we will be united ( dreamed ff of swaragini) epi 25


hi namratha here!! iam going to start my epi 25.guys sorry for the late update..

recap; pls read my 24th epi

now we saw that they all have come to a club which to thier suprise was decorated… like a marriage that is going to happen now..

then the man frm the red carpet came down stairs..and his guards catched swara,lak and sanky and the guards tied thies hands in the pillar of the club which was decorated with flowers ..and everything was really abnormal there..and it was quite confusing for everyone and then that man clapped his hands and the guards brought..sanlak and swarag family membs but they were looked arrested by the guards..

then the man dragged sid (swarag’s cousin ) and preethi(whom sid loved)..they were seen crying ..and that man handed them to his guards .and they were also caught ..and the only person who is not caught was ragini

sanky ;hey who r u ? and y r u doing y this..and leave us!!(he shoutes)

lak; what did we do to u??,,

swara; y r u caught our families..and sid and preethi ..can u pls tell us ..what is going on here??

then the man’s face was reveled ..which made everyone shocking ….and it was seen that he was none other than karchick ..who had escaped frm the police that day..and he was the man of love of ragini before two yrs ..and he came now only for her and to revenge sanky for his sister kavya(tanya)’s death

ragini was in utter shock..the only thing she was able to do was to cry hard..and she has no way….becoz of one fb(flash back)

and karchick is kicky ..and rags will call him like that as a pet name..

he now comes near ragini who was like a statue ..and he wrapped her shoulders with his rigid hands and he was very close to her

karchick;(he smiles evily) ragini ..pls dont cry ..this tears are waste..and ragini now u have stuck nicely ..so u have no way..and if ur not going to mary me..iam going to kill your family !!! do u get ..and ragini u know na..i love u so much !!

ragini cant open her mouth …she was very panicked and she remembered the moments with karchick ..which she loved the most

and now karchick hugged her close to him and she was still standing like a doll and her whole body was deaden …her eyes was giving continues tears..

karchick(hugging her very tight and hard) ;ragini.i have already waited for u ..for this 2 yrs..and this is enough

sanky and everyone was very angry for this..

sanky ; u dont dare to touch her karchick ..and ragini..what is going on here ..y he is doing like this..and what do he mean by 2 yrs..do u know him ??

swara; .hey karchick leave my sis..or else u will feel bad bad for it .and iam not going to leave u ..

lak(whispering n swara’s ears); swara we have to be patient ,..and swara see my hand i have got a blade..and i will cut your rope.and u cut mine..and we shut wait for the right time to enter into action

swara signs yes

sumi ; beta..what is going on here??

shekkar; do u know him??

dadi; ragu ..pls u tell us

ap; lak beta sanky beta..and swara ..y he has returned and he is the man who came with rupa and that chirag know

sujatha; yes ap ji ..!!

dp; ragini ..pls tell beta

karchick ; what ragini ..tell na everyone is asking about ur past only !!(he laughs evily)

ragini; ma ,papa,and everyone..i have done a big mistake..and i want to rectify it (she collects all her courage to speak up her mind); ok karchick ..iam ready to marry u ..and iam yours !!! only yours!!! take me!! my whole body is for u !! but u shud leave my family

now karchick was very happy and everyone was stunned in hearing ragini’s words

swara; ragini..dont be such a stupid..and rags ..pls think before ..what u do!!

sanky(he was teared); ragini!! ragini pls dont do this!!(ragini was holding karchick’s hand and was going towards the mandap) and what is the mistake that u have done!! and ragini ..u have promised me that u will not leave nor sake me…but now what happened..so if ur going to leave me..iam going to die!!

hearing that word..ragini was shattered and she left karchick’s hand and she ran to the direction of sanky

ragini( tearing hard);(and closed his mouth); pls sanky i beg u ..pls dont dare to say that word!! and sanky i have to go !! pls dont stop me!!

