I will win you back (arshi Few Shots) Shot 1

So guys I am giving you a brief of the story from where I am starting the fs. You can check it out on Wikipedia also. I don’t think anyone would remember the details as It is 4 years since the episode.

After arshi marriage due to arnavs belief that khushi has an affair with shyam,their lives were filled with arguments and fight,not to forget a rare glimpse of romance here and there. On the last day of their visit to the gupta house,Khushi decides to commit sicide due to some stupid circumstances (she is the foolish one)Arnav saves her at the nick of time and in their argument reveals the real reason of their marriage. On returning to the gupta house he sees that khushi is not affected by the recent incident. On the way back to his house he gets irritated and confronts her.
Shot1:a pile of arguments
Arnav: why are you not giving any reaction .

Khushi: want to know why, because I don’t think you are worth it
Arnav: you are the one having an affair with my sister’s husband and I am not worth it.
Khushi: coz you who could have such a cheap mentality,who could raise a finger on my character does not have the right to know anything.But remember that the day truth comes out you will repent.
She walks off
He goes to the car and drives back to raizada house.
On reaching he finds Anjali and nani waiting for him .They see him and go towards him
Anjali: where is khushi.
Arnav:she dint reach,she had some work so she will come later.
Anjali:you should have waited for her na
Arnav:she is not a baby,and besides I had some work and the files were here so
He goes.

Arnav comes down to the hall thinking khushi was saying big big things and now cant even come to the room to show her face
He sees Anjali pacing here and there
Arnav:di what happened
Anjali:see na its almost dark, and khushi has not yet come

Arnav: what
Anjali: I don’t know where she is.I am very worried.She even left her phone at the gupta house
Arnav isn’t paying attention.He is worried about khushi and scared if something happened to her.
(guys however angry we are with them we never stop caring about those whom we love.Do we?)
Just then khushi comes
Anjali rushes to her.
Anjali:khushi! You are fine na.How did you get so late.
Arnavs thoughts are broken by her voice

He runs to khushi and hugs her.She doesn’t respond

He pulls away and hold her shoulder
Arnav: where were you You know how worried we were.Answer me damn it .
Khushi jerks off and answers Anjali: actually, I couldn’t find an auto .So I had to walk all the way.
Anjali: you must be very tired then,Go to your room I will get yours and chotes dinner there only
While the dinner is going on

Arnav starts coughing
Khushi passes the JUG of water(she did not give it instantly as she was very hurt by him)
Anjali sees this.
At night Anjali and Nani are discussing about arshi’s behaviour.
Anjaly: Nani the truth is that both love each other but something is stopping them to express it but whatever it is ,it has affect khushi more than chote.
End of chapter 1

Precap: Maha twist
See you soon bye,
PS this wont be more than 10 shots.

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