Will you be without me? Chapter 2


Hiding from him….

After the accidental kiss both tried to avoid each other in the party. Pragya was with her group of friends and tried not to look at him. It was the same scenario for Abhi but everyone over there were noticing the weird behaviour of Abhi and Pragya. The party ended and both did not see each other at all.

Pragya was thinking how could he do like that? He is not even my friend or classmate. She did not even know who he was but agreed to dance due to compulsion of her friends. What she felt very strange was why did she liked when he kissed her!
As for Abhi he was thinking why was he smiling after he had kissed her accidentally? He thought, it must have been embarrassing for her and I should apologise to her.

A few days later….
Abhi went to park his car near a shopping mall. Pragya came out of the same shopping mall and he saw him. She wanted to hide from him so she covered her face with her duppata and walked as fast as she could to avoid him. Unfortunately, she dropped some of her shopping bags. Abhi saw that and went behind her to help her. Pragya knew it was him and was tightly holding onto her duppata so that she can hide her face from him. He helped to pick up the bags and tried to gave her bags but she hesitated and he understood that she is shy to get it from him. Abhi “ I am placing the bags on top of the car and you can take it once I leave” Pragya “ Thank you for the help!” Abhi smiled at her but she did not saw that as she was not facing him. Abhi left from there and Pragya turned back once he heard his footsteps had faded away. She quickly grabbed her bags and moved from there.

Pragya thought he is not that bad as he still know how to help others. It was their last meeting until when they met after many months in an unexpected event.

I had read all your comments to guess my name and it was kind of interesting to see you all guessing my name and some of u all guessed it right! It’s me Suga aka Maya! I am just writing this as I got a thought when I was watching a local show here and this story is loosely based on that. But this is a very short story pls do not expect for many episodes!! And also all my episodes will be kind of short too…

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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