Will you be without me? Chapter 23


What is she trying to say?

Abhi asked her to rest in the guest room and said that he will check on her frequently. He also said that he had assigned a helper to her to attend to her needs and she do not need to strain herself to go to the kitchen to get anything.

Pragya was touched by the concern of his and had something else in her mind to gain more attention from him. It was evening time and Abhi came to the room where Pragya was and saw her sleeping peacefully. He thought that she is really not feeling well and that’s why she is feeling so tired. Abhi went near to Pragya and caressed her forehead and said ” Get well soon Pumpy! And sorry if i had hurt u…” After that Abhi left the room and Pragya who was acting to be sleeping opened her eyes. She thought, he care for me so much and his touch is so nice. It is such a pleasant feeling that i want it again and again….It’s just like the affection that I want from him badly all these days!!

After a while Pragya came out of the room and searched for Abhi and he was in his room looking at something. He didn’t noticed that Pragya had came inside…Abhi was looking at Pragya’s photo in phone and was talking…” Why Pumpy?? Why are u doing this to me? What are u trying to do to me? I am avoiding u but something makes us meet again and again…U don’t like friendship na? Then y u keep on calling me for help? I can’t ask u all this but still why Pumpy?” Pragya heard all this and said ” You can ask me all this directly instead of asking my photo!” Abhi turned behind and was surprised to see Pragya there. Abhi ” U woke up already? Oh this thing i was talking was just…..nothing…don’t ask me about it!” Pragya ” I had heard everything and I can explain…About asking u for help is because u are the only one I know that will come to help me immediately without even thinking about what will be the consequences of helping me…U are always like that from young and I still remember that. And as for the part u asked why are we meeting again and again…..Let me tell u that whenever we meet again and again all our meetings are interesting and may be it’s happening because of the interest that we have on each other….”

Abhi in his mind, what is she trying to say? We have interest on each other? It means she have interest on me?

Pragya ” Where are u lost now?” Abhi ” Lost in you…I mean in what u have said!” Pragya ” Ok actually I feel bored na thats why i came here to talk to u!” Abhi ” Ok sit here let me ask Robin to bring some snacks to eat!” Pragya ” Sure Boss! And dont think too much if not u will also have headache like me!” Abhi smiled widely at her response and left the room.

He came back with snacks and all were Pragya’s favourite…Pragya was so excited that she want eat all at one go!! Abhi ” Wait Pumpy! I can see your excitement but u dont have to hurry! All is yours!” Pragya unable to control her joy hugged Abhi!! Abhi was taken aback from the sudden hug…Pragya ” U are so sweet boss! Let me have all this first and then give u one more hug if all these tasted good!!”

Pragya started to eat as if she had not eaten for many days and within a while almost all the snacks were finished! Abhi was keep on looking in surprise and shock as he is still unable to accept that Pragya hugged him!

Pragya ” Ok done! I have completed everything and now u bring one more set for urself to eat!” Abhi ” Huh? This is what was prepared for both of us and u have eaten everything like a monster!!” Pragya ” Monster!! Me? Y u never tell me earlier that all these was for both of us!” Abhi ” I wanted to tell but u…just now..gave me a hug and then I forgot about that!” Pragya smiled in shy and said ” Ok just wait for about 10 mins and I will be back!” Abhi ” Where are u gg?” Pragya ” Wait I will be just back!”

Abhi, what is she trying to do now? Pragya came back after 10 mins and with a plate of food in it….Abhi ” U went to cook?” Pragya ” Haan! Ur favourite Gajar Halwa!!” Abhi ” So sweet of u” And now he gave a hug to her. Allah Waariyan plays at the background. She felt finally he hugged me and this is what i want!!

He was surprised to see Pragya smiling widely but he too liked the way Pragya was feeling towards his hug!! He could feel the happiness in her eyes…

Happiness lies in expressing ur happiness to ur loved ones…so how this way of expressing their happiness will lead to realization of their love for each other?…For that u all have to wait for the nxt update…

I also want to give long updates as u all wish but what to do I can only write my ff during my travel time and in between i need to change train and tats y my updates are short…

