we will be united ( dreamed ff of swaragini) epi 5


hi guys hope u guys like my ff and i want u to give me lot of comments becoz its a wonderful feeling when u guys comment
ok i will start frm the recap and guys iam little lazy so that only iam using some short forms when iam writting my ff

recap;sans chase that goon,swaraglak teasing scenes,swara’s penguin walks ,

ok here is my epi 5

at maheshwari mansion

laksh continues to think abut swara but he also was thinking abut the past incidents and he thought to find the person who is trying to stop this marriage

laksh (in mind);who will be that person y he/she does this to me and swara and y now he /she is not trying to stop r marriage what is going on
he thought for himself suddenly his phone rings he picked it the but no name was there he took it with a great puzzled expression

lak; hello

the person; hey lak hw r u man? dont u remember me ?

lak ; hey vinay is it u !! i cant believe this, i thought u forgot me ! ,it has been 2 yrs but now only i got a chance to talk with u

vinay;u r right lak ,,i heard u r getting married !!congrats lak !!

lak ; ok u give me ur adress i will cum tom and give my invitation card

vinay ; no need because tom u have to cum to my party so while coming there u give me the card with ur fiance and ur bro sans and u cud bring who ever u want

lak; yeah i will cum but for what is that party

vinay; lak ur so bad how cud u forget my birthday

lak; oh sry sry vinay!!!

vinay; tom i will hold ur ears and iam going to screw it

then he says abut the timing and all stuffs

screen goes to sans room

sans was detecting the wallet which he got frm that goon

sans; i cud only find the place where the goons were before 4 yrs because in the card itself they have clearly written that it is 2012 and he says the place name ,it was a godoun and it is near to ” star plaza “( guy i dont know if there is place like this is exist or not so pls pardon me)
at the same time laskh also says what “its star plaza ” ha . vinay says yes lak i know u hate grand places but u have to cum lak ., he somehow accepts it

screen now again shifts to sans room

sans; i have to call rags atleast now and say her which i want to tell to her and i think rags will help me this plan

then he called rags

before rags came to take her phone swara took the phone thinking that lak is calling her

sans; hello ragini i want to tell u something( he said this in a normal manner)

swara( she was totally confused that hw sans was speaking like tis ) ; hello sans iam swara

rags was tensed

sans ; swara i acted like laskh how is it?( he clapped his hands and was acting like a mental so that swara will not doubt);

swara ; rags see him, know i thought he was normal for 1 min

then she gave the phone to rags and left and then rags talked

rags; sans she has gone and now tell me

but before sans started to open his mouth lak came and told him that he is going to galodia house and asked him if he wants to cum and sans also go there
rags call was again cut

at galodia
lak ; namaste aunty and uncle and he got blessing frm everyone and even sans did the same and lak asked them to give permission to go to his frnd’s bith’dy party with swara and rags and he said that i also want to give the card so thats y i need swara and rags will accompany her know

first all of them started thinking and finally they accepted

then lak was very happy and sans thought this is the right time then sans told i am going and then lak came into swarag room

at swarag room

lak; hey guys we r going party tom and u two shud be sharp 6.30 at ur house i will cum and pick u and i already asked for permission so give me a hifi

swa; really lak iam really very happy thk u

rags ; it sounds great lak
and she leaves and then in the window she sees that sans is going seeing this she ran downstairs and swalak didnt see her

rags run and was trying to stop him but he went but too rags followed him

rags; sanskar!!!! pls stop

then sans turn back and cum towards rags

rags was holding her knees and breathed heavily
rags(she was breathing heavily bcoz she ran so fast to stop him) ; sans thnk god u didnt go far anyways i catched u

sans ; rags i think this is the right time and he starts; rags i think we have to stop our plans and we have to say them the truth , and it is enough of my drama to act as a mentally disordered person and tom we will say them after the party gets over or during the party but we have to tell them this ,! this wat i tried to say to u but everytime there was an obstruction
rags ; sans u wont believe me ,!!! this wat even i was trying to say to u

sans ; oh this only they will call as fate it seems rags

rags;hey sans see there is an panipuri stall can u buy me and give, pls do this for ur friend she smilled at him with her innocense ( then the first part of samjawan songs plays)

while the song plays they have an eyelock

sans ( he was thinking abut the past that even kavita likes panipuri and will ask him like rags only) ; ok ragini madam but one condition iam going to race u,, the person who eats the panipuri first will be the winner and u have to do wat and all iam saying ok

rags; sans think twice before racing me iam sure ur going to lose in this race and then they started racing

before coming to panipuri stall and doing all this they was little close to each other and thier closeness and thier eyelock was clicked as photos by the same guy who was also taking thier pics in the temple but the guy face was not shown

screen goes to swalak

they two was thinking abut the person who was behind stopping thier marriage

swara; lak i think its waste of time thinking abut that person when will u leave this chapter lak and now they r not doing anything know then why r u thinking abut this

lak; i know swara but still silent people only tend to do all sort of mischiefs and thats y iam trying to find the person

swara; ok lak how will u find him

lak ; for that too i have a plan swara , i surely know that they will be knowing tht we all r going to vinay’s party so the person also will cum there , who knows again also that person cud mix u something and dont wry swara this time i told vinay to book all the cctv camera in that star plaza and its a secret and we three only know that is u me and vinay so this time there will be heavy security also so dont wry

swara; lak ur very cute brilliant

lak; oh really madam but my bad luck i have to marry this witch

swara; lak what did u say can u repeat( in a angry tone) she said how can u call me witch and she beats him

lak; o god she is very strong !!god pls save me from ths witch!!

swara; lak iam not going to leave u

lak; ok then hold me forever ( he told this in a flirty teasing tone)

swara ; lak u r always like this only

then they both r going to hug but suddenly shekkar came inside
shekkar coughed and said lak beta its already 8’o clock and ur mom also called us now in the phone so….

lak(in mind); my father in law is my first enemy to my romance

then he left and signed bye to swara she also waves her hand

at panipuri stall

sans was determined to win the race and he won in this panipuri race and rags was sad (she made her face having a cute sadness)

sans; ok ragini now u have to do whatever i say or else my wildcat will get nice slaps from me ( sry i know its a copy frm madhubala)
rags gave a large moan to him

rags ; ok say

screen freezes with the cute sad face of ragini when sans was going to say her wat she have to do

guys i think u all like it and sry iam not at all making the existense of mm family and goladia family and guys i will make my upcoming episodes more interesting and twisty

precap;the goons r seen in the same godoun where sans told and sans was wrong becoz they r staying there only till now , rags and swara ‘s new avatar, some shootouts and lots more

and i think i havent made the previous precap in this episode but trust me guys i will make it with the combination of all this

Credit to: namratha

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  4. actually the truth is iam a serial crack thats y i know most serials and thank u for ur comments i thought this epi was boring but iam happy that u guys liked it

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  6. sry guys my precap will come i the 7th or 8th epi i think so dont believe my precap

  7. * in the 7th AND 8TH i have left out the” in “

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