Will you be without me? Chapter 25


Feeling the unconditional love…

Pragya was unable to express her happiness when Abhi kissed her. It was indeed a pleasure to her that he too wanted affection from her. She thought what more can she ask for?

But she was still doubtful whether Abhi is just telling all this out of care and concern for her. Pragya ” Are u sure that this is love?” Abhi ” Then what do u think is this? The kiss that i gave u itself is more than enough to express my love!” Pragya ” No I mean what if u are just doing this out of the care for me…” Abhi ” I care for u becoz I love u Pumpy! Did u get that?” Pragya ” So it means this is love! And all the while whatever i was feeling is also love…” Abhi with a smile said ” How many times u need me to clarify? U want me to kiss u again and again to show my love is it?” Pragya ” No!! Pls…ok I agree this is love!! But no more kisses!!”

Abhi laughed loudly at her response and just hugged her. Abhi ” You are still like a kid Pumpy in ur doubts!!” Pragya ” I dont mind being a kid if u hug me like this forever!” Abhi ” U no need to be like a kid to get a hug from me…U just have to stay close to me!”

Pragya ” So shall we leave? Its getting cold here!!” Abhi ” U can just hug me na for that!!why u wanna leave now?” Pragya ” Arrey how long u want to stay here like this? I mean its really getting cold and cant u see i am wearing saree!” Abhi ” Okok come let’s leave!”

Both left from there and Pragya insisted to drop her at her home and he too agreed for that. Abhi ” U still can stay at my home na? Why u wanna leave so soon?” Pragya ” Hmm what if u cross ur limits? I can’t take the risk of being alone with u!” Abhi ” Oh Pumpy u have the thoughts that I myself never think of!! Now I am thinking all about that!!” Pragya ” No don’t think anything like that!!” Abhi ” U are the one made me think like that!! Now its unstoppable!!” Pragya ” I am leaving! Think whatever u want to think but dont think it in my presence!!” Abhi ” U are angry is it? Okok i wont think anything!” He came closer to her and hugged her again and said ” Goodnight Pumpy! Will miss u a lot now!” She too responded to the hug and said ” Me too!”

She left to her house and was keep on turning behind to take a glance at him who was standing there and as for Abhi, he only left when she went inside the house. She still looked through the window of her house until he drove off from there.

The next day…
Pragya woke up early and went to his house to meet him. She was very impatient to meet him. Abhi was still sleeping and she silently went inside and sat on the couch. She admired the innocent Abhi who was sleeping like a child. When will he wake up? He is sleeping so peacefully but I want to talk to him! Shall I wake him up but I dont want to disturb his sleep.

After a few minutes, he woke up and he was surprised to see Pragya! Abhi ” What are u doing here?” Pragya ” Of course to meet u! And ask u something?” Abhi ” Again u want to ask something after so much of clarification that I had given u yesterday!!” Pragya ” No! Actually yesterday I asked u whether whatever i was feeling is love but now its a different question!” Abhi ” Ok now what u want to ask?” Pragya ” How much u love me?” Abhi ” Huh? How much?” Pragya ” Ya everything has an limit right? So whats ur limit in loving me?” Abhi ” Like seriously I didnt know that u will think like this!! Ok come with me and I can answer ur question!” Abhi grabbed her hands and brought her to a room that was dark.

Pragya ” Why is this room so dark? Can u on the lights? Its so scary!!” Abhi ” Wait I will on the lights but u just hold onto my hands…” She was tightly holding onto his hands until he switched on the lights.

Pragya looked around it was a storeroom and Abhi took out a photo from there and showed it to her. Abhi ” See this is my mum when she was younger and now she is no more but whenever i miss her i will come to this room and stay here as all her photos are here! Only when I am here I dont mind being in the dark because i feel that she is here and her love for me is also here…and tell me something when u hold my hands tightly just now did u feel scared?” Pragya ” No! Because u are with me so I dont feel scared!” Abhi ” This is because u know that I wont leave u as I love u! And I love u unconditionally Pumpy that’s y I will never leave u alone!” Pragya ” Unconditionally?” Abhi ” Yes! There is no limits or conditions! Its forever Pumpy that I will love u! So i cant tell how much I love u but i can tell that i love u unconditionally!!”

Pragya was so emotional that she hugged him and thought how blessed she was to be loved unconditionally and that too by her own buddy!! Abhi ” So now ur doubt is cleared?” Pragya ” I will not have any doubts about our love anymore! Sorry for disturbing u like this!” Abhi ” Pumpy u no need to be sorry for this as we have just realised our love and it happens like this where u will have a lot of doubts and I am always here to clear ur doubts!” Pragya ” Thank u boss! U are the boss of my love and life from this moment onwards!!” Abhi ” Really? Boss of ur love and life! So many responsibilities now!!” Pragya ” Yes u have to manage all but I am ur first priority!!” Abhi ” Now u are talking like a boss!!” Pragya giggled at his reply and both left the room and she was about to fall from the stairs but he grabbed her and prevent her from falling. They shared an eyelock…. and Sanam re plays…

Abhi ” I wont let u fall even if u wish to!” Pragya was just overwhelmed with the kind of love that she is getting from Abhi.

Love loves the love that is unconditional love…so how will this unconditional love will be a part of Abhigya’s life….To know that u all have to wait for the upcoming updates…

Actually i am quite busy with my assignments i thought of not uploading for a few days but due to all of ur wonderful comments I cant stop myself from writing. And yes i also feel that some of the lines that i wrote in this update is a bit dramatic…sorry if u all feel the same way…btw hope u all like this one too…

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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