Will you watch Tashan-E-Ishq without Siddhant Gupta?

Zee Tv’s Tashan-E-Ishq will go through a major change with one of the lead lead actor, Siddhant Gupta quitting the show. Siddhant Gupta plays the role of Kunj Sarna. Twinkle and Kunj’s love story was the limelight of the show. Kunj’s entry was liked by many fans. Siddhant won the hearts of the viewers, after he got paired up with Jasmine Bhasin. Kunj and Twinkle’s pairing was accepted and much liked by the fans, even when the show begun with Yuvraj and Twinkle’s pairing.

The character of Kunj will be seen getting shot by Yuvraj’s mother Anita. Anita would plan Kunj’s murder and also plan to kill Twinkle. Yuvraj would become a savior for Twinkle, but would fail to save Kunj’s life. After Kunj gets shot and falls in the sea, Kunj can return back in the story after the much talked about leap in the show. But, even with Kunj’s return, Siddhant will not make a comeback. Siddhant has left the show and this would indeed break Siddhant’s fans’ hearts. Kunj’s character is very popular among the young audience. Siddhant and Jasmine’s chemistry was really rocking in the show. Their Jodi bagged the Best Jodi award in Zee Rishtey Awards ceremony in 2015.Their Jodi holding much Tashan will be surely missed. Post leap, Twinkle will be paired with Yuvi again. Do you like the post leap track in the show? Will you watch Tashan-E-Ishq without Siddhant Gupta? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.


  1. samiarahman

    no..no sid means no tei for me.i was watching it only for sid.so now new male lead will come or uvle track will start i don’t care anymore.to hell with this show…rip tei..?

  2. Roshini

    Well i am not going to watch. What the hell they think of theirselves. First yuvi and twinkle but then kunj twinkle and when everyone start liking it they are pairing up twiraj. Serisously director should go to hospital for check up. My god. Stupid this serial dont give a meaning to me what the hell is happening. I thought kunj will get saved but then no. Why they always make a good serial into bad. But still i will support sidhant. Love you may god bless you. Make a good carreer man you deserve it. Love you. But still i am going to miss twinkle&kunj. And sidhant. No one can take his place. Even zain is nice but sidhant have a different magic which attract other to come to him and like him. Love you SIDHANT

  3. Shivanie

    I agree with you all but the show must go on if Siddhant wants to leave and breaks the hearts of all his fans including me then it’s his choice but I will not like the thereafter so I will still watch but only when I feel to now. Siddhant you have really broken my heart. I’m only a child okay but I have something to tell you. When you came to Trinidad this year in 2016 for the annual kite flying competition I was so happy I wanted to see you and twinkle too. But, I couldn’t then I realised that it’s okay that I couldn’t see you then at least I would still see you in the zeetv series. But, now I realised I was wrong. I will surely miss you very much.????????????????

    • Ritzi

      hey shivanie its not like that…. sidhant didnt wanted to leave the show…. he was ready to do double work… i. e for tei nd jhalak dikhlaja but do crap with this director nd cvs they didnt allowed him to do 2 works at a tym….. argh! ab jab trp kam hongi tab unhe baat samjh ayegi

  4. I don't know

    I will definitely watch Tasha e ishq because twinkle and yuvraj Jodi is the best..

  5. Romaisah

    Yes bcz we mite get to see some kunj flaah back scenes n im watchin only bcz we can’t b unfair to twinkle n uv uv’s positivity will keep twinkle happy
    No bcz I’ll cry n miss sidhant everyday ??? lets wait n watch nahh

  6. Ajina C.T

    Oho… so chance is der for kunj to come back… I will TWINJ to be der in post leap year tooo…. wait till his dt jhalak project to finish… den make himm cum back again… plzz… ms u TWINJ… ?

  7. loveleen

    a big no…if dey had to unite twiraj den why did they make kunjs entry…to gain audience ???? bt i guess dey r wrng…aftr sid exits shw wl lose interst cz d whole shw ws running fr him mostly….if twiraj wl pair up den it wl go out of track….n fr me no sid no tei….

