb epi maya di..i wonder who is that person and very eager to know..update next epi soon di..

  20. Nice yaar its interesting n eager to know abt tat person I’m eagerly waiting for next part

  21. Awesome. Eagerly waiting for next epi.

  22. Hey suga u really awesome… super dupper epic suga…. No waords to tell how much i love todays epic…. U always rocking…. No need to worry its tooo good i eagerly waiting for next epic….

  23. So many ques r in my mind
    Pls break the suspense soon dr
    moreover I hate suspense

  24. Awesome Maya its amazing who is that person? For the answer I’m eagerly waiting for next episode

  25. Oh no this much of suspenses haan i’ll wait 4 it i think it may be nikhil or ronnie n dr advance wishes 4ur nxt birthday n sry 4 late com da sweetu n ur sis was vry lucky to get a di like u n wht is her name?is she elder to me?

    1. Keep guessing! And haan ava peyaru Karthiga and she is same age as u! And naan avakita soliruken unna pathi and she said u r very cute in te way u support me!

      1. Thirupiyum sorry!! Actually naan than athikama sorry solluvenu partha nee athukum mela po!

      2. Haha thnk u guruji adigama thnks,sry solrathu enoda chldhd habit enna panrathu manufacturng defect n haan un sis unna mathiye semma swt n i am glad to know tht u sis likd me

  26. Ok I am purposely not replying evry single of u all as my std answer will be Keep guessing so it will be boring for me and u all too to see the same comment being repeated many times!

  27. awesomeeeeeeee diii ho ur makng me mad dii really of ur ff……….. im restlessly waitng fr nxt epi……………….. diiiii

  28. Superb

  29. Again suspense

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