Will you be without me? Chapter 15

Shall I tell her the truth?

Abhi was eagerly waiting for Pragya’s call. Today they were going out together to visit different kind of places…And he have no idea of the places that he would be visiting as Pragya said all that will be a suspense!!

Pragya called Abhi ” Are you ready?” Abhi ” Haan Pumpy! Where are you?” Pragya ” I am just outside your house! Come down fast before it’s too late!” Abhi ” Okok I am coming down now!” With a lot of excitement, he came down and saw Pragya holding onto some bags…Abhi ” What is all this bags for?” Pragya ” Oh all have food in it! Today the whole day we will be out so I had prepared snacks and lunch too!” Abhi ” Really? I am so excited but why do u have to bother yourself to prepare so much? We can just buy food outside right?” Pragya ” Hmm ya! But I want u to taste the food that I prepared!” Abhi ” Ok then I will taste all of them and grade your cooking!” Pragya ” Now you are acting like a real boss!!”
Abhi ” I am a boss right?” Pragya ” Ok enough of talking let’s move!”

Abhi drove the car while Pragya was giving directions to him. And then they reached the place…Abhi couldn’t believe his eyes of what he had seen! It’s the same place that he had played a lot with Pragya during his childhood days….Abhi ” U still remember this place?” Pragya ” U think I will forget? Certain things are just etched in your heart that you can’t forget. U will just carry them with u all your life!” Abhi was really very touched by her words and felt that what is the reason for her to value the childhood memories with him to this extent….

They both sat down there for a while and were looking at the blue sky and were silent for a while before starting to talk to each other…
Pragya ” Actually I want to ask u something?” Abhi ” First time!! Pumpy!!” Pragya ” What first time?” Abhi ” U are asking me something? All the while I am asking you something!!” Pragya giggled a bit and continued to ask ” U know when I was working with you for the event… I saw something in your wallet when u dropped it accidentally…And it’s bothering me for all this while after seeing that…I couldn’t ask u at that time as u were nothing to me but now i know that u are my buddy so i felt like asking u about it” Abhi was puzzled on what was she refering to and Pragya said it was a photo that she saw…Abhi understood what she was referring to and said ” Now I know what you are referring to! But I don’t want to talk about it” Pragya ” No you have to tell me about it that why u have crossed the face in the photo!” Abhi ” Are we here to enjoy or talk about my past?” Pragya ” Ok I won’t ask again if you are not interested to share with me but pls don’t get angry on me… I can’t bear that!” Abhi ” Sorry Pumpy I was just irritated when u talked about that and how can I get angry on u? Ok pass me the snacks that u have prepared! I am feeling hungry now!” Pragya ” Ok here u go!”

Pragya really wondered what really happened that he had so much hatred towards a person to cross the person’s face but at the same time kept the photo in his wallet…As for Abhi he was thinking shall I tell her the truth? Who is that person? And how will Pragya find the truth?

Hope u all liked the suspense and hope it turns out interesting as both of them would be trying to find out about each other’s past…but to know how and when will it happens u all have to wait for it…..And in the process of finding the past they will also know something unexpected too…..

And I have replied to all ur comments and love u all for the sweet comments….

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)


  1. TINA

    Maya.. itz great yaar… but itz not fair to post this much short epis for this much interesting strory.. can’t wait to read next epi

    • Maya

      I know it’s short but pls wait when i am free i will make it longer…glad that u find it great and interesting tina!

  2. somiya

    Awesome, so this time i m not touched with pragya’s words, but yours! Seriously i loved it! And i love it when you reply to each comment that’s so sweet of you!

    • Maya

      Haha that’s not an big deal as how much happiness i get from reading the comments the same amt i get when replying to everyone!!

  3. yaar I am currently pursuing Bsc physics final year dr nd thnq uuuu fr wishes nd dr the captions u select daily is amazing nd u match it with montage its really admiring nd another intrstng TWIST njying a lot waiting fr the reveal of their past

    • Maya

      All the best!! And glad that u admire my captions and the montages that i used…and i will try to make u enjoy the twist n turns here!

  4. Hey suga dr lovd it a lot n girl i wanna thnku 4 this ff coz in each n every epi of ur ff u r brngng me the thghts of my swt chldhd n haan v to used to play at the bckside of our temple,intha yr dhan nanga chldhdla odi puduchu vilayanda santhu side romba yrs nearly aft 9-10yrsku apram ponaen nee sonathum unmai dhan naan ennoda chldhda romba miss panraen sila neram antha swt momtsa nenachu parkumbodhu enda valandhomnu thonuthu chldhdla nammaku endha restrictnsum irukadhula yarkuda venalum pesalam vilayadalam ana ipo nammaku romba clsa iruntha chldhd frndta kuda pesa mudiyala hmm but valarama irunthiruntha ippa ennala en swt frnd kuda pesitu irunthiruka mudiyathu,so ona elantha dhan innonu kedaikum rght

    • Maya

      Oh so sweet of u! Nee sonnathu ellame unma than aana silla nerathula chinna pillaiyave iruntha fun neraya irrukum no tension and no worries…but its ok naan valrantha nallatan inge neraya unna mathiri aana friends ellarathaiyum pesa mudiyuthu…always a pleasure talking to u pavi!!

  5. Nivethitha

    Lovely ka the episode was filled with soo much of cuteness..???? and I am eagerly waiting for the suspense…

    • Maya

      Glad that u find the episode was with cuteness and also for waiting for the suspense…..

  6. Sanju

    Episode was very nice and superbbbbb 🙂 … What’s in pragya’s mind ??? Waiting to know …

  7. Surbhi

    again a rocking episode suga you rocked it i love that episode yr 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 just have this as your award 🙂

    • Maya

      Glad that I received a award from u!! Feeling vry bad that I was unable to read ur ffs for the past few days….will read it soon and ya tks for the surprise as in ur teaser….

  8. sharaya

    Awesome Suga loved it a loooootttttt and if you say thank you then I won’t spare you because no sorry and thanks between friends

  9. arshi fan

    Just now only i have read ur prev epi and this one both are just amazing dont mind that i was not able to read ur ff daily..keep going..

    • Maya

      Haha its ok same situation as urs not able to read ur ff on daily basis but will read when i am free!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.