Will you watch YRKKH without Hina Khan?


Actress Hina Khan will no more be part of the show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. The show is a long running family drama which succeeded to win hearts of the viewers since January 12, 2009. Over the last six years, the actress has become a household name and known by her character of Akshara Singhania. Hina plays the perfect bahu of Star Plus. Her character of Akshara depicts an ideal woman, whose struggles in life through family dilemmas and emotional turmoils are seen in her journey to become a perfect daughter, bahu, wife and mother. Akshara’s character is most loved by the viewers.

After replacement of Karan Mehra, who played Naitik earlier in the show, the lead actress will be seen bidding bye to the show. This will be end of Akshara’s character, leaving no scope for replacement of the actress. Akshara’s character will be seen ending in a car accident. Akshara’s death will be remorseful for the family and YRKKH viewers too. The show has shifted focus on the new generation. Moreover, Kartik and Naira’s love story seems to be much appreciated by the viewers. Will you watch YRKKH without Hina Khan? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Ruksy

    Seems like nobody will.

  2. nishat Tasnim

    No ……

  3. Vrushy

    I will definetly miss hina but I will watch it for kaira and other people who have put effort in making the show. Hina has all the rights to move on and so do we. I will miss akshara but I love yrkkh as a whole family so I will not leave it just for one person.

    1. Amalina


  4. Yes. For her. She shouldn’t play such oldie character. Even gopi and ahem should leave saathiya

  5. Why should we stop watching other actors also need the oportunity to grow in the industry. The industry doesn’t belong to her we also would like New actors to be big like her so we have to support them.

  6. We respect her decision
    but same time everyone should remember eight years back when they were new they were given chance to establish n noq are stars. so same waythe newcomers have to be given a fair chance to prove they already have established themselves n people are loving them. and they r hundreds of people hardwork is put behind it n its their bread n butter. so why stop fir one person. as yrkkh is the only positive realistic show based on indianffamilies n now with kaira live story they r showing various broken families n nayi soch of girls. why should they wnd such serials when serials based on snakes n ghost run.show must go on.let trps n channel decide about the future of the serial.will watch till yrkjh exists…ya trps might drop but yrkkh ran mostly on drama n tracks…so people will accept it slowly.


    It should end now… its being 8 yrs for its running and they did not realise till now what is Rishte and how are they Maintained???
    And i am sure after her death sequence show will run same with her daughter Naira and her in laws… toooooo much now..
    Plz end this show….

  8. I will miss akshara too much.but for kaira nd whole family of yrkkh i will watch it surely

  9. Kaira are doing a commendable job..
    N their romance seems to be much better than akshara’s tears!! I would definitely watch the show

  10. Yaa mostly as long as kaira is there and most importantly my Mohsin acts in it

  11. Hales

    Grow up guyz! Lyf helps tgem grow who move ahead with tym! Thts wat hina is doing! Ovio yrkkh will miss her but dude now kaira n youngsters r the jaan of the show ryt! So i will watch for KAIRA n for yrkkh …so those of u wanna stop watching coz hina is leaving grow up yr!!!!

  12. started watching the show for kaira.i liked her as akshara but my reason to watch was kaira.till they show good story like kaira love story ll definitely watch.this is i guess one of the show which doesnt hv shatir vamps n doesnt revolve around how the bechari heroiene fight against that vamp.so the story matters most.if the actor decides to move out then thats her choice.wish her all the best.but till gives us good entertainment n less headache ll watch it just for kaira n shivin.

  13. No.i will not watch yrkkh

  14. yes I watch yrkkh bcoz of Kaira sizzling chemistry and it’s hina Khan right to move on

  15. show is incomplete without hina khan

  16. i will definetly watch the show as others also need a chance to prove themselves. and then the show is also getting a new and a different track . so………..i would like to watch yrkkh

  17. Yeh rishta kya kehlata Hai strengths is kaira now I wish to watch yrkkh bcoz of kaira and shivin I love mohsin and shivangi they both are prince and princess love story I just love it and about Hina khan she is a strong character since the 8 years of the show and she is the full right to show some new and move on I respect her decision I watch yrkkh bcoz of kaira love Story and I wish yrkkh just going on bcoz I don’t want to stop this show this show is all viewers breath bcoz of kaira

  18. Yes ofcourse I’ll watch it….I’m a very very very big kaira fan……i luv mom shiviiii loadzz….but I’ll miss akshara….but thers no doubt that ill stop watching….want kairas luv story to continue …luv u loadzz kaira♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  19. The show will move on till kaira us there I will definately watch show afterall kaira has drawn my interest towards yrkkh..?

