I WILL WAIT – A Rikara os

Warning- Please do not drool over Om’s naughty look in the cover for a long time. It may result in others around you , thinking you to be mad to smile and glare at your phone or laptop screens.

Hey guys..I m back and this time with a Rikara os. This is my first os on Rikara and I tried to make it as good as I could. Aliza, your wish is fulfilled, although very late. You might find it a bit long, so read at leisure.
Here you go…

Om was sitting in his gallery, thinking how to confess his love to Gauri. Yes, after she had started ignoring him, he had started missing her and all the things she did, her Bareilly waale antics- her dabbang style, her way of eating golgappe and her candy , the way she made a face when she used to say ” Ek jhaap mein deewaar pe sata denge ” , the way she used to rub her nose in pride, the way she used to care for him and the way she always was with him. He had now started missing her, although they stayed in the same house. He probably didnt know the reason behind her change of atttitude, but somewhere deep inside his heart, he knew that this was an outer covering of the real Gauri . Now, he had fallen for her and wanted to tell her how much he loved her. So, when he finally mustered up some courage, he went to her,
” Gauri, I need to talk to you. ”
“But I dont want to. ”
“I know we have differences, but I need to tell you something important ”
” I can see those horns of the Nandi Bail. I think I didnt tell you that I dont talk to Nandi Bails. ”
” Gauri..I m not that Nandi..whatever…I want to confess something. Please…”
“Confuse? I m already confused about many things at the moment…I dont want to be more confused. I m going to clear it all harharaike. Let me see…”
“But Gauri I ne…”
Before he could finish, Gauri left the room and Om sat down on the bed again thinking what to do now.
Gauri went out and Shivaay sent for her. She came to Shivika’s room and knocked on the door. Shivaay opened it and let her in.
Shivaay, ” So, Gauri, hows the progress on the plan ? Is everything going well? ”
“Yes, bade bhaiya. Everything is fine. But I dont think it is having an effect on Omkaraji”
“This is the beginning. It will take time to have an effect on him. He is the philosophical and practical person. He will not fall so easily.”

Meanwhile, Anika found something kaala in Gauri’s daal. She asked her,
“Why do you feel that its not having an effect on Om ?”
“Woh bhaujai…”
Shivaay, “Anika, if she is saying that its not having an effect then….”
“Shivaay, I have seen it that Om is changing. Havent you noticed the change in his behaviour? How can you say that it is not having an effect ?”
Gauri, “Because Bhaujai, today he wanted to…arre…what do we say in Angrezi…conf…yes,confuse me”
Shivika, “What ?”
“Yes he said that he wanted to confuse something ”
Anika, ” Gauri, I think its not confuse, it’s confess”
“Correct bhaujai, Omkaraji said this only”,Gauri said getting excited.
Shivika slap their hands on their heads and Gauri gets confused. She asks,
“What happened Bade Bhaiyya ? Bhaujai say something. Did I do something wrong ? ”
Anika,”Arre, Gauri, this means that he has something to tell you, er…..like you know…yes…admit something. ”
“O bete ki, this means that I have tai tai phissed his mood ”
“Gauri, please these are my dialogues. Please use them with some feelings. ”
“Sorry bhaujai. Then I need to go. I spoilt up Omkaraji’s mood totally.”
She quickly scrambled up and ran to see what she could of the mood and mess she had put Om and herself into. She had herself refused all help from Shivika and the only help she was getting was from her chachi. Arre, Internet chachi. So, she quickly planned to arrange for a small but private place on a nearby hill , which she got decorated with Om’s favourite flowers and to-go-with lighting. She messaged him to reach her as fast as possible on the hill top.
Poor Om thought that Gauri was in some kind of trouble, so he left all his work and rushed to the place. Little did he know that his eyes would come out of the sockets when he would see the place.
Om came and walked there as if a child is lost in a labyrinth. He got some what relieved when he felt Gauri's hands on his eyes. He then held hers and said,
“Gauri, what is all this ?”

