Will you watch Ishq Ka Rang Safed without Eisha Singh?

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hi guys i know that everyone is not happy with the current track of ishq ka rang safed .and now eisha singh aka dhani is going to quit the show .the show will take five years leap were dhaani is going to become a wedding planner(may be).sanjeedha sheikh to replace eisha singh as dhaani .

“Eisha, being a teenager, was never willing to essay the role of a mother and she shared her thoughts with the production house about the changed story line. Producers on their part tried to convince the lady to carry on with the changed plot line. Even the channel wanted to retain her as the female lead. After many meetings and discussion sessions, when things didn’t work out they decided on parting amicably.”

so will you watch ishq ka rang safed without eisha singh
or you want to watch the show with sanjeedha sheikh

Credit to: varsha (philo)


  1. Vimi???

    I will continue as i love mishal also…..but sad that she is quiting…….but in another way it is good that she is not ready for any bakwas track….

    • Samira

      I m also not watching this is my favourite show now I feel bore to watch this show pls come back esha

    • Ajitha Marshel

      No we can’t watch IKRS. We love Eisha Singh very much as a budding actor with immense amount of talents. No words… Subtle… Simple.. Way of acting which is incredible. Of course mishal is a good actor having priceless expressions. He becomes even more stronger with Eisha Singh. Fantastic pair. Without Eisha we will not watch it. Please bring Eisha back make us happy make mishal more charming raise TRP. We are very sad. Convince Eisha Singh call her she will definitely come back because of constant requests from fans

  2. Areeb

    I really like Sanjeeda! ❤❤❤ But don’t want her to play the role of Dhaani. ?

    ViDhaani is ViDhaani only because of Mishal – Eisha cute chemistry, their presence on the screen gives us a reason to watch the show even under bad circumstances people watch the show only because of Mishal & Eisha. ?❤

  3. Zee

    No will not watch the show without our original Dhani. Nobody can replace Eisha Singh.
    V.disappointed with current track. Strongly object Viplav and Dhani’s separation and victory of villains.

  4. Meghs

    No sajeeda is good but not like eisha n mishal i don’t want to see sajeeda mishal here in ikrs…

    For mishal and eisha only watching … Nw if eisha quits no means to watch it… Mishal only reason for watching it..

  5. Noooo..i want eisha back in d show. Without her. How can they run d show. It is a story of 2 love birds ..its their chemistey we liked..if she will be replaced. M not at all intrested in watching sanjeed…and infsct sanjeeda cant bring that sweetness which eisha brought…so sorry..i will not watch at all…without eisha

  6. Sujie

    This is like TAKING HEART OUT OF A MAN AND ASKING HIM TO ENJOY HIS LIFE ….. That innocent face….those heart warming antics…… Those expressive eyes….. WHAT WILL WE DO WITHOUT THEM???
    Makers can replace Eisha from the show …but how will they replace Eisha from our heart and mind …….

  7. Rahomas

    No I will not watch, but Eisha should know that as an actress u entitle to changes in a role, so I don’t see anything bad for her to take up that role. please Eisha stay back for us please.

  8. vaishnavi

    no ikrs without eisha not so easy for us but watching only for mishal
    mishal aur eisha ki chemistry superrrrrrr hain ,super thi,aur super rahegi hum aab itna attached ho gaye hain misha se ki we cant see them with anyone else
    but if eisha quits the show then kisiko toh aana hi hoga otherwise uski place vk ko di jayegi n woh hum kabhi bardashta nahi kar sakte n sanjeeda is good actor n she is so sweet not more than our eisha but i like her as dhaani

    • Runney

      Noooooooooooooooooopppooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whyyyyyyyyyy??????? Would you do that her and Mishal is the hall reason we watch it. It will never be the same it won’t have the same effect and it’s all the producers fault why create something special and then tarnish it. Soooo hard to find two people that connect so well. . You producers should have just let her have miscarriage and then come up with something else simple. ..(BAD CHOICE) IT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME NOW NEVER.

  9. Nisha

    I think esha should stay on this role I am sure she could do a wonderful job otherwise it will be flop

  10. Eisha is the soul of the show though samjeeda is good and we all like her but vidhani is because of mishal and eisha sooo plzzzzz eisha don’t quit and back for ur Fan’s sake .. we love u alot.
    I will not stop watching the show as I love mishal alot but show will remain incomplete without eisha as from 1st episode eisha was portraying dhani character amazingly and now suddenly we can’t accept changes nobody can take place of eisha
    Plz come back eisha as ishq ka rang safed is incomplete without eisha
    Mishal and eisha are life of this show

  11. bornlimelight

    I am not going to watch this show ever if Esha is not inn. No point of replacing lead. Putting your own creation in drain.

