we will be united ( dreamed ff of swaragini) epi 3


hey guys thank for everyone who is reading my ff now i want to tell sorry because the previous epi was little boringso if u think iam boring u i wil stop this ff
ok here is epi 3

when everyone was asking rags to tell her who has got accident the doc comes and tells everyone that

doc: she is very critical i dont think she will open her eyes but now u all can see her( then the doc left)
rags ; papa the person is janaki maa she said in a crying tone

everyone was shocked

then shekkar goes fastly and meets janaki in the patient’s room

everyone gathers there and at the mean time sans who has been hiding goes to maheshwari mansion and thinks to say the truth about the past incidents but he thinks i will first talk to rags about it when she becomes normal and then i will say everyone then he goes there

at maheshwari mansion

sanskar : maaa …(he shouts like a mentally disorderd person)(i hope u guys can imagine it)

sujatha ,ap and everyone comes to the hall

ap: kya beta where r u coming from nd where were u so long
sujatha signs to him if there is any problem he signs yes

sujatha: sans what happened

sans : maa vo vo.. ragini maa janaki ka accident hua

dp: ragini ka maa is sumi ji only know what r u saying sans

then sans take all of them to the hospital and then they understood what he meant and then they consoled them

in the patient’s room
janaki who was with the oxygen mask suddenly got her senses when she felt she got her family back and seeing this lak went to call the doc

shekkar ; janaki where have u gone for this past 12yrs

janaki: shekkar i know u all thought me that i was dead
and she starts what happend that day janaki: shekkar when u all went to the temple fuction i told i have fever so i cant come and then a fire accident took place in our house and i was only inside and i somehow escaped shekkar but at the same time a lady was getting out of a van that van was taking her to a mental hospital because she was mentally disabled person she was wearing a mask which was only there to identify her but she suddenly saw me and made me to put me the mask and she wantedly jumped in the fire which was in our house then i tried to remove the mask at the mean time that van came and took me to lucknow then they thought me as the lady because i was the putting the mask and the the same colour dress of that lady because she said me if i dont wear her dress she will jump in fire so the situation was very bad that everything was out of control then some how i proved them that iam normal and they gave me some money because they did this mistake and joined me in an orphanage and that town was new to me i was all alone and then i joined a job and then also i cannot also call u shekkar because i only know our landline no. and my phone also was burned in that fire accident and after 11yrs i came to kolkata and i got 1 year to find u all and after so much of struggle i found rags recent pic and then i saw her in a temple today so i went running toards her but a lorry hit me this wat till now i know shekkar

shekkar ; janaki iam sry i think this is all bcoz of me if i had taken care u in the house rather goin to the temple fuction this would have not happened right he cried hard

janaki: shekkar everything is decided by fate we r just here in this world to play the game called life ragini bata i want to talk to u

rags( she was crying bitterly): tell me maa

janaki ; u take care of ur dad ,dadi and dada and ur sis swara

rags ; how do u know swara maa
janaki: rags i have searched u all for one year dont u know that i will also have collected all info about everyone

rags : maa u should not go anywhere else now u should be only with me

swara: rags is correct m…can i call u mom

janaki; wat a stupid question r u asking iam also ur mother only know swara
sumi: janaki can i call u sis i know u will be angry pls dont be angry with shekkar
janaki : u r always my sis only and iam angry because u all r crying ( she said in a teasing tone)

lak ; doc she has opened her eyes pls come and check her

doc: not possible lak she is going to die she has a hole in her heart
lak;( he was very shocked and little bit angry ) what r u saying doc r u gone out of sense ( he was holding doc’s collar and was very angry at him)

doc ; mr maheshwari i have to ask u that question r u gone out of sense leave me iam a doc why i should lie

lak (in a sad tone): sorry doc i was little emotional and what the hell r u saying

doc; relax lak ( and they both walk towards the patients room)

at patient;s

everyone was laughing because janaki was looking completely alright
then suddenly said

janki; rags i am sry again iam going to leave u and i ask everyone to forgive me
rags and swara say: maa what r u telling

shekkar dada and dadi and sumi also asks the same and janaki explains that iam a heart patient and i have hole in my heart ( she was crying hardly) i everyday ask god only thing to meet my family my last wish has completed this is what i wished so long now my soul will rest in peace rags swara maa papa and shekkar even maheshwari family was also present there and they were also sad and the whole galodia family was in tears including swaragshek then janki started to breathe heavily and her monitor showed that her heart beat was going down seeing the rags called doc and he rushed with lak and checked her

doc ; sry i cant do anything she is going to die after few min
shekkar also did what lak did and said the doc how could u do this

rags and swara said : maa u cant leave me alone ( they two cried sadly)
janaki: rag….swa…. i…. love…u both …u two sho…uld b..e h..a..p…p.y ev..er..d..a..y (she blessed them and spoke with great difficulty)

then janki died in the hands of ragswa everyone cried hard

kyun na bole moh se mohan kyun
haain roothe roothe mohan
yun…kaise manaoo….
hai.. kaise manoon

kyun na bole moh se mohan kyun
hain roothe roothe mohan yun kaise manoon hai kaise manoon
like this the whole song of bhare naina plays when the song plays janaki’s last rituals are done by all galodias

so many scenes are seen in this one song , now the song ends

and after one week every one was normal and now everyone from the maheshwari family comes ther and talks about swalak engagement and
dadi tell; i know dp ji today should have been swalak engagement date but they say that if there is an death is happned means all the other functions should be postponed so that only we r planning to keep the engagement after a week

in the mean time sans was searching rags to talk about the thing which he wanted to tell her a week before

rags was with swara

rags; why swara all the bad thinks happens only to us

swara: rags the past is past we cant change anything , if a thing has been done means it is done only, so be happy, i know we have lost our mom but she told us to be happy that was her wish and so pls dont be crying and ( in a teasing tone) ;if u r crying like this means u will get wringles and dark circles then ur prince charm will not marry u

rag: swara iam going to kill u

she started chasing her they both was happy and they was tickling each other in the bed and was making a cute fight this was seen by lak and he was laughing very loud so that he could make them notice that he has come to thier house and finally sans also found rags but he was thinking shall i say now itself before swara and lak,, no no i beter ask rags about this and then he went to someother place without anyones knowledge

precap; some fun moments and some spicy moments

Credit to: namratha

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