“we will walk together part 3”

Hey guys today no bak bak n i will be on main work😜

Lets start the 3 part

Recap: tw waiting for kunj ………alishas truth in front of kunj


Tw was waiting for kunj when she got some images messaged she was shocked n was at a verge of crying address was also send with it so she went to that respective place

She asked the receptionist about room booked by miss alisha

Whe went in that room n saw kunj laying over alisha n alisha was shouting for help
(Kunj was in half concious state)tw made alisha stand n till then kunj woke up she saw him n slapped him hard kunj was shocked where as alisha was smirking


After going back from from alishas house he went to a pub n alisha mixed his drink which made him loose his sences n he fainted when he came back to his sences he was that tw was trying to help alisha

Flashback ends

Kunj – tw u were right this alisha had cheated me …
He was stopped by alisha slap on his face
Alisha- how dare u first u came to me i said that u r married so its over but then u tried to force urself on me n now u r telling lie

Now to twinkle – tw he is saying lie u urself saw the pics which i sended u so that u can save me from him

Ku- which pics she is saying lie tw

Al-just shut us n see these pics (tw got the pics in which kunj was on alishas sholder in the pub)
N said now i have the proof also so dont say lies

Ku slapped her n said stop ur dirty trics n get lost from here by saying this he throwed her out of the room

Ku- tw i m saying the truth

Tw – just shut up i was not knowing that u would stoop so low chi kunj maine tumse ye expect nahi kiya tha

Ku pinned her to the wall n said dont u believe me (yelling)

Tw – how can i she even showed me proof
By saying this she jerked his hands away Then only they got bebes call to come back home

Twinj went back home

Twinj room

Tw – i will apply for the divorse after 3 monts till then we can convince our parents

Ku- just stop it tw now kya divorse u know our parents will become so sad after this

Tw – huh why this thought didnt come to ur mind when u were with alisha😢
N plzzzzzz go to sleep now its already very late kunj went to sleep with a sad n disappointed face

Next morning

A boy is seen hugging kunj n is non other than…………..


Enough today i posted 2 episode now m tired 😬😬😬😬
Thanks for the support friends i hope everybody is liking the story track n next will be posted by evening or at night ( free time jab milega tab😜)

Love u all guys
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  1. SidMin23

    |Registered Member

    This scene was emotional for kunj who try to say truth to twinkle and I don’t like this Alisha who want to show bad kunj in front of twinkle. Hope twinj don’t get divorced. And yaar again another suspense of this story. Keeping writing and waiting for next episode try to post ASAP 👏👏

  2. Adya

    |Registered Member

    Hey kanchi…..Sry for not commenting on previous ones…Nd welcome to TU family…
    Well I love all the parts.
    Post soon…
    Love u

  3. Manvi

    Nice episode☺☺☺….. arre yr suspense mein chod diya😉😉😆😆 chlo anyways….. post next soon!!!☺

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