Will you be without me? Chapter 18

I am shocked knowing the truth….

Pragya stayed back at Pune to find more about Abhi from his Maasi. She hoped may be in that way she could find out who was the person that Abhi had hated so much. Pragya “ Aunty do you know that anything that happened in Abhi’s life like in the past few years?” Maasi “ Haan Pragya I know but if Abhi gets to know that I am telling you, then he will get mad on me!!” Pragya assured her that she won’t ask anything about it to Abhi. Maasi told that Abhi had a best friend in his college and they were very close more like brothers but something happened that made the friend to cheat Abhi. Abhi couldn’t tolerate it and both of them didn’t talk to each other. Pragya was curious for what matter that the friend cheated Abhi but Maasi had no idea about that as she heard all this from another friend of Abhi who do not want to reveal the matter to her.
Pragya asked at least does she know the name of the friend and Maasi told the name. Pragya was shocked to know the name as it was very familiar to her. She was now hoping it should not be the same person that she knows. Pragya now had to find out this as now all the information that she knew is all bits and pieces.

As for Abhi although he was happy with the memories of the days he spent with Pragya, but still he was curious to know whether something really happened in Pragya’s life that made her to have the character that she has now? He knows that it’s difficult to find about her friends as she don’t really share her feelings to others. But his instinct told that he would be able to find about her past and help her to change from the person she is. After all he considered her as his friend, and he felt that it is his responsibility to know about her past too.

Both are clueless on how to find about each other’s past but they hoped that they can figure it out. But when and how it happens it is only in the hands of destiny.

Pragya called Abhi to enquire whether he reached safely. Abhi “ Pumpy! Just nice u called me! I have just reached home and now going to freshen up! And how about u?” Pragya “I just had my breakfast and thought of calling u to know whether u have reached safely…” Abhi thought that she is so much concerned about me just like a friend. Abhi “ So what’s ur plan today?” Pragya “Nothing much may be gg out!” Abhi “Alone?” Pragya “Ya of course then u think what I have escorts to follow me huh?” Abhi “No I mean why u not gg out with any of ur family members?” Pragya “I prefer to go alone…” Abhi “But u came along with me right? It’s like the same thing if u went out with ur family members!” Pragya “ U are different from others and you yourself don’t know about it…and I just like to go out alone as there will be more time for me to explore the surroundings without any restrictions….” Abhi “ U ah? Always coming up with some philosophies that makes me wonder why did u become a event organiser? U should have become a philosopher!!!” Pragya “ Like seriously boss?? Just because my thoughts are a bit different from u that doesn’t mean I am coming up with philosophies!!” Abhi “Ok fine just update me wherever u go and call me back once u reach home too!” Pragya “Yes Boss! Point noted”. With that both ended the call and were as usual thinking about each other….

So who is the person that Abhi hates so much. Is he related to Pragya and how will she find that out? Is their past is connected in some way that will make them closer? To know that u all have to wait for the upcoming updates….

Actually I did uploaded yesterday but i don’t know why was it not uploaded so I am uploading it again and also made it a bit longer…

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