Will you be without me? Chapter 14


Hiding the truth from each other….

Pragya called Abhi to check whether he had read the card. Pragya ” Hello Boss! Have you read the card that I gave you?” Abhi ” Yes Pumpy and I didn’t expect this from you! It’s was so unexpected and for the two questions you had asked me, I would just say it is just my pleasure to spend time with you buddy!” Pragya ” So you liked the card?” Abhi ” I loved it!” He wanted to ask about the particular line that disturbed him but he brushed off that thoughts as he felt what if she got hurt if i ask her…

Pragya ” So since we have only 5 more days left here why can’t we explore the places here?” Abhi ” Explore?? Like seriously I thought u are always a person who likes to stay at home? From since when you had become like a explorer?” Pragya ” Ya but it was the past and a lot of things had changed in my life and these changes also changed me!” Abhi ” What are you saying? What are the things that had changed?” Pragya ” Leave all that! Are you coming with me or not?” Abhi ” Yes I am coming but what really changed in your life?” Pragya ” I just told that in a flow and nothing have changed it’s just that I was blabbering to make you agree to come with me!”

Abhi was not convinced with her answer and he knew something happened in her life that made her told that way. And now he had to find that out… Abhi ” Ok fine but what you have told is absolutely correct Pumpy…even I had faced some changes in my life..” Pragya ” What’s that?” Abhi ” Just leave it Pragya! I mean there is no point in talking about things that had happened and finished in my life..” With that he ended the call saying that he have some urgent work to do now….

Both were wondering what is the past that they were hiding from each other…But what both of them felt is that instead of thinking about the past, it will be better to live in the present and try to make it beautiful in all ways….

I know it’s very short but ya it’s kind of difficult to type two ffs during train travel! Hope u all understand as once I reach home I feel very tired…..But I will try to make it as a longer update tmrw!

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. Nice cnsept yar. Unite them soon

    1. Hmm will try to make it soon! ??

  2. Nice episode , we also will join with them to explore 🙂 … Episode is very short one , if possible pls update update the long one next…

    1. Sure sanju nxt one I will try to make it longer!!??

  3. ?????????????????????????? ???????????? that’s all I really wanna do

    1. So sweet of u ??????

  4. Pls make them realize there love

    1. Ok lakshmi!!????

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superbbbbbbbb……..

    1. Ok reshma ??

  6. Nice yaar thn eagerly waiting for next part yaar…

    1. Glad that u find it nice ??

  7. And Maahi I have alrdy replied to ur qn in the previous update! ?? when u have time u look at it yr….

  8. Superb suga
    Episode chala bagaundhi.
    Have a great journey..
    Take care..

    1. Tks Ammu for ur concern ??

  9. THIS IS PROBABLY ONE OF MY FAVORITE SHORT STORY! That’s so amazing,no that’s not so amazing you are amazing! Itssssssssssss Confusing me what to say further so i end it here! It’s marvellous, Quite a Sensational story Suga :*

    1. Sensational story ah? Haha ok can for ur amazing comments ??????

      1. Ah yes bcoz your story causes a great public interest and excitement, lol i think ? Coz it’s very impressive!

      2. Lol public interest!!! ?? didn’t expected that though?? but i agree that I am trying to make it exciting…??

  10. Abhigya......

    This is short but superb…❤️❤️❤️

    1. Glad that u find it superb!??

  11. Actually somi is absolutely right it was soooooooooooo amazing ka ya it’s a small one but it was filled with so much of cuteness..

    1. Sari Nivethita ????

  12. yaar yes I read it but srry I forgot it bcoz now a days short time memory loss nd drrrr thnq uuu soo much fr replying nd most importantly mentioning it again bciz there is no need fr u to answer my question nd again mention it as u r a writer nd asusual busy in ur schedule but still u took ur precious time fr replying me nd mentioning it again bcoz ur such a sweet heart nd thts sooo sweet of uuuu fr dizzzz thought of u my respect towards uuuu increased a lottttt nd superb intrstng plot really cant imagine nxt step but indeed I too vil explore with them in dreams nd once agn thnq uuu frm the bottom of my heart fr replying nd mentioning it again lv uuuu I wish u shld lead a precious colourful nd brightful life nd I knew u vil dfntly bcoz my heart strongly says ir though I nvr saw u bcoz v all vrry vel knew WORDS REFLECT OUR THOUGHTS nd ur just damnnnnmmn perfect in words so y not in thoughts srry if I bored u with such paragraph but thought to share with u

    1. So sweet of u haha you are telling as if i am a full time writer lol… yes true i am having busy schedule but not busy until that i can’t reply to ur qn! ????….I also wish u the same whatever u had wished for me in my life!??

  13. Nice episode!

    1. Glad that u find it nice trisha ??

  14. Superb epi da apram nee enna padikura? n haan suga unmaiya sollanumna namma chldhd frnds romba spl la haan ennakum oru chldhd frnd irudhan unmaiya solanumna ennoda 1st boy frnd illa illa ippa varaikum one n only bf avan dhan actually avan ennoda relation mathi dhan enga rendu per fam romba cls but yearly once dhan meet panna chance kedaikum en granpa villagela anna avana romba yrs kalichu 3yrs bck dhan parthen pesanumnu thonudhu anna avan enkitala pesuvananu theriyala sry da naan thevai illama pesi en frnd oda precious ana timea waste panitaen

    1. Haha time ellam onnum waste pannala…naanum evalavu neram than padipa pathiye nannachitu irukarathu? Konjam macho relax pannanum right? So athanalla ungaloda comments ellam padichu and reply panni relax panuren??…oh appadiya Pavi ennala purinjika mudiyathu naama valarantha appuram childhd la pazhaguna mathiri iruka mudiyathu…same here as u….

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