Will you be without me? Chapter 21

I need to stop this…

Although Abhi was eager to win the challenge but something in him said that this is not right. What if he thinks something else about Pragya after knowing her past. Already he knows that he is having a strange liking and attraction towards her right from their first meeting.

He did not want to lose his childhood friend just because of his attraction towards her. He thought what if this attraction turn into love for her! And what if Pragya knows about it and she would definitely avoid him!! He decided to avoid her for sometime to avoid the feeling of attraction turning into love. I need to stop this feeling of liking towards Pragya before it turns worse.

Abhi started to avoid Pragya and her calls. Pragya felt bad about this and assumed may be he is having a busy schedule. As for Abhi, he is a having hard time to control his liking towards his Pumpy! He is always thinking about her…whether in his work or in home, his thoughts are always about her!

After a few weeks….
Pragya found it very strange and kind of hurt by the way Abhi is behaving. When the first week when Abhi was avoiding her calls, she thought that he is busy but gradually he was also ignoring her txt messages. Now whenever she called or messaged him, he is not at all responding. Pragya, Why is he doing like this when I badly want to see and talk to him! She went to mandir and was thinking, Oh god! I just want affection but without the attention from him now how can I get affection?”

As for Abhi in some deserted place, I don’t want the attention that I get from so many who just admire my status. I just want affection who someone loves me!!And will it be her? But she does not even like the thought of love. And now I end up avoiding her which only gives me pain. He thought about his first kiss to her and it only made him even more upset.

Pragya need to get his attention and she decided to take the first step for that but how will she do that? For that u all need to wait for the next update!

If u all have remembered the intro of this ff I had written some lines that was written in this epi…and Saranya not necessary u need to call me maya akka…u can just call me by my name…suga! But if u still feel like calling akka then its ok its my pleasure too…and guys dont think i am gg in the same track as my prev ff…in tat Abhi was scared to love but here he is already in love and do not want to accept it as he do not want to hurt Pragya with his feelings. And ya in both this and my prev ff Pragya is taking the first step but this one will be different….her effort to get attention from Abhi will be done all by herself.

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)


  1. Aarthi

    diii….ended in such a suspense…..???? waiting…to know what was pragya’s step….i know that i would be something different……eagerly waiting for it,…..

    • Maya

      Depends on tu when they upload the nxt one as i have alrdy done my part…thanks Aarthi for ur wait!

  2. fantablous……..super suga…..simply rocking………ya…..their first kiss….pls make them to realise soon…..

  3. arshi fan

    Woww maya..its just amazing and no maya its not like ur previous ff i can feel the dfrnc..go ahead..

  4. Maya

    I have alrdy updated the nxt one right after tis one but it is yet to come out….and sorry for the irregular timings of upload…

  5. ohhhhh dr wat a great thought tht attention nd affection r interrelated to each other really ur just superb its a new concept nd most evn many of us dont knw dizzzz u made me restless again wanna c wat vil pragya dooo tp get his affection my god ur just impossible fantastic job dr njoying a lotttt

  6. nd dr one more thing my sweet heart in montage is sooooo chwweeeeeeet my god its one of my fav pic of him go crazy like hell by cing him in tht md thnx fr tht also

    • Maya

      Haha i know right! The pic looks nice so tats y i chose it!!! Haha not at all a great concept as it happens in my life lol…

  7. asmitha

    chala bagundi u know Telugu na & the other one nee cover page lo abhi chala handsome ga unnadu so nice

  8. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superbbbbbbbb yaar…….?Something Different in all ur Episodes……..?

  9. Lakshmi

    Hey suga asusal u rocking.. Sorry today i am late…. And yaa u took good in writing. UR WORDS in ff are always linked with my emotins…. I really attached with this ff…. And pls update it long…. And one more thing where u live…

    • Maya

      No need to be sorry for late comment and glad that u are attached with my ff and haan I have actually updated the nxt one but I don know why is it taking so long to be updated!!! And for the long updates part its difficult though but i will try…sorry for that! And I am living in Singapore….

    • Maya

      Oh I learnt Tamil since I was young and in my family we all also speak Tamil as we don have chance to learn telugu as mother tongue here. So we all have tamil as our mother tongue subj. U are also tamil right?

      • Maya

        Oh last yr only i came not to chennai but trichy…if i ask my parents may be they will bring me there… haha ya but i think we don have tat much of relatives there to visit….not sure when i will come India again depends on my holidays….

  10. Maya

    Ok guys i have alrdy updated the same epi again if it does not come out again then i will check with tem and inform u all again!! Always they are torturing my patience like this!!!

  11. Sema epi da naan nethu nghte com panen but its k,i lovd it to the core da its quite dif so i love it a lot,haha suga nee semma character unkita pesunapa en cls frndta pesuna mathi irunthathu infact nee enoda cls frnd dhan but u r somewht special to me n haan angalam 7yrs dhan schlku poveengala!!! Ingalam 2yrs n 3mnths laye schlku aduchu pathevitruvanga but haan adhuvum semayadhan irukum n suga un age enna da enaku june2 vantha 17yrs agudhu sry da opps!! K k Sry vapas vangikuren ini unaku en imsai ellam palagidum

    • N haan anga education system pathi sollu da inga schoolnge 15yrs padikanum da,l.kg,pre.kg,u.kg,1st std-12th std apram dhan col da

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