Will you be without me? Chapter 27


What to do now?

Pragya was now confused does she really need to try more to find out who is the person cheated Abhi or just ignore about it! After a lot of thoughts, Pragya decided to ignore about it for now as what now matters is the happiness that both of them are getting from their love.

Abhi’s family returned from Delhi and were noticing the changes in Abhi. They realised that he was in happy mood at all times and is always humming love songs..Dadi found all this strange as he don’t have the habit of humming to songs. And he was also always using the phone and smiling while using it too. The worst part was kissing his phone after using it which was something Abhi never do before!

Dadi ” Abhi how many times will u kiss ur phone after using it? It doesn’t look nice!” Abhi ” Oh Dadi! Phone is the best invention by human and I am appreciating it Dadi as it is helping me a lot!” Dadi ” Keep your appreciation to yourself u are kissing the phone as if u are kissing ur girlfriend!” Abhi ” Haan Dadi! Its my girlfriend that I am giving kisses to! Do u have any problem in that?” Dadi ” Huh? Are u telling the truth? ” Abhi ” Dont ask me anything and yes I am in love but I cant tell who it is now!” Dadi was glad to hear that Abhi was in love but she wondered why he dont want to tell who it is?

Dadi thought if he dont want to reveal who it is then it is my duty to find who it is…whoever it is I am the one most happy to get a bahu for this house! As for Abhi, he knew that Dadi will be now on a mission to find out who he love but before that he have to finish some goals in his life. Until that he decided that he must make sure that Dadi cannot find out that Pragya is the one that he loves….As for Pragya, she was busy in work thats when Abhi called her, ” Pumpy! For the next few days it is better for us not to talk or meet frequently…dont ask me why if u have full faith in me! Just agree to what I am saying and I will be also using a new number to contact u…Ok bye for now as I have some work and later we shall talk!” Pragya was stunned by whatever Abhi spoke to her there was not even a moment that she could talk back as Abhi never gave a pause just now when he spoke. Why is he behaving like this now? Is he angry on me or what? What to do now?

What are the unfinished goals of Abhi that make him not to reveal the person he loves? For that u all have to wait for the upcoming updates…

I know its short again but I am very tired today so cant really type tat much…

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. nice………….but it’s too short

    1. Ya i know Emmy but will try to make it longer for nxt one if I have energy!

  2. nice………….

  3. Nice yaar…. But I hope that next part will be long……anyways nice epi yaar….

    1. Tks Rose! I also hope so that i can make it longer provided that I have the energy to do so!

  4. Ohh maya akka awesome epi ?dnt feel sry evn if its short its very big happiness fr us?love u and ur ff ???keep rocking☺

    1. Ok Saranya wont feel sorry! If u all are happy then its my happiness too!

  5. Nice yarrr… What is their past.. Waiting for that.. Pls upload soon .. Uff is really nice..

    1. Will be revealed soon….tks for finding it nice and will try to upload soon but cant gurantee Karthu!

  6. Its ok……u hav tried ur best even wen u r tired….today’s episode was gr8…loved it…I guess it is jus to make sure dat dadi doesn’t find out who d girl is r mayb smtg related to his past lyf came to know abt abhi n to avoid unnecessary probs he must hav changed d no. / sim

    1. Hmm ur assumptions may or may not be correct but to confirm them keep waiting for the upcoming updates and tks for the understanding Varsha!

  7. i just love the content πŸ˜‰ and i don’t care if it’s short or long and i guess everyone wants the content so as for you! Brilliantly Brlliant and spectacular πŸ˜‰ i loved it

    1. Tks for the support Somiya! Haha ur standard comment to my ff is brilliant is it? Anyways i love ur brilliance in writing ff and commenting too!!

  8. itz okey yaar.. this is enough for today.. thanx for updating bcs of us… so sweet of you… anyway nice epi.. & i love the way abhi handlng abhi n dadi

    1. Tks Tina for the lovely support and understanding. Always a pleasure to see ur comment too!

  9. nice interesting chala bagundi

    1. Chala tks Asmitha for Chala bagundi ani mali mali chepunanthuku!

  10. hey maya today epi so nice but it too short…and i m eagrly waiting for nxt epi.update fast and longgg….

    1. Tks for ur wait Nasima..will try to upload soon if i have free time…

  11. Really awesome n nice n abhi’s behaviour s really sooooooooo cute n funny…

    1. Tks Durga for finding it awesome!

  12. Superb

    1. Tks Abhigya for finding it superb!

  13. arey yaar again left in suspense haa wanna c whether detective dadi finds herself r not nd short r long it nvr matters fr us nly matters is ur attention nd take rest dont take too much stress health first baby soo take care wat is his goals vil b revovling in my mind till ur nxt update nd unfortunately I cant stop it

    1. Haha no need to think abt tat too much will reveal tat soon and haan detective dadi on her mission hehe!! And tks for ur concern Maahi!

  14. Reshma Pradeep


    1. Tks Reshma for finding it Superb!

  15. Hey suga this epic was awesome dear…..
    But its toooooo short dear… Waiting for next update…. U always unique yaar…

    1. Tks for ur wait lakshmi and I know that u will say its short and tats y i have alrdy said i know its short haha. Unique? Not sure abt tat but u are all unique in supporting me!

  16. Super episode I loved it

    1. Tks for loving it Monesha!

  17. Wow…wow.. Wow.. It was amazing ka whenever I read ur ff automatically a smile formed in my lips.. And today’s episode was bit funny.. Abhi kissing his phone haha ???.. It was nice.. I am eagerly waiting for next episode..?

    1. Glad Nivi that my ff brings a smile to u! Ur comments are also very pleasant to read!

  18. No dr its not at all a prob da nalla rest eduthuko n tc of ur health sweetu n haan tdays epi was awesome da n sry 4late com da

    1. Nee Ithukellam poi sorry soluviya? Haha eppo vennalum nee comment panalam there is no time restriction as i will always check out for all ur comments whenever i am free..ok va so no more sorry!

  19. Awesome Suga and its funny abhi kissing his phone lol???

    1. Glad that u find it awesome and funny Sharaya!

    1. Tks Nirmal!

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