  20. no she should not leave this show we will miss u Askshara please dnt go

  21. I started only after Kaira were introduced in the show so for me I will watch until Kiara stays?

  22. I started watching the show only after Kaira were introduced in the show so for me I will watch until Kiara stays?

  23. I will watch it for Kaira.Yes I will miss Hina but her character got to boring for me.I only watch the kaira scenes (or anything related to naira and kartik) in hotstar.

  24. Will watch for Kaira

  25. yrkkh is known for akshara- naitik compatability, family relations, if Hina quits the show , the show does nt end , some other artist will play her kirdari, it would be difficult to accept bt we will accept it as we love naitik and akshara pair and family relations and we will watch for #yrkkh family

  26. I have already stopped watching after Karan Mehra left!

  27. Avishi


  28. i will definitely miss akshara a lot , but will not stop watching the show just because of this . this show is a wonderful show , hope they bring somebody for naitik if akshara is going to die .it would be nice if he gets a wife who is like akshara who cared for him so much . but will miss her a lot

  29. This show has been just boring. They stretch small small issues for weeks on end! On top of that Akshara’s character has been the most annoying. It’s good she is leaving. In fact they should just shut down the serial as well and make space for better programs on the channel!

  30. Without Hina yrkkh will lost its charm..but hina actually should leave the show..bcz she is playing a mothers role..later she will also become mother-in-lae..Her age is not that she should play a mother-in-laws role..hina does no deserves it..But akshara is the main role in yrkkh..After karan mehara left many ppl are wathing yrkkh only for akshara..so it will be dull yrkkh without akshara..I don’t think i will watch it without her…..

  31. surely i’ll watch, just for mohnsin khan

  32. Hey by reading above comments I noticed one thing Karan had many fans than hina..when Karan left everybody very disappointed now not that much for hina..just kidding both r good actors..all the best to hina

  33. will miss Akshara,,,,,bt she has the right to move on ..she was a part of the show for 8 yrs and now she z going to start a new lyf,,,best wishes for her married lyf
    for those who wants this show to end,
    Even if this show is ended,they will bring another drama which would be interesting in the start (lyk all shows) and then will turn into a crap,,,,,right now Karthik-Naira track z going good,,,the show started before 8 yrs and running till now,,that really is a big thing,,,and great they are giving enough space to new gen jodis,,and yrkkh never made the story line worse with ghost dramas / leaps lyk others did,,,,

  34. Yes, will do for the show, channel and all the other actors who are doing their best and working hard. When a actor quits he/she is liable to their own livelihood but if due to that show drops trp and closes than 100s of ppl loose their earning. What i feel is hina should ask her fans to keep watching d show even without it as show is what made her Akshara and this popular and now that she feels that she dont have much growth for her she is leaving but what about the whole cast and crew, what about the story track, what about the ppl who got connected with the new cast and wants to see their story’s development. Yeah she will be missed and there will be a hole but would still love to see, Naksh, Gayu, Naira, Kartik’s stories unfolding, even Mishti’s, Would like to see these characters going through up and down;s n their life, their love stories. Right now Kaira track have me hooked to d show, i wanna see how they take their life together, how they deal with their past experiences, how they love, fight, understand eachother. I want someon for Gayu and Naksh, I want to see how they will move past their fist loves. Want to see how they will move forward in life. Want to see how Karishma and Mishti will move ahead in life without Naman being part of their life. There is sooo much more left in the show. Also show is loved for its family values, a shw which still promotes love and goodness which is so hard to find on tv these days.

  35. with or without hina khan doesn’t matter, When will this show end?!!!

  36. Cant say cos.. Akshara was important for now i feel the end of her is shown whr kartik is in trouble now. That was wrong. After akshara left this show the only hope to watch is was for kaira.. But that now karitik has been shown dat he killed akshara when he didnt then ofcos naira wil hate him for this. N if this hapns dn dis show wil jus downfall.. I nver tot this wil b end of akshara..

  37. i will watch it definetly for kaira they are the best

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