Gauri removed her hands from his eyes and came in front of him, made a pout and told him ,
“Kya Omkaraji, saara mood kirkira kar diya.”
Om did not respond. He was too busy admiring or in his Bhai’s Language ‘checking her out ‘ in her very attractive ensemble. No, it wasnt the dress which attracted him, but it was the woman who wore it, which made him loose his senses.
Gauri got more impatient and finally clicked her fingers in front of his eyes. Om jerked up and now looked at her.
“Huh, hmmm..kuch keh rahi thi tum ?”
Now Gauri literally shouted.
“Hum e keh rahe the ki aaaaappne poora mood kirrkkiira karr diya. ”
Om’ forehead now bore a frown.
“Acchaji, and do you know how scared I got when I got your message to meet here ?
Gauri looked guilty and then said,
“Actually, I called you here to apologise for my behaviour today morning. You know, Bade bhaiya, had told me to show you full attitude and…”
Om,” Wait, what ? Shivaay told you to do this? ”
“Er..yes..no…leave. So, I was doing that all the while. You wanted to confess something in the morning na , but then I spoiled your mood. I m sorry. I didnt mean to hurt you. Please forgive meeeee. Pleeeaseee.”
Gauri looked at him, scared and Om looked at her, expressionless.
That moment of silence was broken by Om’s laughter. He laughed and laughed as if he had seen The Pink Panther Show. Gauri was confused and,
“Why are you laughing, Omkaraji?”
Om looked at Gauri and came near to her. He pulled her cheeks as if she were a kid and said,
” So sweet Gauri. You took so much of trouble just to say sorry and that too for such a small thing. Thank you”
Gauri was upset and angry like children who had been restricted from having chocolates. She said in an upset tone,
“Omkaraji, it is not a small thing. It is a big thing for me na.”
Their smiles faded and Gauri bit her lip. She was about to turn back to hide her blushing and going-to-be-teary face, when Om caught her waist from both sides.. (exactly like they showed in the serial, but in love not hatred.)
She stood and shivered while he enjoyed the touch of her soft skin under his longing palms. He brought his face on her shoulder and whispered in her ear,
” I wanted to confess that….

Gauri lifted her head and widened her eyes. She wasnt expecting such a thing and was still in doubt if she had heard the right thing.
She turned back and faced Om.
“You know, I think something is wrong with me today. I m hearing everything ulta fulta today. Sankarji only knows why I am getting the cheapda cheapda thoughts today. ”
Om smirked and asked,
” Why? What did you hear ? ”
Gauri’s face now turned red. She obviously couldnt tell him these words, especially when she wasnt sure if he had said it. It would all result in lots of embarrassment and awkwardness.
” I just heard something. Aapko kya uss se ? But can you please repeat what you said ? ”
“Gauri, I said that….”
“Yes..I m listening ”
“Are you getting DESPERATE??”
“What? Me? No..no..its not that”
“I LOVE YOU, Gauri ”
Their eyes were meeting each other. It wasnt possible that Gauri had a case of mis- hearing this time. No, she had heard it the first time also, but she couldnt digest his direct confession. But, she felt that someone had said her dil ki baat and also as if a burden had gone away from her heart. But, she couldnt reply him. She just stared at him with tears in her eyes.
“Gauri, I want to know what you feel about me ”
Gauri gave a bright smile, came forward and hugged Om tightly. Her face was red from blushing and happiness. She didnt say anything, just hugged him. She didnt say anything,yet he understood everything. She broke the hug, smiled again at him and ran away..
Om called out,
“Gauri wait….”
But she did not.
Om thought,
“If you didnt say, then what happened? I know that you also love me. I have seen it. Maybe you are not ready for it. Its okay. There will be a day when you will reciprocate my words….and I m ready to wait patiently for that day. Yes, I WILL WAIT. ”
And then he smiled to himself thinking about his jhalli biwi and how would she confess her love to him….
I hope it matched atleast one- fourth of the level at which my friends write. Please let me know your views, so that I may or may not write further.
Take care and stay blessed ??

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