Will you be without me? Chapter 24

Telling my feelings to him….

Both of them were happy about the hugs and Pragya was really feeling the happiness of being with him. Pragya felt that she should share her feelings to Abhi so that she can clarify whether is this love? or just the happiness of being with him. She knew that he will be the only person that can help her in this matter. But she was thinking on how to tell him all these? What if he misunderstands me? Pragya thought whatever it is that she have to tell him and before that she wanted to ask him something too. The next day, Pragya woke up and went to see Abhi again in his room and luckily he was awake and she went to ask him something. Pragya “Boss! I want to ask u something!” Abhi “What?” Pragya “U are also staying alone? I mean why I never see any of your family members?” Abhi “Hmm all had went to Delhi to attend a wedding and will be back after a few days!” Pragya “Oh I see! Ok then I shall take my leave today and have to resume my work too!” Abhi “Pumpy! Why so fast? Stay here na…I also will have accompany! It will be very boring if I am alone….” Pragya “But I have work! How can I stay here?” Abhi “Pls…Just for today u take a day off…To spend time with me!”Pragya couldn’t say no to his request and agreed to take a day off. And of course Pragya felt that by today that she have to share her feelings to him.

Abhi told that his plan today was to bring her for lunch and she was also very happy about it. Abhi “ Ok! U go and get changed and I will also freshen up! After that we shall go out!” Pragya got ready and came out of her room. Abhi was dumbstruck by the way Pragya was dressed up. She was wearing the same saree as his mother used to wear. It’s a red saree that she was wearing and he had no words to express how he was feeling. Pragya “Why are u looking at me like this? Is the saree not nice? But this is what I could find in the room and that’s y I said I go to my home first but u insisted me to stay here!” Abhi “No…It’s really nice and beautiful just like the way my mother used to be in sarees!” Pragya “Oh this is aunty’s saree? Ok shall we leave if not it will be too late right? That’s what u said just now…” Abhi was keep on looking at Pragya as now she reminded of her mother but he was unable to tell that. Both of them left the house in a car and reached the venue.
Pragya “I have been here quite some time but didn’t know there is such a lovely restaurant like this!” Abhi “Hmm it’s a new one though…actually it’s under my franchise and that’s y I brought u here!” Pragya “Oh I see!” Both of them had a hearty lunch but both their minds were occupied with a lot of thoughts. Thoughts about each other….
Pragya thought that somehow she should share about her feelings to him and as for Abhi, he was just admiring the beauty in front of him with the thoughts of Will she be mine?
Pragya “So what’s next?” Abhi “There is a park nearby shall we just a take a stroll there?”
Pragya “Ok sure boss! Have to walk ford digestion after the heavy lunch that u have given to me!!” Abhi smiled at her reply and both walked to the park.

Pragya, shall I tell him now, it seems that he is in a good mood as he is always smiling. Ok Pragya just tell but I can’t tell facing him and it will be very tough…. What shall I do? Ok let me ask him to sit down there and from there I can manage!
Pragya “Shall we sit down there for a while?” Abhi “So fast u feel tired ah? We had just started to walk!” Pragya “Please just for a while…” Abhi couldn’t say No as she was too cute when she requested. Both of them went to sit there and were chit chatting about a lot of random things and then Abhi said “ Shall we leave?” Pragya “ Ok!” She waited for him to stand up first and she was pretending to take her purse and looking for something. He walked a bit in front of her and realised that Pragya was still behind him and was about to turn behind and that’s when Pragya said “ Don’t turn! I want to tell u something but I can’t tell u when I am facing u!” Abhi“What? Why? Are u scared of me or what?” Pragya “Not scared but don’t turn ok?” Abhi “Ok fine and faster tell what u want to tell!” Pragya “I am feeling a bit strange nowadays…Strange towards u….It started from the time when u left Pune and I was really missing u badly! I have never felt like that before but for some strange reason it was painful without seeing u! A pain that was pleasant and until now I am confused why I felt like that way….and when u started to avoid me for the past few weeks it became worse! I was scared that I am losing ur attention…actually not attention but the affection that I will get from ur attention…and that’s y I made u come to the hospital…To get ur attention and affection…Sometimes I ask myself why do I expect all this from u? But whenever i think about that the only thought that comes is why not expect all this from u? I really don’t know what kind of feeling is all this!! Is this love or friendship? Can u tell me? And I think u are the only one who can answer to this question….”
Pragya was now in tears after pouring out all her feelings and was just looking down and waiting for his response. Abhi still didn’t turn around and he was now on cloud nine. So all this while she wanted my affection just like the way that I was thinking about her. He turned around and saw her. He went near her and asked her to sit down on the bench. Pragya “Did I tell anything wrong? And why are u so silent?” Abhi “U have not told anything wrong Pumpy! It’s exactly what I wanted to tell u! And to ur question is this love or friendship? Will u accept whatever answer that I give u?” Pragya “Yes whatever it is I am ready to accept it as I have full faith in u!”
Abhi “ It is love Pumpy…the love that we have for each other for our thoughts, feelings and emotions…I don’t know whether this love is love at first sight but its love that had happened over many meetings…that’s y whenever we meet it was interesting…U know something? The time that I kissed u…I myself don’t know why I did that but after doing that I felt happy for some strange reason… Our love had started from that moment and it has developed through all the time that we met each other!” And with that he kissed her lips the same way that he did in their first meeting. But now it was more passionate. Pragya was taken aback by the sudden kiss but she felt not strange anymore as this is his way of showing his affection for her.