sanky(wiping her tears); ragini ..y r u doing this??and please dont cry ..if u cry i will also get tears..u know na!!(tum hi ho plays)

ragini(she wiped her tears fast); ok sanky !! iam not crying!! so u shud also not cry (tera mera rishta hai kaise ..ik pal doru gawara nahi)(song continues)

then they join thier hands and both smile ….to make each other stop crying

karchick was angry and others were happy seeing them

karchick; enough .and sanky…now u all r going to see us marry and now ragini come fast!!

ragini; sanky now i have to go ..!!and ragini was in a situation in which..she cannot swallow this nor split this and she also cant grin it

shekkar ; rags beta..y r u doing this

ragini; becoz i did i mistake by loving him..and papa my mind is loving him but my heart is loving only sanky

sanky was happy but too he was not able to stop ragini

sanky ; ragini …i love!! pls come back!! he is not a good man…

ragini; sanky ..what shall i do?? its my fate?? iam optionless

then karchick lost his patience and he dragged ragini to the mandap

karchick; rags that day ..when chirag was abut to marry u that time i thought to marry u by killing him but that day this sid came and made all my plan end in vain but this time i have planned everything minutely and frm this sid only i got the information that u r here in goa and i gave him some beats ..then only he told this(he laughs evily)

and the guards were also taking evryone to the upstairs ..where the madap is there..

and that time it was shown that swalak have got freed frm thier tie but they acted that they have been tied .becoz they were waiting for the right time but it was shown that they were calling someone in phone without the knowledge of the guards

dadi; ragini ..now atleast tell that who is he??

karchick ; tell rags !!(he smiles)

ragini; it was my dreadfull past!!..yes i loved him..but not now ..he traped me in his net..as a resultant iam here!!

swara; ragini!!!(she says this very sadly)

lak;(consoling swara); swara…pls dont cry!!

fb starts

karchick was rags class mate in clg..and karchick loved her..but ragini was not loving him ..days past and somehow he made her fall in love with him

and that night ..where her life was totally changed ..it was freshes party

rags was in a gorgeues blue saree..which made karchick fall in into a stupid thing called lust

he loved her but now his mind was totally corrupted

then she took her to one lone place and that day only his sis accident also took place and sanky has not killed ..karchick’s sis..and he just helped her to treat her in hospital but unfortunately she died.and that time karchick .didnt know that..becoz he was with ragini

at the lone place he tried to come near her and she also so loved him evrymuch so she believed him with her full trust..and that time it was raining and he made her unconscious and he tried to make her his!! but at that time his brain said him another idea..and the idea was ; he created a duplicate video that shows ragini and karchick has spent thier night together and he didnt even touch her..and he phoned to her family by saying that she is in rena’s house..and after the morning rags got up and he also did a drama like he slightly torn rags saree .to make her believe that … and he also showed that duplicate video to make her trust him

ragini; karchick ..what is all this!!!(she keeps her hands in her mouth in shock)(and cries falling in his shoulders)

karchick; rags ..we have only one way..ok rags now u have to sign this marriage papers(he said)

and that time rags was fully shivered and she said to him that it is a wrong thing but he brain washed her by his love come lust ..and made her sign it and after they went back to thier respective homes and after hearing his sis death he was misunderstood that it was sanky and he went to delhi and he planned everything to revenge sanky and rags was totally feared but time made her forget her dreadfull past (and for rags she thinks that she has contact with karchick and he is her husb now) but now she has forgot evrything becoz of swara came suddenly in her life and she has to unite her parents and becoz of her parents wish she wanted to marry lak but everything became ulta and when again karchick came there with rupa and her father ..that time itself he has met her..and rags got evrything remembered when she saw him only

karchick; now ragini!! i came only for u .and now i have to reveal a truth!!

ragini; what the hell is this!! where have u gone for this past 2yrs..and what is that truth!!