  8. I am done with this KUNJ’s death will be the last episode I’m watching and I am not going to watch even if Sid’s character is replaced??!zeetv has made a loss of a huge amount of fans including me…so this is my last comment… GOODBYE TEI!????? ????

  9. tara

    frankly speaking i had stopped watching tei long back..bt still had a hope for twinj.. so without kunj no twinj..that means no tei..nd if someone replaces him also it will be a total shit..

  10. shayna

    I wish it should be of twinj only nd even if want they could drag the show nd show sid aka kunj’s return so that in he could complete his new project nd be back in tei nd i would only like to see twinj nd noo twiraj nd pls Sid come back

  11. Sayeeda

    Never …..I will never watch tei widout Sid ….Only Sid himself is not the reason I really love the other characters too but for me tei means TWINJ… I really love their tashan ; their friendship; they really have a awesome blossom compatibility nd chemistry .I goona miss this all …nd watching tei will revive back all the cherish moments of TWINJ …..

  12. i like twinj not twiraj cz tainj is prfct i like siddhant plzz come back plssss
    if real story based on twiraj then why they made kunj entry why???????????????
    bt fr me no twinj no tei

  13. Fatarajo

    Actually in beginning i used to watch TEI sometimes, and when it was Twinj I started loving this show actually usually I follow shows seeing the storyline, but this is one show where I followed the show only because of the pair. After Sid’s exit I cant say maybe I wont watch it, but sometimes to see how they shape up the storyline.

  14. komal

    this is very bad news for all the fans of sidhantgupta I am also very sad … character of kunj is never acted by anyone like sidhantgupta .

  15. Cutie pie

    I dont wanna watch it widout sidmin bt still want to see how twinkles lyf changes aftr kunj s death or may b new actor replace by sidhant i feel its bttr ku j does coz i cnt see any actor suitable 4 kunj oder dan sidhant bt still wanna watch

  16. Nishaanth Nishu

    Yes Of course I will miss siddhant gupta soo much, bt wat to olready he quitted
    So nw I will see it fo twinkle n yuvi

  17. NATASHA luvs NAMIK

    hmmmm so sad even misses tei and before I liked it soooooooooooooo much but without sidhant gupta……..its impossible according to me

  18. Liya

    There are rumours that kunj had quitted the show for jhalak .There are many actors like ishaani from MATSH she was doing her show and jhalak together even the rangrasiya acter who bagged the tropy did the same……he should have also done that if he is quiting for jhalak may be its someother reasons thats why he took such a big decesion……
    after yuvi turning +ve i thought a new girl will come for my cuttee yuvi……no idea how will they show twiraj now?? I am a twiraj fan soo i will surely watch it but the track has changed suitations have changed i loved the old twiraj their energy love and tashan.after kunj track i don’t think the writers could show the old twiraj……. but i have to wait and watch if twiraj’s tashan e ishq works out……..

    • callmenazu

      true dat becoz in JDLJ season 8 Anita Hassandani from YHM was doing her show as well as she participated in JDLJ

    • Chantal

      Actually in interview he said he wanted to manage both the things at the same time but the directors were not comfortable with it so he decided to choose jdlj for moving on in his career.and I have also heard in SBB segment that auditions for new kunj is going on as twiraj may drop the trip of show

  19. If no Sid then seriously no TEI. I would hate to watch Twiraj together. When ever I will see them then I would be boiling out of anger. Twinj rock, they r worth to be the best couple. Actually not Twinj…but SidMin rock

  20. Riya

    dear liya ur right dat ishani from matsh n rangrasiya actor did jhalak n their shows together dat is because their show n jhalak was on same channel dat is colors but in sidhant case tei is on zee n jhalak is on colors so 2 channels n if u all guys remember old gopi of sathiya she to participated in jhalak news was dat star plus had asked her to chose between sathiya n jhalak so I think same thing is happened with sidhant well I felt like dat it may be wrong .