Abhi does not want the moment to move on as he just wants to be in her solace as his heart has gone to her leaving him alone….
Yeto vellipoyindi manasu plays…

Yeto vellipoyindi manasu…Illa ontarayindi vayasu
My heart has gone leaving me all alone…I have no idea where it is
O challa gaali aachooki teesi kabureeyalevaa emayindo
O gentle breeze…can you trace my heart and let me know where it is?
Yeto vellipoyindi manasu…Illa ontarayindi vayasu
My heart has gone leaving me all alone…I have no idea where it is
O challa gaali
O gentle breeze
E snehamo kaavaalani innaalluga teliyaledu
I did not know till now that all I need is your companionship
Icchenduke manasundani naakevvaru cheppaledu
No one told me that our heart is meant to be bestowed to our love
Chelimi chirunaama telusukogaane rekkalochaayo evito
I feel like flying in the air as I got to know whereabouts of my love
Yeto vellipoyindi manasu
My heart has gone leaving me all alone
Kalalannave koluvundani kanulundi em laabhamundi
What is the purpose of those eyes if they cannot nurture our dreams
E kadalika kanipinchani silalaanti bratukendukani
What’s the point in living life like a sculpture expressing no emotions
Thodu okarunte jeevitam entho vedukoutundi antu
Every moment of life would be a celebration in the company of your loved one
Yeto vellipoyindi manasu
My heart has gone leaving me all alone

Yes Abhi’s heart had gone to Pragya and leaving him all alone so he just want to be with her and get her heart in return….
So what’s next? For that u all have to wait and it may be a longer wait as I am not free for the upcoming days…
Hope u all like the Telugu song that I used…

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  1. Song chala bhaga undi..
    I loved the episode.
    Awesome suga

    1. Chala santhosham tat u loved it Ammu!

  2. Ohh akka awesome epi ??u knw today i was desperately waiting fr ur ff nw iam on cloud nine☺☺loved it akka?but gonna miss ur ff pls be back soon?

    1. Haha Ok Saranya glad that u desperate for my ff! ya will be back soon if i complete my works on time???

  3. Brilliant………. it’s brilliant suga ❤️❤️??… I loved today’s episode…..

    1. Glad for loving it Abhigya! ❤??

  4. Super dear but where are you from actually all will use Hindi or there respected languages Bt ur using telugu it’s my one of the favourite song thanks for that

    1. Hey arshii actually she is a girl frm singapore n haan 4ur question as she is a telugu girl na so she usd telugu song but she used to tlk tamil in home

      1. Oh ya Pavi has answered to ur qn Arshii and haan its my fav song too.

    2. Hey my dr self analyser wht an epi dr i am just lost at ur wrds girl really girl really u made my day i just lovd it to the core dr n haan namma lifela nammaloda first hug,kiss idalam romba spl la n haan ennakum ennoda lifela first rendu hug rombave spl ennoda first hug en frnd hiranya kuda actually naan 9th std padikumbodhu en most fav pen tholanchu poiduchu adha naan thedatha edame illa ana athu kedaikave illa romba alluthen apram oru nal mor en frnd en pena enkita koduthu inoru frnd bagla athu vilunthu irunthuchunu sonna en pena partha odane kushila avala hug paniten apram 2nd hug en frnd aathis kuda hey en fb prof namela surname ava namedhan ava en cls frnd but 11th stdla schl marita apram avala 2yrs kalichu dhan parthen adhanale frnda partha exitementla avala hug paniten,haha i enaku theriyum nee naan vero etho interstnga solla porenu nenachela but nadandha unkita dhan first solven k va romba blade podrenla k bye

      1. Bladellam onnum podula its nice to hear ur experience and haan really touched by ur gesture of replying to others on my behalf….itha naan ethirparkave illa…Paasamana Pavi nu kaathita po!! ?? and haan both ur frnds are lucky to get u as frndm and of course me too!!!??

