Will you be without me? Chapter 28


How to get him in my way?

Pragya was super confused now why is he doing like this…This is not what she expected after she had confirmed with him that what she is feeling is love….

But now he is behaving weirdly. I have to find out why is he doing this again!! Again avoiding me but the only good thing is he is calling her at random timings. Whenever he calls, he is very normal and very jovial just as the way he talk but when he is about to end the call, then his voice tone will get lower and she can feel the worry in him. Why does he have to do all this?

Pragya decided to find this out and get him in her way. She thought that she have to gain his attention now again! But how? That is something she have to plan about….

Pragya after a lot of thought and asking about him from Abhi’s Maasi, she found out some of his likes especially in something she never expected of…So she decided to gave him a surprise and from there she can gain his attention and also get to know that why he is behaving weirdly….

Pragya was little nervous about the surprise that she is gg to give as she had not done like this before… She said to herself when he can show me that he loves me unconditionally, then why not I show him that I love him unconventionally?

As for Abhi, he was feeling bad for his behavior towards Pragya. Abhi, Pragya just stand all this for a while as I really have certain things to be accomplished and until that I will have to behave in this way so that I won’t get caught…I know that my weird behavior is confusing u but I am in such a situation that I cant tell u much Pragya.

Pragya made all the arrangements to surprise her Boss of love and life hoping that it will work out!

A few days later….

Pragya texted Abhi:

P: Boss! I know u are busy but I am in trouble now and can u pls come to my office to help me? It’s very urgent and I think u can only help me!

Abhi immediately called Pragya once he saw the message from her to enquire about the trouble that she was in but she never picked up the call. This made Abhi panicked a lot and tried to reach her office as fast as he could. Once he reached there he could not find Pragya there and when he enquired the staff there they said that she just left few minutes ago. He rushed from there to see whether he could find Pragya. There he found Pragya waiting to take a taxi. Abhi, Why did she called me and ask for help but now she is going off to somewhere! Something is fishy! I think it will be better if I follow her!

He followed her in his car and she finally reached the some unknown place. It was kind of a park area but there was no one around. He found that a bit weird as it was evening time and usually in parks there will be people around. He was thinking why should she come to this kind of place? He kept on following behind her and made sure she don’t get suspicious.

As for Pragya, she knew he is behind her but acted as if she is not aware of his presence as he was keep on hiding behind trees while following her. Abhi, why is she keep on walking? And when is she gg to stop? It’s so long that I am following her and until now she is just walking!!

Pragya stopped and turned behind as if to check that if anybody is following her and by then Abhi hid behind a tree there. Abhi peek out from the tree to see whether is she still looking at his direction but he found her nowhere to be found! Where is she now?

Pragya “Boss I know you are here and I want to sing a song to you in your favourite language!”

Pragya now singing in his favourite language Kannada….

joteyalli nee baaro, jotegaara
katheyalli bandante kathegaara
O, mruduvaagi nee baare madhu baale
olavalli ee loka madhushaale

Ninnalli nota beerooride
nannalle maathu nooraaride
E mohava maremaachutaa Enashtu joragide?
Mruduvagi nee baare madu baale
olavalli ee loka madhushaale

Come along with me, O Companion
Just like a hero who becomes part of a story
O, Come along smoothly O soft-spoken one
In love, this entire world is like a bar

In you, my eyes have fixed its gaze
In me, lie 101 unspoken words
Even trying to supress this love within
why is this feeling so strong?
Come along smoothly O soft-spoken one
In love, this entire world is like a bar

Na sooreyaade! sompada impaada ninna rooparekhege
Na sothuhode! nintalli kuntalli ninnade tererekhege
Nakkare nee mellage
swapnada ee balline innashtu hoovagide

I was stolen away! by your calm and melodious beauty
I have lost myself! wherever I sit or stand, to your beauty
If you smile slowly
This creeper of dreams has borne more flowers

jotheyalli nee baaro jothegaara
katheyalli bandante kathegaara
mruduvaagi nee baare madhu baale
olavalli ee loka madhushaale

Come along with me, O Companion
Just like a hero who becomes part of a story
O, Come along smoothly O soft-spoken one
In love, this entire world is like a bar

Ellellu neene! nannanne koogidanthe chenda bhaasavaagide
Ninnindaa taane! endendu maasadanta mandahaasa mooDide
Aa…sundara santhoshada nalmeyaa ee sOjiga, innashtu bekaagide

Everywhere I look, I see you! I feel you always calling out to me
Just because of you! An everlasting and never-erasing smile has bloomed
Aa…A beautiful, happy and dear wonder, I seek this more

mruduvaagi nee baare madhu baale
olavalli ee loka madhushaale
jotheyalli nee baaro jothegaara
katheyalli bandante kathegaara

Come along smoothly O soft-spoken one
In love, this entire world is like a bar
Come along with me, O Companion
Just like a hero who becomes part of a story

Abhi was surprised as nobody knows except for his close friends that he had learned Kannada language and also love Kannada songs. Abhi “ Pumpy! Where are u? U have finished singing na! Then just come in front of me! Why are u hiding now?” Pragya “I will come in front but do u like the song?” Abhi “ Haan Pumpy I loved it but u come in front of me!” Pragya “Then close your eyes and I will come in front of you!” Abhi “What is this? Ok fine I will close my eyes!” Pragya came in front of him and kissed him on his cheeks. Abhi was taken aback by the sudden kiss and opened his eyes. Abhi “ So to kiss me u gave me this surprise? And how u know that I like Kannada language and how come u sing this song in particular?” Pragya “ Your Maasi told me that u had this song kept on playing in the house and I thought of singing this for u to surprise u!” Abhi “Haan I like the tune of this song but when u sing its very different! I mean I feel some lines are really meant for me!” Pragya “U mean the line where I refer to u as companion and refer to u as hero? Of course u are the hero of my story!!” Abhi smiled widely at her response and said “Then u are my heroine! But wait! U did find the meaning of the song too?” Pragya “Then what u think? How can I sing a song without understanding it?” Abhi just hugged her as he was too happy and was moved that she made such an sweet effort to learn the lyrics of his favourite song!

Pragya “So now u are happy right? U were worried for something for all this while and now are u feeling better?” Abhi realised that she made all this effort to make him feel better. So she knew that I was worried about something but instead of asking me the issue that I am worried about, she is making efforts to get rid of my worries! So shall I tell her my worries? Pragya “Where are u lost at now?” Abhi “Pumpy! Come with me and I need to show u something!”

What is the something that Abhi want to show to Pragya? To know that u all need to wait for the next update! Hope u all like this one if not also pls tell me! And tks for understanding my situation yesterday and also sorry for the late update today!

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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