Will you watch Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai without Shilpa Shinde (Angoori)?


Shilpa Shinde is best known for her role Angoori Bhabhi in And Tv’s hit show Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai. She plays Manmohar Tiwari’s wife Angoori with such perfection, that the character sticks to her name. Everyone love Shilpa as Angoori Bhabhi. Shilpa Shinde started her acting career back with a negative role in tv serial Bhabhi, and then starred in Hatim and Sanjeevani. She earned fame by her remarkable performance as Koyal in Chidiya Ghar.


More of her memorable works remind us of her most different character of Daya Maai in Life Ok’s Do Dil Ek Jaan. She also starred in Sab Tv’s comedy show Lapataganj. While her acting caliber is not limited to any genre, comedy turned out to be her best endeavor. For some unexpected turn of events with the show makers, Shilpa decided to quit the show.

Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai is a story of two neighboring couples. The men Vibhuti Narayan and Manmohan Tiwari try to impress each other’s wives. They create problems and play tricks against each other. The show is hilarious and the charm of the show is Angoori Bhabhi’s innocence and Anita Bhabhi’s smartness. While Angoori and Anita are poles apart, they fall in uncalled situations by their husbands’ schemes. Angoori is a simple, non educated, and very lovable housewife. Shilpa has put her nuances and charm in Angoori’s role. Shilpa’s character and her acting as Angoori has definitely worked much for the show’s success. The role Angoori can be played by any other actress, but would the role still resemble the original Angoori? Shilpa will be very much missed by the show’s fans. Will you watch Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai without Shilpa Shinde (Angoori)? Do you think the show still holds much more than just Angoori’s character, or will Shilpa’s exit drop your interest? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment to state your opinion.

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  1. Why is she leaving the show..

    1. She and the production house are not in good terms.

  2. Yeh toh ab next episodes me dekhte hai but I wonder ki aage kya story laate hai aur nayi angoori ka style same hoga yaa Kuch different layenge

  3. Oh..miss Shilpa Shinde.

  4. rohit kushwaha

    I m not going to watch this show without angoori.I’ll rather watch dahleej at that time

  5. Aangoori is one of the reason to watch dis show. I don’t think anybody can replace shilpa.

  6. no guys she left the show because producers had problem with her joining the kapil sharma show

  7. Nops ..nevr

  8. Hi everyone. we’re all going to miss Angoori. i loved her chemistry with Vibhuti, the she used to say sahi pakde hain and her mis speling the word. i red somewhere that the reason she left this show because she wanted to work in Kapil’s upcoming show.

  9. Sahi pakde hain. Without angoori show is boring

  10. naaahh bilkul ni fr me bhahiji = angoori vibhuti !!! gori mem kha se comedian lgti h ye comedy show agr ltke jhtke hi dekhne h to or bi bht se shows h

  11. D show is boring without Shilpa shinde ………missing innocent “angoori bhabhi”

  12. Shilpa is perfect for angoori bhabhi’s role. No one can take her place. She shouldn’t be replaced by anyone. No one can act as beatifully as she acted. Moreover her chemistry with Asaf sir was fabulous. And she left the serial as their was some problem between the production house and her. I will miss her acting.

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