Will you be without me? Chapter 26


Does past really matter?

After realising the unconditional love of Abhi she was not able to believe that she can get this kind of love from him. She knew he is a affectionate person but not to this extent. What more she can ask for is the only thought that came to her mind.

As for Abhi, he was happy with the affection he is going to get from Pragya. He had wished for affection all the while after his mother’s demise. And when Pragya wore the same saree as his mother used to wear, it only made him feel that his mother had sent Pragya to him.

But both of them also felt although they have accepted their love for each other, something is still bothering them. It’s their past. As how much they want to ignore about their past and move on, the same amount of curiosity is within them to know about each other’s past. Why do they need to hide their past when both are very comfortable with each other in sharing their thoughts?

Does past really matter that it needs to be shared? Both of them really don’t have a answer for it. They felt that as long their past does not affect their present it does not really matter.

Abhi called up Pragya ” Pumpy! What are u doing today?” Pragya ” Work as usual! There is a new event that I am in charge of!” Abhi ” Always work!! Why cant u take a day off?” Pragya ” I have already taken two days off! Just in the last week and u are saying i should take a day off again!!” Abhi ” Okok! May be we meet after your work at the same park?” Pragya ” What same park?” Abhi ” So fast u forgot ah? The same park that I kissed u!” Pragya blushed and told ” Ok fine but u could have just told that the same park that we had went out last week” Abhi ” Whatever it is for me its park that I kissed u!” Pragya ” What time?” Abhi ” 6 pm!” Pragya ” Ok sure boss!”

Pragya reached the park and found Abhi to be sitting on the same bench. She also went there and Abhi saw her with a wide smile. Abhi ” So Pumpy how was work?” Pragya ” As usual a lot of plannings and all!” Abhi ” Ok but I need to tell u something!” Pragya ” What? Anything serious?” Abhi ” Kind of! U remember the challenge that we had?” Pragya ” Oh that challlenge ah? Ya what about that?” Abhi ” I really can’t find anything about ur past! Trust me I had tried my best to find but still couldn’t find a single thing about ur past!” Pragya ” Me too!” Abhi ” So nobody win the challenge right?” Pragya ” I guess so…” Abhi ”

But why u don’t want to share abt ur past?” Pragya ” What if I ask u the same question?” Abhi ” It’s not a nice thing to remember or talk about! But y u also hide ur past?” Pragya ” The same reason as yours…and I don’t wish to remember about something that made me weak emotionally!” Abhi ” So when both of us are not interested in revealing about our past,then shall we make a deal?” Pragya ” What deal?” Abhi ” A simple deal where both of us will not come with the topic of our past again at any point of time! Whatever happened has happened and now what really matters is the present and our future!” Pragya ” I also think the same and this decision only will fill our life with more happiness and less worries! Thank u once again!” Abhi ” Ok but I don’t want your thank u through words…” Pragya ” Huh? Then what u want me to do?” Abhi ” Kiss me to express your thankfulness!” Pragya ” Always thinking about kisses!! Aren’t u ashamed of that? Kisses should not be asked but it should be given naturally…” Abhi ”

Are u gg to give or not? Don’t start ur philosphies for a simple kiss!!” Pragya ” U are angry is it? Ok I shall give but u close ur eyes…I am a bit shy u know…” Abhi ” U are feeling shy ah? Okok I shall close my eyes but make it faster!!” He closed his eyes and kept on smiling waiting for a kiss but he never felt anything and unable to wait furthermore he opened his eyes. He saw Pragya was already walking away from where he was sitting and he shouted her name ” Hey Pumpy what is this? U said u will kiss but u are walking away!” Pragya gave a flying kiss from where she was standing and said ” U didn’t say what kind of kiss and the kiss I know is flying kiss so I have given u that! Bye for now! And don’t try to catch me as I have to leave now!!” With that she ran from there before he could catch her. Abhi was upset about the kiss matter but he knew that she herself will kiss him just like the way he did but for that he just need to wait for that to happen.

