Will you be without me? Chapter 22


Acting time starts now!!

Pragya, Abhi I don’t know why u are avoiding me like this but I just want your affection as I feel its a very selfless affection without any expectations for me. And to get that I will do anything!

Abhi suddenly got a call from a unknown number. ” Hello! I am calling Daisy Hospital and is this Pragya’s boss?” Abhi, ” No…But yes! Can I know what’s the matter?” He was informed that Pragya had came to hospital for an appointment but she is giving them some trouble! And he was asked to immediately come to the hospital. Without even giving a thought he just rushed to the hospital.

In the hospital….

Pragya was holding her head with one of her hand as if she is having a bad headache. Abhi rushed to her upon seeing that. Abhi ” Pumpy! What happened and why are u here?” Pragya ” It’s just a headache but they are giving me so many tablets and thats y i had a argument with them!” Abhi ” Are u mad or what? The doctor knows well and tats y he had prescribed so many tablets and for this u are arguing with them! And wait how come they called me?” Pragya ” I am the one who gave your number saying that my boss will come and question u all!!” Abhi ” Like seriously? U are too unreasonable!!” Abhi went to the pharmacist area to collect the medicines and came back to Pragya. Pragya ” U bought them I said no and u still went to buy them!!” Abhi raised his voice and said ” Shut up ur non stop mouth and just come with me!” Pragya was taken aback by his loud voice and remained silent as she followed him while he was walking in front. Pragya quickly turned behind and winked at the pharmacist and in response she gave a thumbs up sign. Pragya, thank god! He didn’t get suspicious until now.

In the car…
Pragya ” Arrey this is not the way to go to my house!!” Abhi ” I am bringing u to my house!” Pragya ” But y? I mean i can manage myself! Its just an headache!” Abhi ” Ya u are right! U stay there alone and how can u manage urself? At least in my house there is helpers around and most importantly I will be around to take care of u!” Pragya felt happy hearing that he will be around to take care of her. And that is what she wanted. Pragya was lost in her thoughts and Abhi asked ” Where are u lost now?” Pragya ” I am lost in you…Oh I mean I am lost in your kind gesture…” Pragya, Omg! what did i just told him!! Hope he don’t ask me about that.Abhi ” Haan ok just remain silent like this until we reach my house” Pragya ” But what if others think if they saw me staying at ur house!” Abhi ” U are Pragya right? I thought u said sometime back u don’t really think about what others think and all! And now u are telling like that!” Pragya told to herself, Ya what he is saying is correct right? Why am i thinking about others now? Is this the change that he had brought to me? Abhi ” Again u are lost in thoughts! Ok fine just be like this and then once we reach my house u need to rest well!”

How will her stay at his house will make her gain his attention and affection at the same time? To know that u all have to wait for the next update…

Hope u all like this epi!!

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. Nice epi maya..waiting for next epi..keep going..

    1. Glad that u r waiting for the nxt epi and i have alrdy updated it!

  2. what’s tis ya….too small. ……….superb

    1. haha i know its too small the nxt one is on the way! hopefully by today!

  3. ?????? Brilliantly Brilliant! Just loved it truly

    1. So sweet of u again and loving it for truly loving my ff!!

  4. interesting pragya chala smart kani when they r going to realize their feelings pls make it fast

    1. Thapakunda they will realise but when and how will be a suspense Asmitha!

  5. Wow nice episode interesting

    1. Glad that u find it interesting Monesha!

  6. Interesting episode

    1. glad that u too find it interesting Varsha!

  7. Wow superb episode ka semma…?????

    1. Semma nu sonnathuku magizchi!!!

  8. Uffo maya akka u r unpredictable day by day awesome akka??

    1. haha athalam onnum illa Saranya anyways glad for ur comment!

  9. Hey suga super yaar…. But always giving short update… But its lovely….

    1. haha ya always short but i alrdy updated the nxt one hopefully it comes out by today for u all! glad that u find it lovely….

  10. Awesome epi… Keep it up!

    1. Thank u trisha!!

  11. Reshma Pradeep


    1. glad that u find it Superb!!

  12. Very nice and I noticed that the ff image is being changed according to the importance of character ahn nice

    1. Glad for finding it nice and ya i have been changing that according to the concept of each epi!

  13. Maya,, So far soooo goodd. Add some cute fight of abhigya pretty… please …..

    1. Ok sure Sandy! Ur request is noted and no need to say pls for this….

  14. Amazing yaar I’m super excited 4 next part yaar

    1. I have updated it but it really depends on tu uploading it!! Glad for ur excitement!

  15. Awesome

    1. glad that u find it awesome Abhigya!

  16. Haha superb epi da really u made it dr lovd it to the core,nee busya irukenu nenaikuren da free anadhukapram reply pannu da k va

    1. haha ya busy poi dinner pannanum…cooking time haan unnoda kelviku naan fb la answer paniruken and education part na…first its nursery,then kindergarten but anga 1st std inge its called primary 1 and its all the way to pri 6…apparam secondary…sec 1 to sec 4 or sec 5….and then JC (junior college)-2 yrs or polytechnic-3yrs depends on which one u want to choose apparama thaan college…and haan i studied until sec 5 and took poly which is for 3 yrs as i wanted to learn hands on skills….

      1. Oh ya pri 1 starts at the age of 7…

      2. And ya pri 1 starts from the age of 7

  17. omg drama queen pragya nailed it what happens ven abhi knows it ayoooo really super excited than both of them to c their confession fr each other many thoughts r going in my mind tht who vil confess first if so thn how if so thn on wat basis if so wat vil b their else other reactions my god md the line I AM LOST IN UUU omg Nd I AM LOST IN UR FF COULD U KINDLY BRING ME BACK

    1. ya she is a drama queen and i have replied to ur insta qn…and its no prob dr when u r free look at my reply…and ya hopefully i can fulfill all your expectations of their confession…haha i try to bring u back in my nxt epi!! pls don get lost and what if i cant find u back? haha

  18. Nice episode luv it very interesting

    1. glad that u loved it and find it interesting Shanaya!

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