we will be united ( dreamed ff of swaragini) epi 6


guys check out for my previous episode it is in the page 4 or 5 i think becoz i posted it yesterday itself and it is published but it is 4th or 5th page

ok guys iam starting my epi 6

recap; vinay’s invites lak to b’ day party , sans says “star plaza” and at the same time lak to says to his frnd “what star plaza ha”, rags runs to stop sans, swalak , pani puri stall

epi 6

at pani puri stall

rags ; sans now did u call me wildcat ( in a irritated tone)- sans wait now i will call u as( she keeps on thinking, then she didnt get any idea but to by mistake she called him as; then ur a pu**y cat

sans ; ok then i am a pu**y cat ok i accept it and do u know wat will pu**y cat will do?( in a villian tone)(i hope u can imagine ); he was coming towards her
rags (in a sacred tone and she was also sweating); sans….kar i told u just for fun believe me

sans( he was like a villian); then y did u tell like that rags but iam not going till iam showing u wat a pu**y cat will do

then he hold her hand very tightly and he was taking her to a park where no one was there because at 9. 30 pm in night no one will be ther

rags; sans leave my hand its hurting and y r u bringing me here ( she thought that he is going to do her something)

sans ; rags be quiet

then he hugged her tight and was they was behind the tree (tum hi ho bgm plays )

rags; ( in a angery tone) sans hw dare do u do like this u r very cheap sans now note my words u dont deserve kavita and iam happy that kavita left u ( she dont know wat she spoke but by anger she told tis to him)

sans was sad and was crying hard in heart

then rags saw that dadi and her friends was there straight to them and then only she understood sans has helped her to hide from dadi because if dadi sees sans with rags she will think bad abut them and will punish rags

rags(in a guilty feeling); i am really very sorry sans u have helped me but i thought u r behaving cheap to me bt u have saved me frm dadi’s eyes becoz if her frnds see me dadi will be embraced

sans (he was teared but he wiped it and in a sad tone he said); rags i know that, actually i was abut say but dadi was seeing us and was coming close to us becoz she had a doubt so thats y i took u here and she was coming closer to us ,u was not able to see bcoz ur back of her so only i hugged u rags and i am sry rags and u r right rags i dont deserve kavita thats y she left me

dadi was still coming close to them because she dint remember rags dress but her shawl was well remembered by dadi becoz today she only gave that shawl to rags

rag(she was also little bit teared but she dont know y );iam sorry sans in anger i told u like that and pls forgive me she cried

sans(he was sad ); rags pls slow down ur voice dadi is coming near us

rags was thinking; y shud dadi have still a doubt that it is me and sans and then she understood that ; thank god now only i remember that today dadi only gave me this shawl know ok i have to do something

then there was no so much lights in the park so rags took her shawl when dadi looked back to her frnds and said” i will come u wait ther”

then now rags ran holding sans hand to another tree where there was no light but also dadi followed them
now rags took that shawl frm her neck and bcoz there was no light she kept it somewhere else and dadi was not able to see tht and finally to break dadi’s doubt she hugged him and was holding his hand tight (agar tum saath ho plays in bgm)

dadi (in mind); this cant be my lado she will not do like this

and dadi’s frnds was calling her “hey parvati how long wat ru doing there”
then dadi go with them and head towards thier home

then sans was shocked with rags hug and was thinking shud i hug back no no no y i am hinking like this she just did this to hide frm dadi’s eyes

then they break thier hug

rags; sry sans i had been selfish and thank u for helping me and pls forgive me mr pu**y cat and u can forever call me as wild cat ok

sans( he was little worried of her words before but he tried to forget and he was now in a teasing tone);ok miss wildcat i forgive u and see becoz of this again i didnt say u abut my plan

rags ;ok now say

sans; see rags now i want u to join with me to find the truth behind kavita’s death and see i have found one goon yesterday and i got his wallet and checked it but the card adress is old i think because it shows that it is 2012 so i think they have left before 4 yrs out of that godoun and that godoun is near “star plaza” and tom after revealing the truth abut us we go to that place and we check

rags; sans again say that place …

sans; its near star plaza

rags; o my god sans tom the party is ther only lak was telling it today only and u left na thats y i think u dont know

sans; oh really icant’ believe this thank got now our work is more simple
rags; sans can i ask u something if i hurt u pls forgive y r u eager find the truth behind her death u already know na

sans; rags actually first i believed that my bade papa has killed her but two days before i thought something was fishy in this and i was right i saw some business partners of my bade papa r talking abut someone else has killed kavita but they r making rumours abut my bade papa that he has done that and who knows they cud even create duplicate evidences against my bade papa and put him in jail so thats y i am finding the truth and evidences so that i cud break the rumours against my family

rags(she was proud of him ); sans u r doing a very good job ur bade papa will be really proud of u

sans; ok its already late i think then he sees his watch and the time was 10. 20 pm he shouts to rags

rags, y r u shouting wat is the time yaar

san(with his mouth open wide and a shockin expression ); rags its already 10.20 we came at 9.00 here and to this park at 9.30

it was very dark there becoz they didnt even notice that the park has already closed at 10.00 and the lights r also off then only they notice all these things

rags; o my god dadi going to kill me iam dead (she said in a comedy crying tone)(hope u guys can imagine); sans the park is closed and how these security be so careless that he dint even see we two r still inside sans now hw r u going to go frm here then rags started to shout aaaa……

sans; wat happened rags

rags ; sans see my phone mom , swara, dadi ad dad have called mue 50 times i think i was put my phone on silence ok i beter call them but wat shall i say sans

sans; rags realx we will find some way ok first i too call mom and say something

screen shifts to gallodia house

everyone was tensed

swara; whr the hell did this rags have gone i saw her last when i was talking to lak and now lak also have gone long back

sumi; shekkar shall we inform police

shekkar ; no sumi we will call her again may be she have went to her frnds house

dadi; shekkar we have already called to all her frnds

swara; no dadi i think one frnd we have left i think we have left hema

dada; ok swara we will call her

before they cud call hema rags calls to swara

rags; hello swara sry i have put my phone in silent thats y i cant pick ur phone and dont wry iam in hema’s house only her mom was sick thats y i gave her company and i told u know her father has went out of station so thats only swara and i will stay today in her house itself pls tell evryone

she cuts the call

swara informs this to evryone

then sans and rags r saying thank god
then a fb is shown

rags calls all her frnds and finally finds out they havent called hema’s no. so she thats y says to swara as she stays in hema’s house

fb ends

sans; oh miss wildcat has also brain

sans also follows the same idea which rags followed and sans do this to sujatha and sujatha says the otheres differently

now sans and rags try to escape frm the park
rags ; i have one idea see there is one small exit over there we will climb ther and go and i think we have luck there is a ladder also there

sans; ok come

they somehow escape frm there and sans leaves her in hema’s house and he goes to his frnd’s house which he told to sujatha and while sans leave her in hema’s house they share an eyelock and meri aashique tune plays for a while and this time also that same guy was taking pick of thier closeness

screen freezes with the lovely faces of rag san and also swalak (becoz they was thinking abut thier wedding)

precap; guys i think hereafter iam not going to give precaps becoz iam not at all puting these precaps in the upcoming epis

and today i made so much of ragsan epis and hereafter i will make it with variety of scenes of everyone

pls comment it is nice shall i continue more

Credit to: namratha

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