And Pavi I read ur comment and unnoda kelviku naan fbla answer panniten nee free ya irukra pa anga paru…inge sonna appuram neraya peru enna akka thaan solvingenu naan ninaikiren…..haha its not that ennaiya akka nu kupitha ennaku piddikadunu…its just that ippa neraya peru akka nu kupitinga na naan romba feel panna arambichudeven..enna naan eppodhume ennaiya akka nu kupiduvanga mela romba attachment vaichiduven whether the person is near me or far away from me….its an effect that i have since from young…sorry if whatever i told is a bit cliche or unbelievable to believe….but this is what i really feel…

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. Wow super epi maya akka?neenga akka nu koopta attached aayduvinga na paravala we too wil get attached???luv u and ur ff akka☺

    1. So sweet of u Saranya ??

  2. As usual the epi was fantastic da

    1. Ok rithu romba santhosham that u find it fantastic

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Its AMAZING yaar…….Something Magic….in Ur Writings……. Really its Enjoyable………. loved it………

    1. Magic ah? Not sure abt that but i always like ur support towards my ff which is also really enjoyable and i loved it too…

  4. Hey super yaar. ….but actually wat pragya trying to say or wat she wants. ….. i don’t know…..stupid girl …… he he he

    1. Haha confusion is what they both share in common they dont want to tell clearly what they want…its the side effect of love…

  5. Nice episode thn really sooooooooo cute abhigya

    1. Glad that u find them cute here!!

  6. wow it was awesome i love ur ff so so so much

    1. Glad that u loved it so much Monesha!

  7. ur episode last three lines r really true dr…..
    its just awesome…..
    i loved it alot……

    1. Thanks a lot for appreciating the last 3 lines and also for loving it tharu!

  8. even though the updates are short they are really good,…and it is always pleasure for me to read ur updates…
    and you know ….dii…..you are always my favrite
    as usual todays update was also very nice…their hug….feelings…everything….
    waiting for the next one……

    1. So sweet of u for considering me as ur favrite…and thanks for appreciating it too…its also always a pleasure to read ur comments and ff…

  9. This was so cute update! So Brilliantly brilliant, coz this is the only word through which i can tell how much i loved this episode!

    1. Haha ok can Somu for finding it cute…and loving it. As usual a lovely comment from u!!!

  10. Superb epi..dats ok maya whether its small post more epi..keep going on..

    1. Thanks for the support arshi fan!!

  11. Hey wow suga mind blowing….
    They feel for each other but not expressing their feelings… So lovely…. Always pragyas explanations are too good the way of she thinking….
    And one more thing u only attached with who call u Akka only ah… If not means no importance ah wat u telling. I really love ur way of thinking… Waiting for next update….

    1. Glad that u find it lovely…haha not like that coz I always feel being the need to be responsibile whenever others call me akka and tats y i will have attachment…but of course i value everyone who appreciate me whichever way they call me…so all of u all special to me!!

    1. Glad that u find it cool Varsha!

  12. Superb epi suga???❤️❤️❤️

    1. Glad that u find it Superb Abhigya !!!!

  13. omg dr yes ur successful in bringing me back with allah waariyaan moment but my sweet heart telling LOST IN Uomg I really cant xplain war I am gng through my god girl ur just unpredictable impossible fantastic cant tell anything more bcoz cheeks r paining by smiling widely althrough nd dr njoying it to the eternity my god super excited nd happiness philosophy is sooooo sweet nd gud dr

    1. Glad tat u were smiling throughout reading the epi….such an lovely comment and u are such a lovely person who always express ur happiness towards my ff…

  14. nice & funny good chala bagundi

    1. chala santhosham for ur comment asmitha!

  15. Maya from whr u r from Telugu r Tamil

    1. From Singapore and kind of both haha… Telugu is my mother tongue but learnt Tamil from young as a mother tongue subject here. Sadly, Telugu is not being taught as a subject here…

  16. Wow….that was soooooooooooo cute episode kaa… Yes u r right happiness is showing our happiness to our loved ones??… That was soo sweet kaa… And funny too?? I really loved it.. It was amazing..

    1. Haha glad that u loved it and find it amazing too Nivethitha!!

  17. Semma epi da asual i lovd it to the core n haan suga naan fb pona un reply pakuren da n haan suga i think our thoughts r quite dif enaku pidichavungala naan eppavum per solli dhan kupiduven

    1. Haha may be tats y we are attracted tgthr as frnds pola…opposites attract? illa? Hehe yaar enna eppadi kupithalum ennaku its no prob!…as long u r all talking to me na thr comments…athuve its a big thing for me!!

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