karchick; rags ..that day i mean that morning ..u signed one paper which i told u as marriage paper na!! that was not marriage paper..it was actually a contract paper.and rags now u have signed that paper accepting that u will marry me after this 2yrs..but i have fooled u by saying that its a marr paper..and now u have no option!! and rags i even didnt touch u that night ..it was my duplicate video …u know na iam a good photo grapher and video grapher

ragini was broken and frm that moment she hates him; karchick ..i hate u !!! u cant marry me(she holds his collar..and shakes it); y did u do it to me??i loved u na??y y??(she cried)

and after all that troubles that rupa group was arrested and karchick escaped and rags was very tensed that he cud return in her life

and thats y she has to marry him for that contract ..which was the big mistake she did without reading

fb ends

sanky ; ragini….what have u done?? rags u dont wry i will save u frm him at any cost !!

karchick ; hey first u save u !! and ragini is mine.only mine(he tightens her hand hard)

ragini; (seeing sanky’s concern for her .she tear that contract paper which was near table); karchick now..iam free!! u cant trap me again..and correction ..iam only for sanskaar!!

she said this and went to him ..but karchick pulled her and he was threatening her with the pistol that he will shoot sanky ..if she doesnt marry her!!

ragini was crying hard now swara told lak that this is the right time and they freed thier hands and fighted the guards and they freed sanky and sanky taps the pistol frm karchick and the pistol falls in the ground

then comes pinky aunty and her mother in law frm the entrance in thier kung fu suit (now starts the funny scenes)(a funny bgm is also played)

and they come there becoz they got a call frm swara and lucky and they come and fight with the guards

pinky aunty was eating cotton candy and she was fighting

mother in law; hey pinky pagal !! already ur fat like pig ..but to your tongue need cotton candy ha that too in pink colour!!!

pinky ; oh helo ..u talk about me badly but not my pink colour .(she cries like a kid)

then sid and preethi got free and they were removing the ties of evryone

while removing the ties they also tied some guards

sujatha; arrey sid..free me!!

sid; ok chachi!!

but thinking that he is freeing sujatha he mistankenly frees a guard

sujatha; sid r u in this world?? hey idiot ur freeing that guard

and that guard gives a knock in his head then sid lyes unconsicious and sujatha gives a strike in that goon’s head even when her hand is tied and by that guard’s sharp spiky hairs .sujatha made her free from the rope

sujatha; good guard..if every guard keeps thier hair like this.it will be very comfortable to escape!!

then she frees ap ,dp,rp and uttara

preethi keeps on wakes him but he dint wake up so she thought that sanky will help her in this!!

at the mandap

the guards r coming near swara and they come to attack swara and pinky aunty signs her to do that power kick step frm kung fu which she taught swara in her childhood

fb shows

swara was very sleepy but pinky aunty will torture her nd rags to make them learn kung fu ..and swara will be very angry ..so she will think as she is going to fight with pinky aunty and she imagine like that and she will practice like that..which will make pinky aunty very happy ..

fb ends

then swara hits the guards imagining that this is pinky aunty and she thinks abut all the dread full things which she did starting frm her sleep till chikkini chameli dance

and she power kicks all the guards and rags whistle to swara ‘s amazing kick and pinky aunty comes near swara and she shakes her back and swara face changes like awfull becz pinky aunty will do like this when she sees victory

rags and swara strike thier forehead for her stupid sign

and her mother in law comes beating her back

pinky ; ouch!!! what ma ji

ma ji of pinky; stupid..dont have sense??

rags and swara laugh secreatly

and another side it was shown that sanskaar and karchick r fighting and walking

then someone comes frm the back of swara ..and swara gives a kick in that person thinking that it is a a guard..but it was the poor laksh

laksh(controling his pain and acts as it doent painful and he was catching his leg); what a power!!! hats off (he goes to the washroom)

swara(shouts frm far); sorry laskh !!

in the washroom

laksh cries sillyly seeing his face in the mirror; aaaahh(he creis); is she my wife or my yaman!! omg..it was like hundred iron bats beating me.what an kick!!! (now he wipes his tears) ;no lak u shud not cry ..see ur a brave boy ..(again he starts to cry) ..(then again wipes his tears); no lak u have to control yourself .already iam depresesd for hating katrina kaif..and now swara has kicked me ..ok now i will put this cooling glass ..to hide my tears)..then he comes out like a gentle man and he too starts fighting

now screen goes to swarag

ragini;hey preethi.sanky is busy fighting there ..what r u doing here

preethi ; sid is unconcious !! thats y we need the treatment of bhai!!