Pragya was just giggling away that how she had managed to escape from kissing Abhi. But in her mind she was still thinking about Abhi’s past. She knew he is not interested to share about it and after their conversation today it will be also not be right to talk about it anymore. But she felt that she really need to know the person who cheated him!! As the name was very familar to her after she had heard it from Abhi’s Maasi and may be it could be the same person involved in her past…But once again she thought does the past really matter when now the present is filled with the happiness of love….

Their past is also interconnected just like their love for each other but what is it? For that u all need to wait for the upcoming updates….

And yes thank u to all ur wonderful comments for the prev update…I have replied to all ur comments and it made my day joyful!

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. you’ve simply explained every thing hpnd btwn abhigya which makes easy to imagine.. itz really something more than awsm.. i love this epi yaar.

    1. Tks Tina for ur nice comments and also for loving it!

  2. very nice how cute they r smart pragya l liked that their decision it’s good and nice understanding u said that their past is related to each other wow then it is interesting so when u r going to reveal their past but whatever it may it must not create misunderstanding bwn them at last in my style epi chala chala chalaaaaaaaaaa bagundi

    1. Whatever qns u have will be gradually revealed in the upcoming episodes and until that enjoy the Abhigya moments! Chala chala thanks for ur comments Asmitha!

  3. its just awesome dr…..
    i loved it alot…..
    eagerly waiting for ur next oned dr…….

    1. Glad that u r waiting dr but have to wait until tmrw as usual i can only update after classes…

  4. Yipee.. I have read three episodes today of urs and asusual u rocked it ka.. It’s the same dialogue but it’s ok thalaivar style la sollunana haha ‘magizchi’….? unnaka ff enn eppavumea magizchi aakidudhu feeling happy and one more thing I have commented to ur last two episodes if you have time just see that ka..? and congrats for completing 25 episodes ? ?

    1. Magizchi that my ff makes u magizchi Nivi! And tks for the wishes too! ?? I have seen ur last comment alrdy so sweet of u as always…

  5. superb suga….but what was the past.

    1. U will get to know that in the upcoming episodes Emmy! And ya i havent read ur ff will read it when i am free yr..once again i am reading ffs in a rush so i missed ur last few episodes will read tat when i am free…so sorry for tat!

  6. my mother told it was double super when comparing to real kkb now coming to episode it was awesome as usual and i came to telly update more than 25 times to see ur ff thank god now i saw ur ff and my cousin sister also saw this ff and told it was awesome by the way u can call me as mone also if u thought my name is long and i love u and ur ff sooooooo much n thanks for giving nice episode

    1. Glad that ur mum find it super! Can u say tks to aunty frm my side? Omg y u came so many times ah! Now its making me feel bad but just to inform u mostly my updates will be updated in the evenings or night as i update them in the afternoon according to India timing.. and also say tks on my behalf to ur cousin sis…and love u too for ur lovely comment. And ya alrdy ur name is short compared to mine Sugashini…haha i am ok with calling u as Monesha! ??

  7. Loved ur episode……it was good question too….even I think dat question to myself more than 1 tym a day wen I had school…..but I guess I got my answer

    1. Glad that u loved it and no need to think too much as I wont be able to hold suspense too long and will reveal the past in a gradual manner!

  8. Ohh akka so cute epi once again??love u so much akka u r awesome??????

    1. Love u too Saranya for ur lovely comments! ????

  9. Hey suga first of all thank u so much…
    And the epic was tooooooooo good. U always rocking… U really think past doesn’t matters……

    1. Past really doesn’t matter when the past has alrdy taught its lesson for the present and future…these are my thoughts lakshmi…sorry if its confusing…and tks for ur support!

