Will you watch YRKKH without Karan Mehra?

Karan Mehra is popularly known as Naitik Singhania of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Since the serial started in the year 2009, the actor is working as the prime lead. Like Hina Khan made her mark as Akshara, similarly no other actor can justify Naitik’s role more better than Karan. Naitik’s virtues, politeness, sweetness and charm are maintained even after so many years. When the show took leap, Karan has managed to look more dashing and stylish, also giving fresh look to his character. His character of Naitik is so much loved by the viewers. He is just adorable and one of the best husbands seen on the Indian telly. Naitik and Akshara’s pairing is one of the most loved Jodi, and won many hearts by their perfect couple characters since the last seven years.

Karan has left a superb impression and shown his true acting talent with much varied portrayals in the show. He has proved his acting prowess by showing the true colors and essence of the best relations in life. Naitik as a son, husband, father, friend and person could be described as an ideal-virtue man. Viewers loved Naitik and Akshara’s romance. Even after the leaps, Naitik and Akshara’s pairing seemed rocking and untouchable by the younger generation. Karan Mehra is now going to quit the show because of his health reasons. Karan will be leaving the show this month. Naitik will be seen leaving for Nigeria along with Naman, where Naitik’s character will be dying. Naman could be behind Naitik’s death. The shocking twist will be really upsetting Naitik’s family and Karan’s fans. Will you watch YRKKH without Karan Mehra? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Ohhhh!!!! that’s sad….

  2. No… That serial will become totally boring without Karan.. He is so cute..his acting is superb.. I just wish that he get well soon..

  3. I’ll miss Karan Mehra(i.e Naitik) a lotttt….. ?????? He is the most dashing male actor in Indian TV Serials Industry. No other actors can’t replace him…

  4. dont know what to say but it is very sad that karan is leaving the show.We cant imagine the show without him


    How much will they dragg the show…. aaj tk samjg nhi aaya inko ki yeh rishte kya kehlate hai… tooo much… end this show…

  6. Please don’t go naitik you are best husband best father and your acting skills are so marvelous Karan mehra please don’t go

  7. Just end the show along with naithik s character…..how many years more they will drag the show…..give space to newcomers….. I used to love the show at the beginning years but then the story revolves around so many marriages misunderstandings between families couples and sorting out it by one and only akshara….
    But one thing which all other serials should learn from this one is the love support and trust in between the main leads….it’s appreciable….
    After seven years they keep up their marriage and love what if may come….
    Ekta s serials lack the same thing….

  8. Ananya Mukherjee

    The show would look absolutely incomplete & boring without Karan I hope his health gets fine soon and he manages to shoot further for the show and entertain the viewers

  9. Me and my cousine did’nt like karan and we suggest him as Mr Bean

  10. Yes, so happy Naitik is leaving the show……Story should be based more on Naira and Kartik know. DOn’t like AKshara or Naksh either

  11. Will really miss Karan. He is such a driving force behind the Oshawa. It will not be the same for us or Akshara!

  12. Will really miss Karan. He is such a driving force behind the show. It will not be the same for us or Akshara!

  13. No more suggestion..what ever gonna happn.. No problm.. but neva make the viewerz bore..?

  14. TV actor Karan Mehra aka Naitik of ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ (Star Plus) has finally quit the show after a seven-year stint.

    Reports of Karan quitting the show owing to issues with co-star Hina Khan ak Akshara had surfaced in January, along with reports about him not being happy with his character graph in the show. He had dismissed all those reports and said, “How were we working for the last seven years if we weren’t getting along? We recently won the award for the longest jodi, toh woh mazak mein hi diya hoga kya?”

    Karan decided to leave the show due to his health issues. His wife, Nisha Rawal, posted a letter on her Facebook page, in which she wrote, “The guy is on immunotherapy shots. He developed HAH (High Altitude Headaches) & Back Spasms. His allergies have boomed & the doc asked him to take it easy or he would collapse n reach the ICU. That’s when we decided that it was enough (sic)”.

    Talking about his exit from YRKKH, Karan said, “It’s been an emotional journey for eight years now. Unfortunately, I had to leave now. But I want to thank my fans for their support and love. I wanted to be there till the end, but it won’t be possible.”

    According to some reports, that there will be a track which will show his character being kidnapped by his step-brother, which will mark his exit. It remains to be seen whether his character will die in the show or if a new actor will replace Karan.

    It has also been reported that Karan has been approached for the upcoming season of ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa’. “I am just going to be travelling a lot. If I have health issues, how will I do ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa’? These are all stories.” But will he surprise the audience by making a comeback to the show? “There will be no more surprises. This is the biggest surprise,” he said.

  15. Neither Naitik nor this serial is watched. Stop this crap, it is a decade old yaar.

  16. Get well soon Karan … Health is so important …. all the best for ur future … still we ll miss u

  17. Pls Dont Go.. the show will Dead after going the main character… Dont Go….

  18. Without naitik this serial is just crap ??

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