  5. Superb

    1. Glad that u find it Anjana!

      1. Glad that u find it Superb Anjana!

  6. Nice episode yaar…

    1. Glad that u find it nice durga!

  7. wow it was super n abhigya scene was awesome thank u so so so much for giving nice episode

    1. Haha its my pleasure Monesha!

  8. arey u used Telugu sing nenu expect cheyaledu kani chalabagundi essari enkadina cute song select chey sarana like varsham lo mellaga Leda katukakallu inka chala unnayi kada Sarena if u want I will help u in songs but today u killed the epi superb chalaaaaaaaaaa bagundi

    1. Alage Asmitha ur point is noted. Will also ask if i need any suggestions in song. And ya naaku kuda varsham lo unna ani songs nachindi…will see if there is a situation tat i can include tat song…

  9. Loved it……which lang is dat song??if it is tamil …I could not recognize it….is it Malayalam r Telugu??

    1. Its Telugu Varsha! Glad that u loved it!

  10. omg omg omg dr finally the Wait is over love has started confusion ended feelings xpressed affection encountered nd finally I am muted my god tht pragya’s each nd evry dialogue is awesome nd one more thing tht my sweetheart asking pragya before confessing to her tht whether she vil accept any answer has increased my respect towards him usually no one vil ask they just say tht its love but girl ur unpredictable impossible LOL itseems these two words hv bcame my daily routines fr u but thts true nd yaar abhigya scene u nailed it nd seriously I dont want to guess wat nxt bcoz I know tht I always go wrong LOL BUT GIRL HV TO ADMIT IT LITERALLY I AM ADDICTED TO UR EMOTIONS WRITINGS INDEED FR U LV U MISS U TILL UR NXT UPDATE nd dr song selection u nailed it smthng diff till nw no one used telugu songs indeed its one of my fav song my god this girl is a miracle in emotions in a simple nd graceful style nd tht words attention affection is revovling in my mind thnx fr such an emotion based story which shows evry emotion crystal clearly

    1. Haha u are always supporting me wit such an open heart…hmm ya i also find it a bit funny like making Abhi to ask Pragya will he accept his ans…but i thought why not? As Pragya was not confessing as she was asking him a qn too…haha i don know whtr my reasoning is correct or not but just thought it will be different…ur fav song too…haha its an old song na o thought most of u all find it funny but glad tat u all loved it!

  11. Superb episode dear!! I loved it so much!

    1. Glad that u loved it so much Reena!

  12. Yup i 4get to say somthng s dr u r rght opp poles attracts eachoth n thts y v’ve become frnds but suga v have some similarities too unna yaradhu akkanu kupita nee overa attacd agiduva enkita yardhu frnda palaguna naan ovr attacd agiduven n haan naan konjam strange ana charactr enaku edhu sarinu padudho atha dhan naan seiven mathavunga enna nenaipanganu ellam yosika matten idha en sonnena nee sonela un reply padicha naan unna akkanu kupiduvenu adhan solren ennaku epavum frnds dhan first so u r always my frnd n haan naan loosuthanama pesi una hurt paniruntha pls 4give me 4tht n would u like to b my frnd 4ever

    1. Haha ithula enna loosuthanama pesruthaku iruku. Its always my pleasure to be a frnd of urs forever… and haan naan en akka nu kuppidavanga mela romba attachment vaichudeven na its becoz of my sis…veetula en sis kuda thaan athigama time spend panuven so oru naalaiku ethana vathi akka ava kupidavanu theriyathu…akka ithu enna akka ithu senju thaa nu ethachu onnu solikite irrupa..athanla thaan i have a close attcmnt wit her so obviously i will have tat wit tose who call me akka too..but of course frnds are special too…entha vita expectations illama nammaku help pannuvanga athu varthai yala solla mudiyathu how great is tat and i value tat a lot…so i am happy to get a frnd like u Pavi!

