we will be united ( dreamed ff of swaragini) epi 8 (time for some twists)


guys when ever i submit my ff its always going to the 6th page or 7th and even beyond that so sry for that and its not my mistake and pls forgive me for that so i request u to click that pages if u want to see my previous epis and dont assume that i havent written my epis at all pls guysso pls see to that and its my heartly request

recap; sans shocked to know that they all have learnt the truth that he is a normal person , sanlak head towards swaragini house and swa rags teasing dadi,and all heading to vinay’s party , vinay introduces his wood bee , rag san is in a corner of the party and swalak finds them there

ok guys here is my epi 8!!

now we saw till ,sans was going to narrate a fb(flashback)

rags was seen dizzy ( that means like a drunkard state)

sans start and swalak hear that shockingly

fb starts

rags and sans was roaming here and there in the party while swalak was talking to vinay and his wood bee riya

rags; sans iam very sacred this is a new place (sans narrates this fb to swara and lak by not saying them that rags was sacred becoz to say the truth to them and rags was saying to him that hw will they forgive us)

sans; rags be calm

rags; hw can i be calm

sans(in a funny and little angry tone (like ranveer will say ishani know like that) (in meri aasique) ; then take a scotch or wine and come we two will drink and will say to them wat u say

rags(she was bit angry ); ok then!!!

she was rushing in the place where they was serving wine and other drinks

sans; hey ragini whr r u going , r u mad , hey stp rags

he was keeping on saying her but she went there and finished one whole bottle then sans hit his forehead and said ; oh my god now wat will i say to them

rags showed her thumb finger and told ; sans now shall we go and i did wat u said but u only havent drinked it

sans was pulling her hand and was taking her to washbasin to make her vomit whatever she drank

rags(in a dizzy state); hey sans pus…sy pu.ssy cat !!!whr r u taking me

sans; keep ur mouth shut now do what i say

rags(she keeped her finger on her lip and was cutely did some expressions like in a dizzy state); sans y r u taking me to washbasin mmm… i know u r going to make me stand over there and make me as ur washroom security so that u will not have to fear to go to restroom !! am i right pu**y cat and i will also call u as piku wat u say

sans; rags pls stop ur nonsense everyone is seeing as only and iam not going to keep u as my washroom security iam just going to make u vomit

rags(she thought in other way round); oh u mr sanskar maheshwari is going to make me ur wife without marrying me and now itself u r going to make me vomit oh someone sane me frm this goon he is going to do that thing to me !!oh no wat i will do now (guys i hope u can understand it and its just for fun so dont think it differently)

sans; rags pls stop this everyone is seeing us only

then he thats y took her to the corner

fb ends

(guys its just a comedy scene)

sans(he was crying like an funny boy becoz rags has torchered him like that ) ; see swara ur sis is outside only very decent but inside she is really like an wildcat

swalak laugh out loud after hearing sans exprience

lak; swara rags have made sans really like an mental

swara; yep lak i agree with u

sans(in a little angry tone) : hey u guys r making fun of me ha!! and this was the tragic moment in my life ever oh my god and i still have an doubt that is she is used to drink

swara; no sans , ok now when she will become alright

then vinay calls everyone to the cutting of the cake

lak; ok now hw will we take her and i think she cant stand erect

rags; no lak i can stand erect

then while standing erect she loses her balance and lak catch her

swar; rags r u alright

rags(in mind); swara u r right that day ,when lak catches me i too feel that butterflies r flying around me

lak ; rags r u fine y r u like a statue

then he shakes her

rags; yeah lak iam fine

sans; i think someone shud catch her ok swara u just hold her in the shoulders then u take her to the cutting

swara; k

then vinay cuts the cake and gives it to everyone now he shouts hey its party time ok now everyone shud go to the dance floor

then everyone goes there except sanrags
but swalak pull them

and swalak dance (now everyone dances to kar gayi chull song on the beat)

now rags pulled sans to dance with her becoz she was drunk

they all dance sans was littltle confused that when to say to them
as rags has drunk he said “now wat will i do”

suddenly someone shoots towards the chandelier , everyone runs here and there

screen freezes with the shocked faces of ragswarsanlak

guys its time for the twisty epis which i will post tomm so wait till that and pls support me

it is nice then pls comment

Credit to: namratha

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  1. nice ragsan moments

  2. awesome want swalak

  3. Ragsan scenes were funny

  4. guys there r some corrections and i let u know; when that vomit scene ; rags will say “save me” but i have written it “sane” and in that fb rags will say “oh my god, wat will i do now ” and sry guys i have made boring today and its not at all funny i know and pls forgive me for that i try my best to give some funny scenes

  5. Make it ragsan Pls

  6. Make it ragsan plzzz they look gud n in serial there is already swasan n there r many ffs of only swasan….

  7. Plz make it ragsan n swalak

  8. ok then majority wins its ragsan and swalak and sry for my spelling mistakes and grammer mistakes

  9. Wow thank u for ragsan 🙂 <3

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