Will you be without me? Chapter 16


Being with you is my pleasure….

Abhigya had a great time spending and roaming around Pune…Abhi himself couldn’t believe that Pragya knows so many places in Pune and all the best and he thanked himself that he brought his favourite camera and was able to capture all the wonderful sceneries and especially Pragya in all of them….

He knows that Pragya don’t really like the concept of selfies as he had observed it on the final day of the event that they had worked.Everyone was taking selfies but Pragya was politely saying that she don’t like selfies and was away from it. Pragya was surprised that he did notice all that and again felt that may be that’s why he is my buddy!!

Abhi ” Pumpy enough for today! Already I am very tired! Shall we go out tomorrow too? Already it’s very late and your family will also be worried right?” Pragya ” No one last place that I want to bring you and it’s my favourite here and after that we shall wrap up the day for today!” Abhi smiled and said ” Do you think I would say No? Seeing your eagerness I also can’t wait to go there! But just one last place ok?” Pragya ” Ok sure boss!”

Again Pragya was giving the directions and finally they reached the place. It was a very small mandir and Abhi was wondering what is here to see. Abhi ” Is this your place for sight seeing and you know that I don’t believe in all this!” Pragya ” It’s not for sight seeing we are here it’s for sharing our feelings and thoughts that we are here!” Abhi ” Let me tell u something…we should share our feelings and thoughts to those we are close to and those who can help us and advice us and do you think god can do that?” Pragya ” Yes it’s true that what u have said but do u know that the close ones that hear what u share to them are sent by God….God knows what our problems are and even though we can’t see him listening to our problems but still he is helping us through the people we meet…It is up to you whether you want to believe all this but just come with me once and may be you can just experience a different kind of atmosphere there” Abhi ” Ok I am just coming for the atmosphere part even though whatever u have said sounds nice to hear!” Pragya ” Ok let’s go!”

As what Pragya said Abhi felt a different atmosphere there…A more calm and peaceful feeling had engulfed him. He saw Pragya praying to God and waited for her…Abhi ” So you usually come here?” Pragya ” Yes how u know?” Abhi ” From the way u give directions itself I know that u come here often!” Pragya ” Oh ya right? How funny of me to ask such a silly question!!” Abhi ” Ya u are funny!!” Pragya ” Just because i call u boss u cannot call me funny!!” Abhi ” Oh really? Ok if we talk then we will be keep on talking… let’s get going!” Pragya ” Now I agree that u are a boss because of this!”

Abhi dropped Pragya at her house and before leaving he said ” I don’t know why but I felt very peaceful at the mandir. And thanks for that Pumpy!” Pragya ” U see that’s the power of God! U should thank him!” Abhi ” I don’t know about that but what I know is that your presence also had made me calm down and just as you said may be God had sent u to meet me and helped in your form to experience a peaceful feeling today!” Pragya had no words to express how she felt at the moment when he said like that. Abhi ” Ok I am leaving before maasi shouts at me for coming late!” He left from there looking at Pragya who waved at him to say bye….

Pragya thought to herself that being with you is my pleasure and it will always be if you are with me as long you are not expecting anything from me….

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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