  21. callmenazu

    I know that we should not stop watching TEI becoz of d reason dat sidhant quitted d show becoz if we do that jasmin and Zain will feel as if dey were not so imp but dere are reasons why many fans of tei {espicially sidhant’s fans} are thinking {or have decided} to stop watching TEI lyk d way he made us laugh on his one liners, he made us cry in d emotional scenes, he made us fall in love with his acting, the way he used to say “siyappa queen”, his signature eyebrow look and without sidhant there is no kunj, means no twinj and no twinj means no TEI and about someone replacing him {in d rumors its told that Rafi malik last seen in tere sheher mein will play d role of kunj aftr leap}it wil be a total bull shit. i wish sidhant all d bst for his future career.

  22. Lahari

    Please don’t quit Siddhant gupta. The show rocks only when you and twinkle are together. Please don’t quit!!!!!

  23. I jst watch this show for twinj.
    for me kunj is siddhant. If he leave the show, there is no core 4 the show. Luv u siddhant..
    im also quitting tashane ishq.
    i nvr leave an episode from ur entry.
    Sry tashan e ishq..
    gud bye…

  24. I love u siddhant and I hope u come back on show the new entry & I dont want to show without I love uuuuuuuuuuuu plzzzzzzzz come back I like your tashan your comedy your love your romance your attitude your smartness your dance b your adorable siddhant best of luck of future plzzzzzzzzz dont marry to fast acheive something high in u life god bless you be happy love u miss u hug u kiss u tc

  25. LifNa

    mizz u sOo much kunjj…
    ilove kunj and twinkle… pair…
    but uvi is acting waz jst supprb…
    i have no prblm uvi & twinkle pair….
    but realy mizz u kunjjj

  26. Areeba Fahad

    It is actaully so awkward the makers should think what they are making
    now bhabhi will be in love with husbands step brother and her ex lover this is really not a good story.. the show started with yuviraj and twinkle so it would have been them since the beginning bit if kunj ki entry ho bhi gayai so this is not the way to portray the story

  27. shwetha

    Pls bring sid back after the leap also…
    sid and jas pair are best jodi for twinkj…..pls bring him back…..

  28. Priya sharma

    Sidmin chemistry was tge reason for good trps of tei but now no sidmin means no tei when trp of show will go down tgen director will understand that tgey should have let sidhant to do double show hope after the completion of jhalak dikhla jaa sidhant comes with a banggggg

  29. i forgot my name

    yessssssss of course because i have noticed that sid is a bad actresss. and he needs to learn to sing and if he learn my korean language then he will fluent his actings. then he can get back to acting and act as raman after raman dies next week.

    ps: raman told me that he will die next week
    are you ready for the leap ?/////????

  30. Nisha

    Kunj and twinkle work very well and ill surely miss watching kunj – cant tell if ill be looking forward to watching the show because it would be impossible to replace sidhant. I live in new york and all my friends here are sad to see sidhant leave. Please dont go, we love you

  31. Teja sri

    Nooo not at all.siddhant iss serial ki jaan hai.uske bina serial bahot boring hai.ill miss u siddhant miss u sooo much.plz come back plzzzz mein bilkul nai dekne vali yee serial agar vo nhi hai

  32. Teja sri

    Nooo not at all.uske bina serial bahot boring hai.ill miss u siddhant miss u sooo much.plz come back plzzzz mein bilkul nai dekne vali yee serial agar vo nhi hai

  33. Teja sri

    Plz sid mat jao dnt quit the serial.twikj bhot achha pair hai vo nai to ye serial nahi deknevali mein its a big nooooo……. sid come backkkkkk plzzzzz

  34. Snehal

    Nooooooooooooooo I will never watch this serial without sid kunj sarna is jaaaaan of tashn e ishq plzzzzzzzzzz dont quitt please come back if u will not their there is big nooooooooo from me to tashn e ishq

  35. amrin shaikh

    Big no.plz don’t quit the show I’m big fan of your.no body replaced u. u have to come back in show.if u go I will not watch d show u r most handsome hunk in the tv.plzzzz manage jhalak n serial.l vry much ike u from(amrin)

  36. My interest of watching the serial had gone after I knew that sidhant will no more play role in the serial……..without him I would not like to watch the serial but if the serial takes an interesting turn with the new kunj then I think I will watch it

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