Hello guys….. thiis is my first attempt. pls support me… actually I was planning this plot for a long time but could not post due to exams.. Now I’m free to write and I’m very happy Bcoz I’m alloted IISER Mohali…
So lets start…pls forgive my mistakes.
(Note: I’m tooooo weak in romance.. there will not be any in this..)

A night that changed many lifes… we can see a small room with only a table lamp.. we can see a girl of about 15-16 yrs writing something… suddenly she threw away all the things like a mad and ran away cring….
Seconds gave way to minutes and then to yrs….

6 yrs later…
St.Xaviers college…The pride of Kolkatha. “WELCOME FRESHERS” is written .. So we could easily identify its a reopening day…

We can see a grp of students in the parking lot impatiently waiting for someone… they soon hear a honking sound and turn to see …. handsome hunk of college, our hero the grt SANSKAR MAHESWARI in his brand new bike stands with a mischievous smile playing in his lips…
(Sanskar:son of Ramprasad Maheswari and late Sujatha Maheswari. rp is an honest politician with a grt image in the soceity.)
Sans: so guys, after a long time… (a group hug)..(with a naughty smile) found anyone….?
(Sanky’s grp: Kavita, Kavya(don’t wry, they r not -ve)
Karthik, Arjun, Karan,
Laksh Maheswari: Naughty brother(cousin) of sans. Son of Durgaprasad Maheswari, a reputed bussinessman, a cool dad,(not khadoos like in serial) and Annapoorna Maheswari.)
(From back)Lak: how mean… saw your frnds.. forgot ur sweet bro..
All turns to the direction and laughs..
poor lucky.. he is struggling to hold sanky’s new bike
Lak: u know I’m here not for weight lifting competition…
Sana: aree… u can’t even hold a bike… then what are you doing in gym everyday ha… I guess u will be……
Lak:… ooo enough pls hold this thing…I came only bcoz of ur sayings,u know I don’t like bikes… My car is my life….
Sans takes the bike and parks it.. turns to his frnds..
Sans: so… got anyone?
Kavi: nope.. not anyone until now…
Sans:So… what to do?.. lets …
his talks is disturbed by a honking sound of the brand new Black Mercedes.
all looks astonished…
Sans:(to gang) oh mann… Whoever it is he/she will be our target.. to college in Mercedes..trying to show pride… hmmmm…

PLS GIVE UR RESPONSE whether to continue or not…….

Credit to: ARS

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