Will you watch Saraswatichandra without Gautam Rode?


It is rumored that Gautam Rode is leaving from the show, as per the creative decisions taken by the team. He stated that he is not quitting the show, as it’s a mutual decision between him and the makers only to make the show get its creative twists. We all know that Gautam Rode, the sweet and charming Saraswatichandra, main lead of the show, is the man to be shouldering the show and taking it to high TRPs. Gautam won everyone’s hearts and got critically acclaimed by his role as Saras which was very earthy and affable. Saras’ smile and his good looks have many girls around the world crazy and he was a good reason for gathering viewership.

We have seen how Saras and Kumud took the definition of love high. They were inseparable though distanced apart, very supportive, loving, caring, worrying, and two in one soul. Their chemistry did wonders to the show and many people just loved their romantic scenes. Gautam Rode who rules many hearts, is soon going to die in the show, according to news bits. But how and in what consequences, only time will show that.

The new entries in the show are still being considered and given a thought. Its heard that either Vivian Dsena and Karan Singh Grover will be entering the show as Kumud’s new hero, after she ends up broken mourning for Saras. It will be interesting to see if any of these two hotties woos Kumud in the show, as the track can be refreshing. But will the show survive without Gautam Rode? Gautam and his character Saras are the souls of the show, the foundation on which the show started and reached heights, will Vivian or Karan be able to justify their characters and get equal to the popularity of the show? Give us your opinion.

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  1. Debasmita Ghosh

    Karan, Kumud’s real life husband makes the bestest pair with her.. want thye sequence of Dill mill gaaye back!!! 🙂

    1. sabina thachil

      gutam rode is the best …… i cant think about oter actor

  2. goutham rode is the best as saraswathichandra………………can’t think about another one…..
    please don’t replace him with any one

  3. Plz don’t replace gautam rode(saraswatichandra) by any one . We can’t even imagine the serial without him . Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz don’t replace saras . Its a request.

  4. sabina thachil

    gutam & jennifer’s jodi is perfect for saraswatichandra ………..no other actor can take the place of gutam

  5. we want just saras not any one else.agar gautam nayi hai then end the show.but we want only gautam in show.he is just amazing actor.

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  7. Karan is ugly don’t know why Jennifer married him Like she is so small but he is this big ogre
    Gautam please stay don’t go

  8. plz,dont change kumud

  9. dont change goutam,i want to see him kumuds life partner in real life also

  10. Pls dont change gautham..he is the reason why I watch this show. He is the pillar of this show

  11. OMG, what is the point stretching the serial like this. It should have ended when Kabir moved into the family fold, Saras’ stepmother was sent to jail and all was fine in Ratnanagari. The serial is now utterly boring and a sheer waste of prime time. Please replace this with another good serial, probably based on another good Indian classic.

  12. merah hisab se saras ko nahi jana chahhiyeh saras or kumud ke bina serial ka koi matlab nahi hai
    agar kuch intersting lana hai to saras ke saatbhi laya ja sakta hai
    saras aur kumud hi hahi to intersting ka koi matlab nahi

  13. I watch the show for 2 reasons. one is Gautam Rode and the second Saras-Kumud chemistry. They look awesome on screen. If Saras, who is the soul of the show is gone…i don’t find any reason to watch that show. To stop seeing Saraswatichandra, I have slowly started seeing Ek hasina thi and Yeh hai mohabathein. Anyways Saraswatichandra will be viewed till the last day Saras remains in the show.

  14. Its such a pity that they are removing the lead man..the soul of the show. They could have ended the show in a happy note rather than dragging it further with the new romance with Mishal. It seems Kumud is doing her ph.d in love project. I wonder how anyone sensible can think of another love/romance from Kumud post SC’s death. Shameful. Otherwise her character should have been depicted as that of a whore from the beginning. After professing so much love for each other, telling they are made for each other, their marriage is made in heaven dialogue etc etc who will see this trash now?

  15. Heard now they are stealing the story from P.S. I love you movie. How clever!! Stupid PH to make it a great show for Kumud and her theesari pyar! May be the show end with her 3rd marriage.

  16. Sara’s always rocks. No other can takes his place. Plz don’t remove Sara’s from d show.

  17. I will not watch serial without saras

  18. The PH ppl just forgot Laxmi Nandan , the father of Kabir Vyas during his marriage??? How they can do things like that? He is supposed to be in Dubai and a ticket from Dubai to Mumbai is only INR.20,000 or so. will he come at least when Saras dies???? The show is fully messed up. now, Even if they show the rest of the serial the way” P.S. I love you” I don’t think that kind of a story is well suited for Indian masses. Its like ruining Kumud’s character. As if she is just waiting for a chance to fall in love with another person post Saras death. This story is probably good for western culture and tradition…not suitable to indian standards. Because if her love for Saras was so pure, and eternal she will remain as a spinster all through her life. I don’t know why they decided to try such a story after the death of Saras. Besides I don’t think the magic which Gautam and Jennifer brought to the show can be recreated by another person..after replacing Saras. Gautam is very very handsome with perfect features. His eyes, nose and chisel shaped chin…oh he looks so awesome. He has got a royal and princely look. The PH could atleast show Saras in a coma for a long period and just before ending the show he is back and their reunion in a most blissful way.

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