      1. Hai suga I think u shld hav choose literature instead of pharmaceutical engineering avlo nalla eludara da song translation super ah irundadhu.

        And pavi eppadi iruka ma veetla ellarum eppadi irukanga ? Clg decide pannitiya da?

      2. Haha rithu i used to like english literature in sch…but didnt get the chance to continue it….if not i would have pursued it…romba tks for appreciating my writing…

      3. Hey dr i am a type of girl who usd to do anythng 4a frnd so its not a grt thng k va n ofcourse anythng 4u my dr frnd n haan frm now i am gonna call u sweetu as u r my swt frnd na n rithu ma naan epavum pola semaya iruken da nee da?

  13. Vry overwhelmed tat u all liked the epi i was quite scared for all ur response but thank god that u all liked it! And ya i know its kind of first time including a
    telugu song. But i just include tat by the situation and ya i listen to a lot of Indian songs like hindi, tamil,telugu, malayalam and many more…at times i will listen even without knowing te meaning of te lyrics if i jus love the music but of course will take te initiative to know te meaning so tat i can enjoy it better….so i will try to include another indian lang song according to te situation..all langs are beautiful in their own way and always i have a love for them…and ya songs is a gd way to fall in love with tem….

    1. Same pinch sweetu i too hear a lot of oth lan songs like tam,hin,mal,tel,punjabi,etc,haha sweetu really u r so swt girl lovng ur sis this much n haan don’t b emotional girl i’ll do anythng 4u my dr sweetu do u like this name? N haan innaku naan cook pannen theriyuma

      1. Sweetu va? Ok nalla thaan irruku peyaru haha…and oh cook panniya enna samayal?

    2. Hmm mutton curry n chicken fry actually amma oru functionku pona nala enna cook panna sonanga curry naladhan irunthuchu but chicken oilya illama dry agiduchu apram ippadi sapta dhan cholestrol varathunu solli samalichuten

      1. tasty and yummy…i like mutton a lot…haha appadi solli samalichiteya?? Naanum appadithan solluven ??

  14. this is a great chapter ! oh i can’tget enough of it, it is so so so so much awesome! like i always say brilliantly brilliant! girl you are beyond imagination!!!

    1. Haha again brilliant! Anyways always grateful for ur brilliant comments!!

  15. wow…superb…i loved it….finally abhigya united…

    1. Glad tat u loved it sana and ya they are united in one way though…

  16. Hai Maya I am silent reader…this episode was awesome the confession of their love wow cant express my feeling in this words…superb keep it up…waiting for next episode….and one thing will u link me the first episode or intro.. I didn’t get the episode…i searched many time but I didn’t get it….will u pls…

    1. Sure i will link u with the first epi and intro…and thanks for enjoying it Varsha it means a lot to me from a silent reader.

  17. Hiiii.. i am a silent reader of all abigya stories… and i am also a telugu girl iam very happy to ku u all r from telugu

    1. Glad to know u r also a telugu girl suji!

  18. Its really super awesome dii I loved it and Tat Telugu song super diii egarly waiting fr nxt epi……………

    1. Glad that u loved it Krish!

  19. Really really superbbbbb….d way that she confess her feelings is soooooo nice…..I luv that part very much…….I myself read that convo for many times……its really fantastic convo yaar…….simply luved ur today’s epi….thank u so much for such wonderful epi…keep rockingggggggggg…….

    1. Glad that u enjoyed and read te convo part many times…sure will try to keep on rock rose!

  20. Awesome epi. Which film is that song.? Eagerly waiting for next epi.

    1. Ninne pelladatha is the movie…its an old movie though…thanks for ur wait Bhoomi!

  21. Reshma Pradeep

    Its AMAZING….. FABULOUS…… SUPERB……..AWESOME…….. FANTASTIC………. Soooo LOVELY…….I loved it a lotttttttttt yaar……….I told u na……something is in ur Writings…….No..No…Nooo…..Its not SOMETHING yaar………Its Really MAGICAL………..??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺??????????????????

    1. So sweet of u Reshma!! May be its magical becoz of all ur magical support!!????

  22. Hii.. I am Nirmal, a silent reader but after reading this episode I couldn’t restrict myself from complimenting u for this superb story. Eagerly waiting for the next update…..

    1. Glad for ur compliments and ur wait for the next update Nirmal!!

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    1. Thank u Dimple! Sure will be keep gg!!

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    1. Haha actually no need to be sad Aarthi I have alrdy updated the nxt one…btw tks a lot for ur appreciation…

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