we will be united ( dreamed ff of swaragini) epi 9 (time for some twists)


iam sry i wrote my epi8 very badly but to u have encouraged me and i really thank u all for that and now i think i cud make today’s episode some more masti

recap; all head towards the party , ragsan r not seen then swalak search them and finds them in the corner, sans fb , rags drunken ,all r in dance floor , suddenly someone shoots towards the chandelier

now here is my epi 9

everyone were running here and there and the chandelier breaks and it falls in the floor making the floor full of glass pieces

some people have got hurt in that glass pieces and swalak and sans help them ,even they got some hurt (becoz while running everyone got hurt) (but its not a big hurt)

swara; oh no where is rags ??!! this whole hall is full of glasses !!

lak; swara keep calm we will find her and pls dont get tensed and sans we have to inform the police and pls swara u call the ambulance

sans; ok lak

then it is reveled that some goons have come to this place and they start to shoot all the glasses and other things in the hall

swara; oh know !!! wat is happening here !!!

sans; swara, lak follow me !! soon

they all try to call the police but the goons r continously shooting , so they three hide behind a table in the bar section of that party(i think u can understand)

lak; bhai my phone is not working , swara , bhai u two give ur phones

swara(in a tensed tone); lak hearing that shoot out noise i have left my phone there itself

sans; ok i will see my phone (then he checks his phone in his pockect but then he remembers that rags took his phone becoz she was drunken )

san; i think rags only cud save us becoz she only has my phone and even hers

lak and swara says ; what!!!!

swara( she cries like a funny girl not like a tensed girl)( guys its like a serious mixed funny scene )

swara; one side my sis is lost and other side the goons r shooting and another side half of the ppl here have escaped and all the rest are hiding and we cant call the police nor the ambulance , this is the worst situation in my life!!!

lak and sans shake thier heads

swara(in a funny crying type); iam saying my story very emotionally !!but u two r shaking ur heads like dogs !!now stop shaking ur heads and say some idea!!!

now the goons r saying something

goon no.1; we all know that u all r trying to call the police so thats y we shot all the places continously so that,” no one cud call the police “, ok now u all shud give ur phones to us if ur not going to give ,,we will kill this girl(that girl is our drunken rags only)

everyone comes frm hiding and give the phone to the goons and swalaksan r shocked to see that rags has traped by them

the goons have catched her hand ,

goon 2; now u all have given ur cell phones but u have to do us another help also ,if dont do that ,we will kill her

rags(in a dizzy state); hey u stupid thug gooner!! hw dare r u !! to say me that u will kill me !
sans came there

sans;(in a funny way); bhai u pls leave her she is a crazy lady and u dont know abut her she will torcher u like hell so leave her, if not , iam not guaranteed 4 ur life!!

swara; sans wat r u saying !!! have u lost all ur senses!!

sans; swara u keep quit (he signed to her that he will handle this)

lak; i understood bhai ,u go ahead

goon 1; hey r u ppl r kidding and we have caught her becoz we came here for mr sanskar maheshwari !!and we tracked his phone no. when he was calling someone,/ and finally we found out the place and then we saw that his phone was with this girl(that is rags)

rags; if ur not going to leave me iam going to take my heels and going to pork ur face !!! and mr sanakar maheshwari is a cat and he canot have a cellphone becoz hw do u thing cats will use cellphones !!!!

swalak was laughing little bit

swara; sans thank god !! she didnt say u as a human being or else they wud catched sans (haa,… she was laughing)

lak: ur right swara ! but i think we have to run before they cud find out that sans is here!! , but bhai y r they r trying to catch u???

sans; i dont know lak!! and now i thank god for rags has drunk so that only iam saved today

goon no.3;hey wat is this girl is speaking ??!! and i think she has drunk !!

rags; wat i have drunk ha !! leave my hand

then rags stamp the goon who has been holding her

then the goon holds his foot and left her hand and he was saying ..aaaaa… in pain

sans(he shouts); swara , lak come we will take rags and run !!! this is the right time !!!

then they take rags and starts running

then the goons say that; hey i think he is sanskar maheshwari !!! come fast they r running

then the goons start chasing them

after the goons go ,vinay and his woodbee come out and call the cops and other things and they say everything to the cops and some cops r chasing the goons and others r investigating the place

now ragsanswalak all start running and they reach the roadside and they try to open thier car

lak; oh know whr is my car keys !!!

sans; lak pls search fast they r coming to catch us

rags; y r u guys r getting sacred of them !!

sans; pls wildcat keep ur mouth shut !!!

swara; sanslakrags get into the car they have cum close to us

sanalak (shouts); we dont have the carkeys !!

but even though they get into the car (in tension swara sits in the driver seat and rags near her and sanlak in the back seat)

lak; swara they r coming and y did u sit in the driver seat , do u know to drive!!

swara; lak i dont know? wat the hell r u asking !!

sans; ok calm guys (then he checks his pocket then he gets the spare keys and he gives it to swra)

swara; thank god we got it but hw will i drive!!

sans; ok swara there is no option so u shud only drive and i and lak will give u the instructions , ok now u insert the keys and start and u cud see three things down ,now u press the first thing in ur right side, accelerator !!

swara was confused and was tensed so she cant do wat he told

lak; swara pls do it fast !!

then the goons cum there and they try to break their car window

but rags open the car window and give them a punch in thier face

and rags get down out of the car and pull swara to the next seat and she sits in the driver seat

and she kicks and punches the goons who r stopping her to go

then she starts the car and goes in a high speed

lak(in a feared tone and he starts crying very funnyly); hey rags matha rani pls dont go fast!!, r hearts r going to cum out and going to spalash in the front window!!

swara; rags hw did u know to drive!!

rags; i dont know to drive but i listened sans instruction and iam driving frm that only (she smiles innocently in a drunken way)

sans; god pls save us frm this girl and rags u r a great fighter!! and madam do u know where is the brake and clutch and do u know to apply the gear!!

lak; rags have u applied the gear ?? madam ur going to kill us if ur not applying the gear we all r going to hit in a tree and do u think this car is like the cars used in carnival like dashing cars for u to press only the acceletor and brake and to steer it whr ever u want!!

rags; ok then give me some instructions and dont wry the road is free

swara; hey rags now whr r u driving us and the goons r still following as with thier jeep (she told this in a tensed state)

rags; i dont know swara i think we r going to heaven !! hey sans or lak tell me now wat to do!!

sans; rags now i think we r heading towards the highway road ok now u hold the gear and i think we r in the 3rd gear, u leave the gear rags, i will take control of the gear frm back itself ,u just concentrate in that acceletor ,and clutch ,and the brake u dont press till i say u !! , u get it !!

lak; sans they r taking thier gun out !! i think they r going to shoot us !!

swra; i have one doubt rags? u have drunk know then, hw will u drive this? !!

sans; swara i think becoz she drunk only she is stable and she is not feared to drive or else she will be very sacred

swar; yeah ur right

now the goons start to shoot and the screen freezes with the shocked faces of swalakragsan

i know iam dragging a little bit but in the next update i will try to finish this and shall i continue becoz there is very less comments for my ff so thats only i am asking

Credit to: namratha

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