I will win you back (arshi Few Shots) Shot 2

Hy guys hope I don’t bore you as this is going to be an overdramatic shot
2 weeks go bye with regular fights arguments and accusations.Arnav is the one who brings up most of the fights but khushi mostly prefers to stay quiet as she believes that the truth will come out one day.
Arnav had to go for a meeting in Mumbai so he goes there in the evening.
That night.
Khushi feels thirsty in the middle of the night and gets up

She sees the jug empty and goes down to the kitchen to take water.
While coming back to her room she hears something and her face becomes white.
The next day khushi goes missing and everyone tries to call her but she doesn’t answer thier calls.
Anjali gets super worried and so does Payal. Nani was told that khushi had gone to the temple

Shyam had some important work and he went out.
After around four hours of the disappearance Anjali who was pacing here and there in her room,received a call from an unknown no.
Anjali:hello whos there
Other side: di I am khushi speaking.
Anjali:khushi where are you, everyone is so worried for you.Wait I will tell everyone.
Khushi: wait di, today a storm is coming in our lives.
Anjali: khushi what are you saying I cant understand anything
Khushi: di I am coming in 5 mins. Don’t tell anyone about this call.
She hangs up leaving Anjali confused .

After sometime khushi enters the room through the widow.
Anjali immedietly shoots questions
Anjali: where were you do you know how worried we were and why did you enter from the window.
Khushi: calm down di,today ther will be a big storm in our life and we need to face it,but di promise me that you will not fall weak.
Anjali promises confused.
Khushi asks her to change into her cloths
Anjali changes into khushi’s cloth while khushi changes into hers.

They hear a sound of a gunshot.
Khushi asks Anjali to hide and the latter complies
She hides behind the curtain.

After a moment or 2 she hears shyam’s voice and his words shock her like lightning.
Khushi has her back to him
Shyam: so rani sayba(queen madam) today you will be shocked hearing this, that I never loved you I married you for money only and I wanted to marry khushi but you came into my way .But before akaash’s wedding Arnav saw me hugging khushi she was not at fault but your brother is so concerned for you that he married khushi to save your marriage. I added fuel to the fire by telling him that his doubts were correct .You know I even paralysed khushi’s father, because any one who comes in my way shall be crumbled and now it is you who are coming in b/w us. Don’t you dare turn, I don’t even want to see your face.

He shoots and goes out of the room.
Anjali runs to khushi
Anjali is shocked seeing her in holding her waist.
Anj:khushi ,
Khushi: go down pls for me and remember be strong. You have arnavs sweart.
Anjali goes down and stands with the rest of the family members.
Shyam asks the goons to take them all to the room with the gas.
The goons do so amd switch on the gas (poisonous)
Everyone starts feeling dizzy but soon the effect fades They all faint but not before Anjali sees a whole in the window which enlarged due to increasing high pressure.
The next thing she remembers was police cars and later she wakes up in the hospital and beside her was Arnav

Precap: truth before Arnav,

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