  12. No yaar.. It can’t be true..??????.. I checked a couple of articles and as per those this information is true that Eisha is leaving the show..She must have qualms about playing a mother in the show but one should understand it’s just a character and would not typecast her for future..Its a good show but yes watching it in the future might be a issue as they are the main protagonists of the show and thus it might take away the charm of the show..As the distance between the two is not even boding well with the
    audiences..Lets c how the story goes and what the writers and the team has in mind while bringing so many changes to a already beautiful story..I am very sad and disheartened with all the changes that are happening in IKRS..??

  13. Louella

    No never. I m madly behind ikrs but only because of Eisha and Mishal’s chemistry. To say the truth I would hate ikrs at starting but after Viplav started loving Dhani I started watching ikrs madly. I was not at all interested in widow story and all that but only in Eisha and Mishal’s chemistry specially Eisha. Eisha is the soul of ikrs. If we remove the soul out how can there be life?? Even if Katrina, Kareena, Deepika or any other heroine will take Eisha’s place my Dhaani will only be Eisha. Eisha plz don’t quit the show. How will we spend my day without watching u on tv?? Plz try to come back. Even if u take a negative role in any other serial I will definitely watch it but plz try some other serial, please!!!

  14. SARAS

    I haven’t seen sanjeeda’s shows. .
    If she is good n sorry line goes better for sure I will watch. …

  15. Shindi Chauhan

    Only Eisha can play this role. If this isn’t sending a message to the producers that this show is about to go flop then I don’t know what will. They will have to take it if air. Sad day for Eisha and Mishal’s fans.

  16. Yasmin

    I don’t think I will watch it anymore. Don’t know why they do this man, te story gets interesting and then suddenly becomes boring. Too bad

  17. P Singh

    Original is always original…
    Eisha was soul of the show..and Mishal romancing any other lady othr than Eisha is quite annoying in itself… sorry.. badly heart broken by seeing that new lady replacing Eisha.. my words…this Show is going to face downfall frm now onwards .. these pp shud have ended on good notes instead of doing all these nonsense ammendments.. not worth watching anymore.

  18. ekta singh

    plz dhaani come back in the show I feel like crying without seeing ur sweet face everyday how can I will be happy u don’t know on my exams days also I watch ur show but now I m very sad u left the
    show.my mom was also very upset she likes u the most ur the fav actress for her.plz come back plz plz

  19. ekta singh

    all the boys and girls plz do something to return the original dhaani plz it was my best serial,I only watch this ishq ka rang safed for eisha plz boys girls help me

  20. M.Choudhury

    No,Neva…. without eisha it’s like pizza without cheez….Sanjeeda doesnt match here….it’s a story of much young girl….

  21. Shwet

    I am sorry i watch ishq ka rang safed for mishal aka viplav… The show is because of him….

  22. ravneet singh

    Yes dhaani is the soul of the show ikrs no one can deny that i think dhaani should come back in the show otherwise this show going to become typical borring daily show with a downfall ending. I love you eisha very much please come back.

  23. Saroja Javadala

    Well I have been commenting this everywhere,I hope you read this.Sanjeeda is an extremely talented actress but we are connected to Eisha.She might also be able to create the chemistry with Mishal but that is never going to touch us because we have been watching Eisha-mishal ever since this started.Eisha singh shouldn’t be replaced, the industry really needs to understand a non-fiction show must not change the actors as no one changes into a whole new person just like that in real life, get the casts sign a long term contract or just end the show with the original leads.Lastly if not now then we hope to see Eisha singh back after a few months as we believe that the writers are pretty much creative in manipulating the story line according to the negotiations or maybe Eisha Singh getting back soon.

  24. Twinkle

    I love mishel like anything … But without Dhaani, show will be boring ..

    Top of that, sanjeeda is a known face .. She looks old also ..

    Dhani pls dont quit … Pls come back … For me

    Mishel, i love you ❤️❤️

  25. Esha singh was so perfect for the role as Dhani.Her innocent face, bright eyes and beautiful smile was heart of the show. She carried the role so beautifully. I rarely follow any serial and this was the only serial I followed .I lost interest after Esha is replaced and the colors should not play with the viewers this way. How can colors replace the main role .Please get back Esha singh.

  26. Natu and Pallavi mehta

    Me and my wife had been watching I k r s since it started.We are having second thoughts about watching it with new Dhani who looks too Pretty to be the innocent looking Dhani

  27. bikas

    no never!!!! she is my fav!!!eisha!!!Singh!!really things is not going well!!!please take her back to the show!!!she is nice n acting too….please

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