uttra comes there punching the guards like a hero

uttra; u all go thats side..and maa(sujatha) ,and papa(rp) r fighting there..and ap ma and dp papa r romancing and fighting .its very funny

ragini; ok uttara

then swaragini and preethi go towards sid to wake him

swara ; ragini..for him and all ..we will itself give treatment

ragini;(catching swara’s hands and smiling); yes swara ..lets show him

swaragini(they say in same timing and they were shouting .to the whole hall with a loud speaker); sid wake up..sunny leone is dancing outside with her bikkini for her next film!!!!

hearing this not only sid .has rushed outside..even ..sanky and karchick with thier fighting position itself they come out ,lak dp,rp,shekkar everyone comes out searching for sunny leone

lak; (like a mad); where is sunny ??sunny ?? sunny u know i have forgotten that katrina..so where r u sunny?

dp(acting like an gentle man); sunny ?? i came here ..to talk about my business deal ?(but he was lying)

rp; (mouth piece of dp;); yes bhai.sunny will be hot i think ..so we will bring her a icecream .so she will accept our contract ..and she will dance in one song know. haa super girl frm china!!

fighting position sanky and karchick; sunny ,,..we two r for u !!!(then startes to fight for sunny)(this is funny scene guys)

sid; sunny ..ur my fav ..and i will leave that preethi too ..pls can u be my gf!! sunny !!(his mouth was watering for her)

then all ladies come out with a wooden bat in thier hand

they all chase them and all the men r shown doing sit ups and they all r begging for mercy!!

pinky ; very notty boys..actually rags was right ..sunny is here only !!

all boys(eagerly shout); where??

pinky ; me only!! haa(she laughs as is she told a big joke)

now everyone chase her

(after some silly things)

then all enter the mandap

karchick; enough of this stupid things..now iam going to marry my rags

sanky(in a funny way); u know only the word enough ha???this iditot is always saying enough for evrything ..

ragini; sanky its not time for funny jokes

swara ; hey lak give that mangalsutra to me and even that sindoor

lak; hey crazy girl..how many times i will marry u

swara; arrey lak ..not for me…before this karchick can do something ..we have to make ragsan wedding success

then lak throws the mangalsutra but karchick catches it

karchick; now what will u do??(dancing like a mad..that too in snake dance)(funny scene guys..hope u like this)

then sanky with his great speed took the sindoor and kept in rags hairline

sanky(in a funny way); now what will u do???(he too emitates him)

everyone claps thier hands and the priest comes there

swara;(in a funny way); wah!! what a fast priest !!(she meant that he is a slow priest)

priest runs back seeing that the same family who came for swalak family was there..so he thought this is a mental family and he runs

and police comes there and they encounter karchick as he was a big criminal and everyone was happy ..

lak; hey guys leave him ..now come on everyone we have to catch the priest!!

ap; lak is right run !!

and everyone run

and even the police run behind them for the statement

and everyone start to catch them with the magalsutra in hand ..and at last they found the priest in one temple and they ragini and sanskaar marriage is done !!

and they all give statement to the police ..

ragini; now iam mrs sanskaar maheshawari now..and now this is not my dream!!

sanksaar; yes madam

then they two hug tight and they sanky kiss in her forehead ..saying; my sweet wildcat

everyone becomes happy

swalak ; congrats ..our salem and anarkali !!

and screen ends with thier happy faces and sid comes there running bringing a selfie stick..all take a beautifull family photo

now everyone has united ..

……happy ending

and now my episode is also have come to an end ..sorry for ending this ..but dont wry i will be back with my one shots and ffs..until then wait and support me..and sry again for ending this .becoz..i dont want to drag this..and guys iam promising u that all my ffs will be funny than this

byeeee..see u again!!!and sry ..and even sry for the typos…guys iam ending this becoz of iam not getting ideas..and sry for the delay

Credit to: namratha

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