Will you be without me? Chapter 12


He is my sweet boss!!

Pragya was shocked to see him and asked ” U are here?” Abhi ” Yes I was invited so I am here! And why are u so shocked? And wait are you rushing to meet someone?” Pragya with a tensed voice ” Ya but why should I tell u?” Abhi smiled at her and said ” Boyfriend is it?” Pragya ” Nooo! And why are you so curious?” Abhi ” Of course no why should I be curious about you? You are such a boring person!!” Just then Abhi’s maasi came there and said ” So Pragya u have met ur boss alrdy?” Pragya was puzzled how does she knew that I had worked for him…Maasi ” Abhi so now you also have talked to Pumpy right? Remembering the childhood days right? I won’t disturb you all and just come to the hall in 10 more minutes as the function is going to begin soon!” Abhi ” Ok Maasi we will be there soon!” Pragya still looked shocked as she is now unable to believe that Abhi is her childhood buddy…

Abhi ” By now you would have known who am I right? I thought you don’t believe in friendship but you were still excited to see me!” Pragya ” Yes I don’t believe in friendship but I liked the bonding that I had with my childhood buddy and I am glad to know that it is you! The moments we spent was just filled with fun and not with any kind of worries or expectations! So that’s why I was so excited to meet you!” Abhi was again amazed with the kind of thoughts that she had and realised that he still need to know more about her…Abhi ” Ok Pumpy! Let’s go to the hall now!!” Pragya ” Yes Boss!”

Pragya was looking very cheerful throughout the function, she was more like a family member who was receiving the guests and helping out with a lot of things. Abhi was impressed with Pragya’s gesture and was keep on looking at her and also at whatever she was doing.

Pragya also looked at Abhi and she was all the way smiling at him in response. Abhi felt that it’s just nice to be with her but there is a lot to know about her…As for Pragya she was thinking now I can’t escape from him as he is my sweet boss! He is so sweet in everything he does and I should also be nice to him. I should give him something that he will like a lot!! Pragya decided to surprise her boss with something…. What’s the something? To know that wait for the next update!

Sorry for the short update as I am stuck with some work again!

Happy Mother’s day to all the mothers of my friends here!! Have a great time with your mum!! And mothers are the beautiful angels that make our lives a sweet paradise so love them and live with them with lots of fun!

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  4. Pumpy and Boss! So cute bonding! And may be something would be everything, loved ittt

    1. Haha u think so? Hmm I am not sure about that just wait to see what is it!??

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  6. Hey suga as always u just rocked…. Very nice…. Pragya was right, in our childhood there is no expectations so we always used to b happy thats y we always Luke our childhood friends….. Hey suga tomorrow is ur result na….. All the very best…. Defenatly u will rock… Iam waiting for ur next update…

    1. Tks lakshmi! U always agree with my words… So nice of you ?? and ya i got my results not that great and at te same time not that bad! ??

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    Its Awesome……. Pumpy & Boss!!!????????

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  11. Episode was superb and nice 🙂 …. Bonding between them is too gud ….

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