      1. I totally agree with u suga thats y I asked u. Ya our past teached us so many lessons for present and future… Ur view to world is different. I love u lot a friend. I am happy to have sweet friend…. Waiting for ur next epic…

      2. Me too glad to have sweet friend like u! Really? At times i feel that my views are ridiculous too where no one except for me understand them…

  10. Nice Yarr.. Waiting for the past…

    1. Thanks Karthu and it will be revealed gradually…

  11. heyyyy dr wat hv u done to me really think soo black magic nvr knew tht sme one could run their lives sooo smoothly as the way ur showing nd yes past worries us present alerts us nd future admires us soo v shld nvr regret on our past my god girl ur stupendo fantabulously fantastic the way pragya kissed abhi is really superb nd yaar hw is their past inter related wanna watch nd pragya is looking soooo cute nd innocent in montage I lvd it dr nd lv u tooo loads of lv hugs yipeee wanna wait fr suspense revelation nw anyways again I am back to round nd round mulberry ground girl ur impossible unpredictable hw can my cmmnt cmplt without these chantings dr

    1. I like ur thoughts abt the past, present and future and ya will reveal the past gradually as its interconnected so i cant rush into it…haha earlier today u said i am crazy now its unpredictable lol…ya i liked the simple look of Pragya in the montage and tats y i chose it!!

  12. Today also u rocked Maya… and waiting for their interconnected past….?

    1. Thanks Varsha! Keep waiting for it and it will be revealed at the right moment…

  13. Oh my god oh my god more than abhi n pragya I HV more curiosity to know abt their past eagerly waiting for next episode yaar

    1. Thanks for ur wait and curiosity to know their past durga!

  14. Awesome….

    1. Tks Abhigya!

  15. ?????????? brilliantly brilliant and that’s all i have to say!

    1. ???????????always happy to see ur comment!

  16. Awesome rocking episode waiting to know their interconnected past

    1. Thanks Dimple and keep waiting!

  17. Just superrrrrr dii waiting fr the past to reveal waiting fr nxt epi………………

    1. Thanks Krish! Keep waiting!

  18. Reshma Pradeep


    1. Glad that u find it amazing Reshma????

  19. very nice..keep going…

    1. Sure Nasima will be keep gg with all ur support!

  20. Just got time to read ff and I read all the episode that I missed and I have to say that you are a awesome writter!! This episode was amazing! Loved it a lot

    1. Glad that u ĺoved it and and also happy for ur appreciatìon Sharaya!

  21. Hey sweetu sema epi da asusal i lovd it to the core as a fan i am happy to see ur back to back updates but sweetu as a frnd i am quite worried as u usd to update while travelling na so i think tht it is not good to upd while ur travel as ur safety is vry imp 4me na so b careful,awared n safe durng ur travel nee update pannrapa un gavanam phonela mattum illama unna sutthi enna nadakudhunu therinchukiradhilum irukkanum k va da coz safety is more important than ff,unaku eldera irundhtu ovr advice panrenu nenaikatha coz ithu un frnd oda swt order so nee itha acpt panniye theeranum k va n haha suga unaku sweetu ra pera ketathum sapadhu niyabagam vanthucha haha sari namma first meeting appo naan unna sweetu nu kupidrapo kandipa un fav sweet vangi unaku ootividuren k va sari un fav swt enna?ennaku rasagulla na uyir n haha foodla yum namma choice oppsitea irukula unaku veg ennaku non-veg n haha opp poles attract eachoth ithuku nammala vida best example iruka mudiyadhula

    1. Haha ya i myself know tat i need to be careful while updating during my travel…esp when i change train coz i rmbr once i was typing just looking at phone and i was almost about to bump into a guy! Somemore he was carrying a lot of bags…But thank god i notice tat at te right
      moment and moved away…just imagine if i had bumped into him then all his bags would have fallen down and what if there were fragile things in it? konjam carefula thaan irukanum…ok ur swt order is accepted…and i am trying myself to be careful too..haan ennaku pidicha sweets vanthu gulab jamun and jelabi..ennaku ithu rendum uyiru…aana amma gulab jamun athikadhi seyya mathanga??so sad…

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    1. Oh athuva nee sonna la athikadi sapidravitha eppaiyavdhu sappita taste athigamnu athuku than true for wht u hav said nu sonnen pa

      1. Okok ella thayum serthu vaichu sapiduvom when we meet!! Sweetness overloaded!

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